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Rene Sheppard (Character)
from "Homicide: Life on the Street" (1993)

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"Homicide: Life on the Street: Sideshow: Part 2 (#7.15)" (1999)
Det. Rene Sheppard: We say all we want is the truth but we don't want the truth because the truth is nothing but a mess.

Det. Leonard 'Lennie' Briscoe: Get ready for a federal subpoena.
Det. Rene Sheppard: What are you talking about?
Det. Leonard 'Lennie' Briscoe: Well, they laid one on us in New York this morning. They took every bit of evidence we had on this case. I figure you folks are next.
Det. John Munch: You drove 200 miles south to tell us that? Good job, Paul Revere.
Det. Leonard 'Lennie' Briscoe: I'm on my way to Washington anyway. You got a cup of coffee?
Det. Rene Sheppard: What's going on there?
Det. Leonard 'Lennie' Briscoe: The Independent Counsel shanghaied Chesley Purcell's shooter. When they found out he had nothing to say about any of the President's men, they got bored with him. They're returning him to our custody, and McCoy wants me to transport him back to Rikers, put him on suicide watch.
Det. John Munch: You're telling me that Ned Burks killed Chesley Purcell over a lesbian's love lost? Yeah, and Jack Ruby was a grieving patriot.
Det. Leonard 'Lennie' Briscoe: A ***cancer-ridden***, grieving patriot.
Det. John Munch: Lennie, you precious rube! Amazing how all those years on the mean streets of New York have had so little effect on your sweet, childlike brain.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Forgive Us Our Trespasses (#7.22)" (1999)
Meldrick Lewis: [Two Baltimore homicide, Detectives Rene Sheppard & Meldrick Lewis walk slowly on a narrow city lane along the waterfront in Fells Point. Both detectives are walking slowly, heads down, searching for a murder weapon or shell casings from a recent homicide. The hour is late. They illuminate their path with flashlights] Meldrick: If I could just find this thing, I could go home.
Det. Rene Sheppard: Sheppard: You won't find what you're looking for.
Meldrick Lewis: Meldrick: What? Why not?
Det. Rene Sheppard: Sheppard: It's a mystery.
Meldrick Lewis: Meldrick: Huh?
Det. Rene Sheppard: Sheppard: Life is a mystery. Just accept it.
Meldrick Lewis: Meldrick: Yeah, well, that's what's wrong with this job. It ain't got nothin' to do with life.
[Long, slow fade]

Det. Rene Sheppard: [Bayliss shoves Danvers head-first down the court house steps, where he collides with the railing and sidewalk] Danvers!
Stuart Gharty: Danvers!
[rushes forward to help him]
Stuart Gharty: Are you alright?
[looks up at Bayliss]
Stuart Gharty: What are you, NUTS?

"Homicide: Life on the Street: The Why Chromosome (#7.21)" (1999)
Rene Sheppard: These Terrace girls aren't talking.
Laura Ballard: [livid] Maybe if we sported a couple of orange bandanas!

Rene Sheppard: 'Catch you later'... yeah, I won't hold my breath...

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Brotherly Love (#7.2)" (1998)
Det. Meldrick Lewis: How the hell could Susan Dehen not know she was sleeping with her boyfriend's brother.
Det. John Munch: Well, you said they looked exactly alike, right?
Det. Rene Sheppard: Yeah, but in bed, there's a lot more going on than the visuals.
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Sound...
Det. Rene Sheppard: Taste...
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Smell...
Det. Rene Sheppard: Touch...
Det. John Munch: Cable.