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Michael Cutter (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Chattel (#19.8)" (2009)
Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: Jack, meet the Johnsons. Among other things they're being charged with murder.
Detective Cyrus Lupo: [to the Johnsons] Let's go say hi to some of your friends.
[takes them to a cell]

Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: An A misdemeanor? I'm quaking in my boots, Jack.

"Law & Order: Reality Bites (#20.4)" (2009)
D.A. Jack McCoy: [watching an excerpt from the reality show] Not very entertaining, what happened to the Cosbys?
Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: They didn't have enough kids.

Artie Kramer: It *is* reality TV.
Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: It's *called* reality anyway.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Lost Traveller (#13.9)" (2011)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: You want a deal? Your client tells us what we want to know, and he does time.
Bureau Chief Michael Cutter: And how much is up to you.
Marvin Exley: What Ledger would love nothing more than to have a test case involving First Amendment and NYPD. Please, go ahead. Try us.
Captain Donald Cragen: You three are playing this while there's a missing kid out there?
Bureau Chief Michael Cutter: Yeah, let's cut to the chase, Mr. Exley.
Marvin Exley: Okay. Griscomb gives you everything he has on the missing boy's phone records, he gets full immunity from prosecution.
Bureau Chief Michael Cutter: No, this is how it works: wiretapping is federal. It's out of our hands. He give us something we can is use, we'll mis-D the felony eavesdropping. Take a minute to think about it. And by a minute, I mean fifty-nine seconds.

"Law & Order: Just a Girl in the World (#20.2)" (2009)
Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: Little Orphan Annie doesn't have anything on you, Ms. Kim.

"Law & Order: Submission (#18.12)" (2008)
Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: [to Jack, watching a video] The stuff on the tape before this part, you're not old enough to see.

"Law & Order: Dignity (#20.5)" (2009)
Executive A.D.A. Michael Cutter: I'd like to show you something... People's 32 this is the wallet that Walter Benning was carrying when he was shot. And I want to show you these photos of his children and grandchildren. Photos that are stained with... I can't, I can't do this there's, there's been too much heartbreaking testimony. Just too much. We're dealing with an issue here that goes to the very mystery of our existence. What is life? When does it begin? At conception? At viability? At birth? And in good faith, we seek guidance from our moral leaders, from scientists. And we want so much to do the right thing, you know, the-the just thing. And we want reason and empathy to lead us to an answer, and-and we struggle so much to find that answer. Why? Because... because despite all our differences, we are joined in one belief that every life is special and unique and imbued with inalienable rights, and that belief compels us to reject the violence... and the unreasoned chaos that Wayne Grogan's act represents. Thank you.