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Frank Pembleton (Character)
from "Homicide: Life on the Street" (1993)

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"Homicide: Life on the Street: Sniper: Part 2 (#4.9)" (1996)
Det. Frank Pembleton: We're moving this desk away from the window or it's going the hell OUT the window.

Mary Pembleton: It's alright for you to be scared for me but it's not alright for me to be scared for you? What do you think I feel every day seeing you go out?
Det. Frank Pembleton: This is different!
Mary Pembleton: No it isn't, you always tell me 'it's the job', 'it's the job', well you know what, Frank? This is MY job. And I'm not leaving until it's done.

Det. Frank Pembleton: Mary, don't make a scene in front of my partner.
Mary Pembleton: Fine, Tim, leave, and take Frank with you.

Det. Frank Pembleton: It wasn't your job to save Mariner's life. Why does his death bother you?
Det. Tim Bayliss: I was the primary, Frank!
Det. Frank Pembleton: YOU DID YOUR JOB! Nine names in red turned into nine names in black and if Mariner wasted himself, so what?
Det. Tim Bayliss: Wait a second, YOU are always telling me how you see ALL lives as being as important.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Yeah well if I was God, I'd have a hard time taking Mariner's death, and the deaths of nine innocent people and weighing them the same.

Det. Frank Pembleton: There's another sniper shooting, why isn't there a hangman game at this one?
Det. Tim Bayliss: It takes two to play hangman.

Mary Pembleton: What're the odds of me getting shot?
Det. Frank Pembleton: Why can't you give into me just ONCE?
Mary Pembleton: I'll not give in to hysteria.

Det. Megan Russert: Frank, get Mr. Robey a cup of coffee.
Det. Frank Pembleton: I get his coffee?
Det. Megan Russert: I was just sitting here talking to Robey, I was telling him about my demotion.
Alex Robey: She says she's a nobody, she's not a nobody.

Homicide: The Movie (2000) (TV)
Lieutenant Stuart Gharty: Pembleton, Lewis, Falsone: make me a list of people he's pissed off on the campaign trail.
Frank Pembleton: A list? I didn't come here to make lists.
Lieutenant Stuart Gharty: Frank. Just like old times.

Frank Pembleton: Do you think you mean anything to anybody? Anything to this city?
Homeless Guy: No.
Frank Pembleton: But I'm here. I'm extending you my kindness. I give you what you want out of goodwill, and it's not about a dollar. Because, if you ask me for ten, I'll give you ten. A hundred? You got it. I'm respecting you. But you're gonna' sit there and piss on me? I'm gonna send you to hell, Mr. "I Ain't Got a Name, So Feel Sorry For My Mooching Ass."

Det. Frank Pembleton: Death is every day. Death goes on...and on and on.
Officer Mike Giardello: And that's because life...goes on and on.

Tim Bayliss: Time for one more confession, Frank.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Confession?
Tim Bayliss: I killed a man.
Det. Frank Pembleton: [laughs in disbelief] I'm not in the mood, all right?
Tim Bayliss: Luke Ryland.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Who?
Tim Bayliss: I shot the bastard dead.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Good, um... go to jail, go directly to jail. Do not pass go...
Tim Bayliss: No, no, I'm not kidding, Frank. I killed him.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Come on, Tim. You couldn't kill anybody...
Tim Bayliss: Frank, he got off on a technicality. The bastard had to die before he went out and he murdered another innocent woman.
Det. Frank Pembleton: ...Don't screw with me. You killed this, uh... whoever?
Tim Bayliss: Luke Ryland.
Det. Frank Pembleton: ...Internal cleared you?
Tim Bayliss: Frank, I'm saying I hunted the bastard down, and when I found him, I blew his brains out. I executed him in cold blood.
Det. Frank Pembleton: And I'm saying internal rules this as a good shooting?
Tim Bayliss: No, no, internal doesn't know crap about me killing Ryland!
Det. Frank Pembleton: So you - you're standing here and you're telling me you killed somebody?
Tim Bayliss: ...Yes.

Frank Pembleton: No, you're standing there with your weapon and it went off, and you don't remember how!
Tim Bayliss: Frank...
Frank Pembleton: 'Cause guns go off accidentally, happens all the time!
Tim Bayliss: It was no accident.
Frank Pembleton: No, I'm saying this IS an accident - for you to shoot somebody, it's gotta be a mistake!
Tim Bayliss: No, no, no, it's no mistake, no accident!
Frank Pembleton: Tim - !
Tim Bayliss: Frank, you're a good cop.
Frank Pembleton: I'm not a cop anymore.
Tim Bayliss: No, no, you're always gonna be a cop.
Frank Pembleton: No no, I'm a teacher, I teach. A civilian...
Tim Bayliss: No, I murdered this son of a bitch because he was a predator, Frank, he preyed on WOMEN!
Frank Pembleton: [Tries to laugh it off] Why - why are you doing this?
Tim Bayliss: I put the gun right up to the mother's BRAIN and I pulled the trigger - !
Frank Pembleton: Shut up, just - SHUT UP!
[Tense silence]
Frank Pembleton: You put this on me. You son of a bitch!
Tim Bayliss: [Gestures to his heart] In here... I know that I did right.
[Gestures to his head]
Tim Bayliss: But for here...

Frank Pembleton: So you waited till I came back, so you could, um... unload this? Unburden yourself? What's supposed to happen now?
Tim Bayliss: You tell me.
Frank Pembleton: ...I'm not bringing you in.
[Starts to walk away]
Tim Bayliss: No, huh?
Frank Pembleton: I'm not a cop. It's not official.
Tim Bayliss: [Blocks his path] Oh, really? Now what are you gonna do, Frank? Not say a word? You gonna keep my little secret to yourself?
Frank Pembleton: Son of a bitch, you SON of a BITCH! You murdered him!
Tim Bayliss: I executed him, Frank.

Tim Bayliss: So, you... you'll take me in.
Frank Pembleton: 'I'm gonna take you in' - are you wild?
Tim Bayliss: No - you'll take me in, Frank.
Frank Pembleton: [Shakes his head] No.
Tim Bayliss: Did I take... a bullet for you? Huh?
Frank Pembleton: No, no, cut it out...
[Tim lunges at Frank]
Tim Bayliss: Did I take a bullet for you or not, huh?
Frank Pembleton: I am NOT taking you in...
Tim Bayliss: DID I TAKE A BULLET FOR YOU? I take a bullet for you, and you take a bullet for me - now THAT is square business, Frank!
Frank Pembleton: This is not taking a bullet for you, this is you wanting me to toss your ass in the jackpot! You're confessing to a murder, Tim, do you understand that?
Tim Bayliss: So you want someone else should take me in? Someone else should bust me...
Frank Pembleton: No. No, no...
Tim Bayliss: Is that what you want? Then it HAS to be you!
Frank Pembleton: NO, NO, no! No...
Tim Bayliss: [Grabs Frank] Frank, listen to me! Listen. I've thought about eating my gun, and I'm gonna EAT that gun RIGHT NOW if you don't do the right thing for me, Frank, for right here!
[Gestures to his head]
Tim Bayliss: I have no other... no other option, Frank. Please...
Frank Pembleton: [sighs] So you thought about putting a gun to yourself?
Tim Bayliss: Yeah. Yeah, you'd be saving my life, I dunno for how long, but for now... at least you would.
Frank Pembleton: [Takes a deep breath] I believe that you did not mean to do this killing.
Tim Bayliss: ...yeah, you believe what you want to believe. That's okay.
Frank Pembleton: So we're gonna turn around, right now, and we're gonna go back inside. Okay?
Tim Bayliss: [Anguished, he takes out his badge] Never put off the inevitable, Frank. It's gotta be what it's gotta be.
[Presses the badge into Frank's hand]
Frank Pembleton: [Crying] Son of a bitch...

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Fallen Heroes: Part 2 (#6.23)" (1998)
Det. Frank Pembleton: There is no truth for me anymore.

Det. Frank Pembleton: The nurse chased us out, she said she didn't want a crowd.
Det. Meldrick Lewis: Yeah? Well screw the nurse.

Det. Frank Pembleton: [to Mary] If I had just listened to you, I never would've come back to this job... and Bayliss wouldn't be lying in that bed under all those tubes.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Extreme Unction (#3.3)" (1994)
Det. Frank Pembleton: Damn Him!
Det. Tim Bayliss: The killer?
Det. Frank Pembleton: God.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Frank, I don't think you can ask God to damn Himself. And if you do, don't stand next to me because I don't want to get hit by lightning, this is a new suit.

Det. Frank Pembleton: I don't care how many personalities you may or may not have, 8 personalities are never going to speak again because of you. You had no right to kill them, especially in God's name!

Det. Frank Pembleton: Split-Personality trick, classic.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Gone for Goode (#1.1)" (1993)
Det. Beau Felton: Amazing. Life is amazing.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Really?
Det. Beau Felton: This must be a mistake. Am I actually going on a routine call with Frank Pembleton?
Det. Frank Pembleton: You're right. It's a mistake.
Det. Beau Felton: Frank Pembleton only works the big investigations. This is just some dead guy.
Det. Frank Pembleton: See what happens when I come into the office?
Det. Beau Felton: Imagine - handling a routine call with Detective Frank Pembleton.
Det. Frank Pembleton: I'm slumming.

[Bayliss wants to watch Pembleton interrogate a suspect]
Det. Frank Pembleton: What you will be privileged to witness will not be an interrogation, but an act of salesmanship - as silver-tongued and thieving as ever moved used cars, Florida swampland, or Bibles. But what I am selling is a long prison term, to a client who has no genuine use for the product.

Det. Tim Bayliss: Why do you think that this kid would be riding around in Burger's white T-Bird when that was the easiest way to link him to the murder?
Det. Frank Pembleton: I don't know 'cause... crime makes you stupid.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Can I quote you on that?

"Homicide: Life on the Street: A Shot in the Dark (#1.4)" (1993)
Beau Felton: I've been thinking...
Frank Pembleton: Oh, no.

Beau Felton: [yelling] Not everything is racially-motivated, and not everything is directed at you!
Frank Pembleton: Whoo, now who's the one blowing things outta proportion?

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Fallen Heroes: Part 1 (#6.22)" (1998)
Det. Tim Bayliss: So the judge was walking to his car, taking a call.
Det. Frank Pembleton: You assume he was taking a call and not making a call... because he had just come from his office where he could've made a call for free and who wants to pay the outrageous cell phone prices?
Det. Tim Bayliss: No, because there's a pay phone over there that's off the hook.

Det. Frank Pembleton: Congratulations, you just found a downtown payphone that actually works.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Stakeout (#4.15)" (1996)
Det. Frank Pembleton: I don't know about you, but I don't wanna see Munch run out a bunt.

Det. Frank Pembleton: So, you leaving?
Det. Tim Bayliss: Nope.
[looks at the board]
Det. Tim Bayliss: Not until I solve the Lambert case.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Hostage: Part 2 (#5.2)" (1996)
Det. Frank Pembleton: I can't remember my telephone number.

Det. Frank Pembleton: Every eight hours, no matter where I am, I have to take a little white pill, if I don't play by the rules, I die.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: End Game (#3.14)" (1995)
Gordon Pratt: If Hitler had been accepted into art school, who knows what would've happened?
Frank Pembleton: He'd be painting the death camps in pastels.

Frank Pembleton: [Pembleton throws Munch against the doors to the office in a rage, making him fall over] YOU KNOW YOU GOT A MOUTH ON YOU, JOHN! YOU TALK TOO MUCH, JOHN!

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Nearer My God to Thee (#3.1)" (1994)
Det. Frank Pembleton: You're not Catholic and you took communion?
Det. Tim Bayliss: Yeah, is that wrong?
Det. Frank Pembleton: If my God wins, you're screwed.

Det. Frank Pembleton: This is a crime of perversion, not passion.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: The Last of the Watermen (#3.7)" (1994)
Det. Frank Pembleton: [Kaye returns] Oh salvation! I am relieved from Felton!

Det. Frank Pembleton: Where I come from, EVERY life has meaning... even yours, Felton, even yours.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: I've Got a Secret (#4.11)" (1996)
Det. Frank Pembleton: So what does M.C. stand for?
MC Gooden: Mister Clean.

Det. Frank Pembleton: [finding the backseat of a car covered in blood] That's usually the first sign that somebody did something to somebody.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: A Many Splendored Thing (#2.4)" (1994)
Tim Bayliss: [repulsed] Tell me you don't find all this porno stuff... this sex stuff, this S&M stuff disgusting!
Frank Pembleton: Oh, that's just the way of the world, it's been that way forever.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Double Blind (#5.18)" (1997)
Det. Frank Pembleton: This man was a bastard.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Yeah, he was.
Det. Frank Pembleton: He got what he deserved.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Yes, he did.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Manslaughter, 5 years suspended.
Det. Tim Bayliss: What are you talking about? It doesn't work that way!
Det. Frank Pembleton: [laughs] It doesn't?
Det. Tim Bayliss: No! No, you can't just go through this world giving every bastard what he deserves!

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Full Court Press (#6.18)" (1998)
Det. Tim Bayliss: I have a plan.
Det. Frank Pembleton: Bayliss has a clever plan.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Frank, do you have a plan?
Det. Frank Pembleton: I admit, I have no plan.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Law & Disorder (#3.15)" (1995)
[Mike Logan is transporting a prisoner from New York to Baltimore, where he is greeted by Pembleton]
NYPD Det. Mike Logan: Detective Frank Pembleton? Mike Logan, NYPD. This is your prisoner, R. Vincent Smith.
Det. Frank Pembleton: So, whenever you decide to show up, I'm supposed to be here?
NYPD Det. Mike Logan: Hey, you're on the clock same as me, what difference does it make?
Det. Frank Pembleton: Typical Big Apple attitude.
NYPD Det. Mike Logan: Anyway, Mr. Smith here has agreed to waive extradition on a felony warrant for second-degree murder. So they call this Charm City, huh? Sounds like something you get out of a box of Cracker Jacks. Who'd want to stay in this land of enchantment?
Det. Frank Pembleton: Plenty of New Yorkers *ran* down here to Baltimore. Dorothy Parker, for example.
NYPD Det. Mike Logan: Dorothy who?
R. Vincent Smith: Parker, you illiterate.
[Logan slaps the back of Smith's head]
Det. Frank Pembleton: Dorothy Parker was the wittiest woman in America. The *toast* of Manhattan. She dies, she's cremated. Her ashes sit in a jar in some Wall Street lawyer's office for twenty years - *twenty years* - while all the New York sophisticates ham and haw, 'whatsoever shall we do with poor Dorothy's ashes?' And where does she end up? Baltimore!
NYPD Det. Mike Logan: I got two words for you guys. Babe Ruth. The Babe. King of Swing, Sultan of Swat, born right here in Baltimore. But where does he go to get his fame and fortune? New York City.
R. Vincent Smith: Edgar Allen Poe. Edgar Allen Poe hated New York so much he had to come to Baltimore to die! That's what New York does to its poets.
NYPD Det. Mike Logan: What did he die of, the local crab cakes? Enjoy your stay, Shakespeare.
Det. Frank Pembleton: You're going to jail for this murder. But thank your lucky stars it's not gonna be in New York.
R. Vincent Smith: Why do you think I didn't fight extradition? I may be guilty, but I'm no fool.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: A Model Citizen (#3.4)" (1994)
Al Giardello: This isn't about faith, Frank. It's about friendship.
Frank Pembleton: [incredulous] Friendship... yeah.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Three Men and Adena (#1.5)" (1993)
Det. Frank Pembleton: I had my doubts but you're right. I am now convinced that Tucker killed Adena Watson.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Really? I'm not so sure he did anymore.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: A Dog and Pony Show (#1.6)" (1993)
Frank Pembleton: Jake... Jake, what kinda name is that for a dog, especially a police dog?... Jake...
Tim Bayliss: Jake is a good name, uh, solid, dependable, easy for a dog to respond to.
Frank Pembleton: Naw naw naw, a dog should be named, um... Rex.
Tim Bayliss: Rex... you know I had an Irish Setter one time and his name was Molly.
Frank Pembleton: [laughs] An Irish Setter?
Tim Bayliss: Molly was a beautiful dog!

"Homicide: Life on the Street: Son of a Gun (#1.3)" (1993)
Det. Frank Pembleton: [about Bayliss] He's okay, he's thorough, he learns, but he's a snail!
Lt. Al Giardello: Frank, if you were a homicide, who do you think I'd assign the case to? The snail.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: And the Rockets' Dead Glare (#1.7)" (1993)
Det. Beau Felton: Frank, are you familiar with the last man in theory in the universe?
Det. Frank Pembleton: The last man in... pays.
Det. Beau Felton: Next round's on you.
Det. Frank Pembleton: I knew you'd say that.

"Homicide: Life on the Street: The Night of the Dead Living (#1.9)" (1993)
Det. Frank Pembleton: You said summer was hell.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Well... it was.
Det. Frank Pembleton: It's all mind over matter, Bayliss.
Det. Tim Bayliss: No, no, it's more than mind over matter. I know my mind and my mind remembers my ass melting into the tops of my shoes, all right? Summer was hell.
Det. Frank Pembleton: There's no humidity in hell.
Det. Tim Bayliss: What, you do a field report?
Det. Frank Pembleton: By all reliable accounts, there's not a single drop of water to pass between heaven and hell. Hell is a dry heat.
Det. Tim Bayliss: Oh. Well, book me a flight.