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Trevor Langan (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Serendipity (#5.5)" (2003)
Detective Elliot Stabler: ADA Novak, Trevor Langan.
[to Langan]
Detective Elliot Stabler: I assume you're here to protect your pedophile?
Trevor Langan: Alleged pedophile. And Casey and I go way back.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: To Wall Street. Most of his clients just screw employees out of pension plans.

Alicia Hahn: [When an 8-year-old girl tries to identify her assailant] I don't know.
Trevor Langan: Good enough for me.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: Take your time, Alicia. It's very important.
Detective Olivia Benson: [to Novak] Yeah, she knows that.

John Munch: [to Fin] You ever think of investing in a restaurant or bar?
Odafin Tutuola: With your track record? No way. I heard about that dive of yours in Baltimore.
Trevor Langan: [to Munch and Fin] I'd stay away from the food and beverage industry. If you're looking for a good tax shelter...
John Munch: Can you make it any more obvious that you're talking to us?

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Responsible (#8.18)" (2007)
A.D.A. Casey Novak: [as Trevor and Sheila are walking into Casey's office] No deal.
Trevor Langan: Face it - your case is going down in flames.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: Don't be so proud of yourself, Trevor. You attacked a vulnerable young girl.
Lillian Rice: Becca's a very troubled girl, she's always had difficulty telling the truth. She's exaggerated her drinking problem to gain sympathy.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: So, your daughter's not an alcoholic.
Lillian Rice: Absolutely not. I live with her, I would know.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: What planet are you on? She's in rehab!
Lillian Rice: Those places say everyone's an addict - I love chocolate, maybe I should check in.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: That's a great idea, you might get some insight into your own problems.
Trevor Langan: [partially inaudible] That's it.
A.D.A. Casey Novak: [as Trevor and Lillian turn around and leave] Like why you have sex with teenage boys or why you're so desperate to be liked or buy your kid's friendship with alcohol - it's pathetic!

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Selfish (#10.19)" (2009)
Alexandra Cabot: Ms. Stewart, what is your medical degree in?
Monica Stewart: I don't have one.
Alexandra Cabot: But you were making medical choices on behalf of your child.
Monica Stewart: Just because I don't have a degree doesn't mean I can't be an informed parent.
Alexandra Cabot: You chose your informed opinion over that of people who do in fact, have a medical degree and understand the science behind vaccinations and recommend that all kids be vaccinated.
Monica Stewart: I know what's best for my child.
Alexandra Cabot: Well, if you know what's best and the doctors are of a different opinion, then it stands to reason that they don't have your child's best interest at heart.
Monica Stewart: Their science is just another opinion.
Alexandra Cabot: Your opinion killed a little girl.
Trevor Langan: Your Honor...
Alexandra Cabot: I'm just trying to show that if Ms. Stewart had vaccinated her child, Sierra Walker would be alive today.
Monica Stewart: I'm not sure that's true.
Alexandra Cabot: You're not?
Monica Stewart: That woman was a horrible mother. It was just a matter of time until something tragic happened.
Alexandra Cabot: You're the one on trial, Ms. Stewart.
Monica Stewart: Exactly. And how fair is that? I'm the good mother. I make sure my child eats well, is taken care of. She buried her daughter in a shallow grave.
Alexandra Cabot: Yes. She buried the child that you murdered.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Spring Awakening (#15.24)" (2014)
Trevor Langan: I am looking for Ellie Porter. Sorry I am late; I just caught the case.
Olivia Benson: I thought she had a public defender. Eh, Rollins, meet Trevor Langan. He is a, uh, high priced mouthpiece for lowlifes.
Trevor Langan: And you once. How soon we forget. Nice to see you again, Detective.
Olivia Benson: It's actually Sergeant now. Eh, what? Caught a pro-bono?
Trevor Langan: Yeah, do a few of them a year. Keeps me an honest lawyer.
Lieutenant Declan Murphy: An oxymoron.