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Alexandra Cabot (Character)
from "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999)

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"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Loss (#5.4)" (2003)
Elliot Stabler: We can't always win.
Alex Cabot: But that's just it. Even when we win, we don't.

Alex Cabot: For future reference, if your client intimidates the informant in any way I will have his bail revoked and his ass thrown in Rikers for the duration of the trial.
Rafael Zapata: You can't threaten me, bitch.
Alex Cabot: I just did.
Rafael Zapata: [to attorney] You're going to allow this?
Alex Cabot: Also, Mr. Zapata, You'll find a woman can say anything she wants to about your performance in the bedroom, and you aren't actually allowed to kill her.

Alex Cabot: Zapata still has you on retainer, I see. That explains the $3,000 suit. How'd you get the blood out?
Lionel Granger: My wife bought me this suit. Everybody deserves a defense, Alex.
Alex Cabot: I would believe your idealism if you weren't enjoying yourself so much.
Lionel Granger: I'm just a naturally happy person.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Mercy (#4.14)" (2003)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: Andrea's lawyer is going to argue that this was a crime of love.
Detective John Munch: It doesn't matter what intentions the road is paved with, Alex, it all leads to the same place.

A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: I take it you side with the defense.
Detective John Munch: Oh ye of little faith.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: I thought you were pro- euthanasia.
Detective John Munch: Yeah, for adults competent enough to ask for it.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: But not for children?
Detective John Munch: If first we kill babies with diseases, then children who are disabled, where does it all end?

A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: Your client killed her baby; we are NOT going to send a message you can kill a terminally ill child and get a slap on the wrist.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Manic (#5.2)" (2003)
Barry Moredock: It's a fact that Aptril causes anxiety and insomnia...
ADA Alexandra Cabot: I suffer from anxiety and insomnia. I don't go around killing people.

ADA Alexandra Cabot: I need your advice.
Dr. George Huang: ...Lie down on the couch.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Not that kind of advice.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Rooftop (#3.4)" (2001)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: [Watching Leon through window] I'm surprised he said as much as he did.
Captain Donald Cragen: He has the personality of a repeater: he can do no wrong andnothing is his fault.
[sound of door; Cragen looks back and Elliot walks in]
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: [off-screen] What was he in prison for?
Elliot Stabler: Five years; sodomy two, after I finally convinced one of the numerous underage girls he'd had oral sex with to come forward and file a complaint; now he's escalating to intercourse.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: You're speculating, Elliot.
[gets up]
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: He wasn't in the act when you stopped him. That's a problem.
Elliot Stabler: Attempted rape two, attempted reckless endangerment because he didn't disclose that he was H.I.V. positive. W... where's the problem here?
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: We can't hold him based on what he might do.
Elliot Stabler: So, we're supposed to wait until after he infects the girl?
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: She consented. His attorney will say he was carrying condoms and planned to use them; we can't prove otherwise.
Elliot Stabler: We know that Leon was about to have unprotected sex with a minor. Now we cut him loose, he's going to.
Captain Donald Cragen: You got anything in your bag of tricks, Counselor, now's the time to pull it out.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: I have something, but I'll have to check and I'll have to involve your psychiatrist.
Captain Donald Cragen: I'll give him a call.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: Get him Tate's prison history, arrest records; whatever you can find.
Elliot Stabler: Leon's rap sheet starts when he was seven years old. He had 11 arrests by his 13th birthday. The record was sealed because he was a juvenile.
Captain Donald Cragen: Let's get 'em unsealed.
[they nod at each other and Alexandra exits and Elliot follows]
Captain Donald Cragen: Elliot.
[Elliot turns in the doorway and Cragen gestures]
Captain Donald Cragen: Close the door.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah?
Captain Donald Cragen: [arms tightly crossed] I don't remember telling you to tail Leon Tate.
Elliot Stabler: I heard he was out; just keepin' my eye on him.
Captain Donald Cragen: Well, this squad doesn't have enough bodies for you and your partner to go freelancing.
Elliot Stabler: [nods understandingly] I'd like to think that we saved a young girl's life tonight.
Captain Donald Cragen: [begins walking] And we would need a new unit if we were to follow every perv that we thought might repeat. Leon Tate did his time. And until somebody makes a complaint, he has rights.
Elliot Stabler: This guy's penis is a deadly weapon and he's got a thing for young girls. They got rights, too.
Captain Donald Cragen: Until Cabot gives us the word, you back off. Are we clear?
[Elliot is silent]

Fin Tutuola: Problem is, even if the woman lies about her age, it's still the man's fault.
John Munch: [waves pencil in the air from a desk behind Fin] Ignorance is no defense.
Olivia Benson: [walks in with papers] Lashika Morris is 14; she's not a woman; she's a girl.
Fin Tutuola: What's the guy supposed to do? Check the girl's birth certificate? I'm just as opposed to rape as everybody else in this room. But if she wanted to have sex, that's her choice. She wasn't forced.
Elliot Stabler: [monotone, interrupting] She's a minor; what she wants isn't relevant.
[Alexandra and George walk in]
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: [cautious, curious] Are we interrupting?
John Munch: Friendly disagreement.
[gets up]
John Munch: Care to join in?
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: I cam e to tell you that the D.A. is allowing us to move on Leon Tate.
Olivia Benson: [looks back and gets up] On what grounds?
Dr. George Huang: [off-screen] Based upon the reports that I read, I think that I can make a case that Mr. Tate has antisocial personality disorder.
Elliot Stabler: That's what I've been saying all along.
Dr. George Huang: No empathy, no conscience, no thought for the possible consequences of his actions.
Olivia Benson: So, he knows what he's doing is wrong.
Dr. George Huang: And he doesn't care. Most people with H.I.V. act responsibly when it comes to practicing safe sex. Tate either can't control or won't control his impulses, which make him a repeat sex offender.
Elliot Stabler: Yeah; he's a sexual predator. Now he's definitely a danger to others.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: Which is the standard set by the Supreme Court.
Dr. George Huang: [off-screen] Do we know how he contracted H.I.V.?
Elliot Stabler: Yeah. Shooting dope; he found out when he was tested in prison.
[slaps file on desk]
Dr. George Huang: One fix wipes away any self-control that Tate has left, making him even more likely to have unprotected sex with a minor.
Olivia Benson: And this is already in the works?
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: We argue the motion for a commitment hearing this afternoon. It would be a big help if you could be there in case the judge has any questions about Tate's past.
Elliot Stabler: [small smile, straightening back up to his desk] I wouldn't miss it for the world.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Rotten (#4.13)" (2003)
Olivia Benson: Cooper's a murderer! How many dead bodies do you think he racked up to pay for that Mercedes?
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: ...That's a good question.

A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: [discussing a plea deal] Your client sodomized a man so hard he bled to death, there is no way I'm going lower than double digits.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Futility (#4.22)" (2003)
Michael Gardner: I'm so sorry about hitting her. I hope she's okay.
Erin Russ: The rape charges on my client are bogus. And how did he get hurt between his home and the station house?
Alex Cabot: I don't know, how did he?
[Looks at Detectives Tutuola and Stabler]
Odafin Tutuola: He fell.
Erin Russ: Bull.
Alex Cabot: The only injuries I see are Mr. Gardner's torn knuckles from punching Detective Benson in the face, so unless you want to add the assault of a police officer to the list of charges, I suggest you move on.

Det. Olivia Benson: Once the fingerprint came back we apprehended the defendant outside of his home. I advised him of his Miranda rights, detectives Stabler and Tutuola questioned him, with his attorney present, and Carrie Huitt positively identified him as the man who had raped her the night before.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Thank you, Detective.
Michael Gardner: Why didn't you question me, Detective Benson?
Det. Olivia Benson: I was preparing your victim for the lineup.
Michael Gardner: Oh. So it wasn't because I punched you earlier that night?
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Objection! Relevance?
Michael Gardner: I'm trying to ascertain whether or not the detective has a personal stake in my rest in prosecution.
Judge Lois Preston: I'll allow it.
Det. Olivia Benson: I have no personal stake in you.
Michael Gardner: You're not mad at me? Or, uh, embarrassed that I eluded your grasp in front of your colleagues?
Det. Olivia Benson: It's not uncommon for a perpetrator to lose control of himself. And I have certainly been hit much harder.

"Conviction: Breakup (#1.3)" (2006)
Alexandra Cabot: Oh, you haven't seen me in action Rob, I'm good. They didn't make me Bureau Chief for nothing, you know what I mean?

Alexandra Cabot: Get out. I'm serious, get the hell out!

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Runaway (#2.16)" (2001)
[Alex enters the interrogation room, where Lorna is waiting, and sits down]
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: I'm Alex Cabot, DA's office.
[Lorna, who is obviously on some sort of drugs, walks to Alex before sitting]
Lorna Frankel: I want my phone call. It's been 12 hours.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: Right...

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Countdown (#2.15)" (2001)
Alexandra Cabot: I need you to authorize this deal.
Don Newvine: Counselor, I am a public servant. And the public at large does not want this... boil on the butt of humanity living to a ripe old age.
Alexandra Cabot: Charlie, think of the mother.
Don Newvine: I am. And I'm sure that she'd want to see him die.
Alexandra Cabot: Maybe, but she probably wants to know what happened to her daughter, also.
Don Newvine: And what about the mothers of all his other victims? They want him dead. The city wants him dead. Even protesters against the death penalty want to see this guy dead.
Alexandra Cabot: You don't know all of the other mothers want him dead.
Don Newvine: Of course, they do.

"Conviction: Denial (#1.2)" (2006)
Jim Steele: Do you actually believe what you're saying or you just like to hear yourself say it?
Alexandra Cabot: Both. That's why I'm the boss.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Liberties (#10.21)" (2009)
Tyler Brunson: [the defendants bail was revoked and he was place in remand] You can't do that. I... I have rights.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: You can have a toothbrush.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Hell (#10.17)" (2009)
Alexandra Cabot: [looking at pictures of the children armies] The rifles are bigger than the kids.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Grief (#4.23)" (2003)
Alex Cabot: An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Fallacy (#4.21)" (2003)
[Having an argument with the defense attorney]
Morty Berger: I told Cheryl about your deal. But she wants to go to trial.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: She does or you do?
Morty Berger: Do you know why I became a lawyer, Alex?
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Uh, to see your face on TV?

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Pixies (#2.9)" (2001)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: These girls sacrifice their childhoods to succeed, they're starved for affection.
Detective Olivia Benson: Not to mention food. They stop eating to maintain weight, no food, no menstrual cycle, no menstrual cycle, no estrogen, no estrogen, no growth: physically, mentally AND sexually.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Denial (#3.21)" (2002)
ADA Alexandra Cabot: [on why the defendant should not be released on bail] Your Honor, the defendant murdered a child. She violently beat a two-year-old child to death and shows no remorse.
Judge Lena Petrovsky: Do you plan on trying your case here, Ms. Cabot?
ADA Alexandra Cabot: No, I'm just using rhetoric to prove my point.
Judge Lena Petrovsky: One of your more endearing qualities.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Tortured (#4.16)" (2003)
[to the defense's neurologist]
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Thank you. You've offered a provocative theory. What it lacks in substance, it makes up for in pretty colors.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Prodigy (#3.13)" (2002)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: That is one cold kid.
Dr. George Huang: No conscience, no regard for anyone, but superficially charismatic.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Chameleon (#4.1)" (2002)
Alex Cabot: [On women's rights] They've proven they have the right to die by lethal injection just like any man.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Lost Traveller (#13.9)" (2011)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: You want a deal? Your client tells us what we want to know, and he does time.
Bureau Chief Michael Cutter: And how much is up to you.
Marvin Exley: What Ledger would love nothing more than to have a test case involving First Amendment and NYPD. Please, go ahead. Try us.
Captain Donald Cragen: You three are playing this while there's a missing kid out there?
Bureau Chief Michael Cutter: Yeah, let's cut to the chase, Mr. Exley.
Marvin Exley: Okay. Griscomb gives you everything he has on the missing boy's phone records, he gets full immunity from prosecution.
Bureau Chief Michael Cutter: No, this is how it works: wiretapping is federal. It's out of our hands. He give us something we can is use, we'll mis-D the felony eavesdropping. Take a minute to think about it. And by a minute, I mean fifty-nine seconds.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Vulnerable (#4.3)" (2002)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: I don't care if they were on their very last breath, you had no right to take it from them.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Taken (#2.8)" (2000)
Alexandra Cabot: If I can get her on the stand before her wounds heal my opening statement will be "the prosecution rests."

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Pique (#2.20)" (2001)
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Your client belongs in a pine box, but I'll settle for an 8x10 cell where he can rot and die.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: P.C. (#11.13)" (2010)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: [Stabler had promised to get a confession from a suspect] That was quick. She didn't punch you again, did she?
Detective Elliot Stabler: Ah, you know some women just don't want to talk man to man.
Babs Duffy: [entering] Stabler!
Detective Elliot Stabler: I wish she'd refuse to talk to me.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Witness (#11.16)" (2010)
[last lines; Alex is leaving to join a new ICC task force]
Detective Olivia Benson: Wow. Nardalie really got to you.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: She inspired me.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Wrong Is Right (#2.1)" (2000)
Alex Cabot: [very fast] You want me to secure a search warrant for the offices of a defense contractor to search classified, national security files for evidence in a sexually motivated homicide?
[dials the phone]
Alex Cabot: Judge Hermann, please.
Alex Cabot: Uncle Bill... look, I need a favor.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Appearances (#4.19)" (2003)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: If it looks like kiddie porn and it smells like kiddie porn, then it's kiddie porn.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Wrath (#3.2)" (2001)
Olivia Benson: We've gotten warrants based on less, why are you stonewalling?
ADA Alexandra Cabot: This is different and you know it. Once a judge hears the suspect's history, he's gonna bend over backwards for the guy.
Olivia Benson: I saw him, Alex. Plummer is stalking me.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: How did he know where you were when he was in the interview room being questioned?
Olivia Benson: He must've overheard.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Okay, how many businesses are in the area near Chauncey's?
Olivia Benson: I don't know, several. Why? Where are you going with this?
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Any decent defense attorney is going to say that Mr. Plummer was in the area running errands, that it was just a coincidence.
Olivia Benson: He has killed four people and we're doing *nothing*.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: How many drinks did you have? Olivia, the system made a mistake before, now everything we do is under a microscope.
Olivia Benson: [pause] I wasn't drunk.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Ghost (#6.16)" (2005)
Alex Cabot: Sometimes when I get homesick I hum the Mr. Softie song.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Quickie (#11.11)" (2010)
Captain Donald Cragen: We want to encourage people to get tested, not arrest them.
Detective Elliot Stabler: Butler brags about nailing a different piece of tail every night.
Detective Olivia Benson: Captain, he's just like a rapist. He gets off on hurting women.
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: Only he's found a way to injure his victims without technically raping them.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Desperate (#4.18)" (2003)
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Well, he wouldn't be a single parent if he hadn't killed his wife.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Resilience (#4.10)" (2002)
Tom Landricks: I love my daughter. She means everything to me. I would never harm a hair on her head.
Alex Cabot: Shut-up! I'll see you in court.

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Secrets (#2.12)" (2001)
Capt. Donald Cragen: The law isn't always about justice.
ADA Alexandra Cabot: Who let you in on our dirty little secret?

"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit: Guilt (#3.18)" (2002)
A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot: [about Kessler] He is as bad as his client! Hoping the victim is too tramatized to testify. He's lucky I didn't knock his teeth down his thoat!
Captain Donald Cragen: [smiling] I'd pay real money to see that.