Detective Carolyn Barek
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Detective Carolyn Barek (Character)
from "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (2001)

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"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Diamond Dogs (#5.2)" (2005)
Detective Carolyn Barek: A child's relationship with an addicted parent is - very complicated.

Detective Carolyn Barek: [discussing childhood foods] So, what did Mrs. Logan make for her boy?
Detective Mike Logan: Rum punch.
[Barek looks silently at Logan]
Detective Mike Logan: Private joke.

Detective Carolyn Barek: A mother that doesn't care her daughter strips in front of strangers? My mom would've killed me.

Detective Carolyn Barek: [to Johnny] Detective Logan knows about that kind of hate, see his mother used to make him buy booze for her.
[to Logan]
Detective Carolyn Barek: Tell him about it, he needs to know.
Detective Mike Logan: Well, after the first drink it was all hugs and kisses, a few drinks later, she'd grab whatever she could find and start beating me with it. Then when she got tired of holding whatever she was hitting me with, she'd use her fists. And then the next day, it would start all over again.

Detective Mike Logan: He put more holes in mom than pop.
Detective Carolyn Barek: You noticed that too?
Detective Carolyn Barek: Unfortunately.

Detective Mike Logan: You know you should get yourself a cell phone so people wouldn't think you're talking to yourself.
Detective Carolyn Barek: Too many years working alone.

Detective Carolyn Barek: Abusive ex-husbands, boyfriends. It's what she's had to put up with in order to support her habit.
Detective Mike Logan: Lemme get out my violin.

Detective Mike Logan: So just in case I need an interpreter, how many languages do you speak?
Detective Carolyn Barek: Umm, well, Spanish, Yiddish, Italian, Polish, Creole. Some Russian. Some Cantonese, from working in Chinatown. You?
Detective Carolyn Barek: I can say 'stop, police' and 'what's your sign?' in fifteen different languages.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Wasichu (#5.14)" (2006)
Detective Carolyn Barek: Just what we need, an addiction driven economy.
Detective Mike Logan: It's better than no economy.

Detective Carolyn Barek: He's lobbying for a casino *and* against it.
Detective Mike Logan: He's playing the cowboys *and* the Indians.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Watch (#5.12)" (2006)
Detective Carolyn Barek: [standing close to suspect, sotto voce] It occurs to me, Duane: Maybe you're one of those guys, nothin' gets you hot... You lack anatomy, Duane?

Scott Stroll: [hacking into suspect's laptop] He's encrypted his animation files. I'm betting it's some pretty sick stuff.
Detective Carolyn Barek: Don't worry; I'll cover your eyes when we play it.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The Healer (#5.18)" (2006)
[last lines]
Detective Carolyn Barek: Faith trumps science, once again.
Detective Mike Logan: Nothing that a little calamine lotion can't fix.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: Dramma Giocoso (#5.16)" (2006)
Detective Carolyn Barek: All the sounds and smells of her disintegration.

"Law & Order: Criminal Intent: To the Bone (#5.20)" (2006)
Detective Mike Logan: What, you're going?
Detective Carolyn Barek: Well, yeah. Sleep, remember?
Detective Mike Logan: You live all the way in Brooklyn. My place is right down the street.
Detective Carolyn Barek: [gives him a wary look]
Detective Mike Logan: I'll take the couch.
Detective Carolyn Barek: I don't believe you got a
[searches for appropriate word]
Detective Carolyn Barek: couch that big.
Detective Mike Logan: Yeah, maybe not.