Ariel Truax
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Ariel Truax (Character)
from Grumpy Old Men (1993)

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Grumpy Old Men (1993)
Ariel Truax: Gay or straight?
John Gustafson: Huh?
Ariel Truax: Heterosexual or homosexual?
John Gustafson: Geez Louise!
Ariel Truax: Well, it's a perfectly legitimate question.
John Gustafson: Well, maybe in California, but here in Minnesota... Who-ho-ho-ho!

Ariel Truax: John, when was the last time you made love?
John Gustafson: October 4th... 1978.
Ariel Truax: Oh, I think we're safe.

Ariel Truax: [John is showing Ariel some family pictures] And these two little guys?
John Gustafson: Oh! That's me and the moron.
Ariel Truax: Is that Max?
John Gustafson: Of course it's Max. He's ugly isn't he?
Ariel Truax: Aw, you mean you were friends?
John Gustafson: I was 10, and didn't know any better.
Ariel Truax: What makes two men spend most of their lives fighting?
John Gustafson: Oh? Guess.
Ariel Truax: A woman!
[John nods]
Ariel Truax: How romantic.
John Gustafson: No, it wasn't romantic at all.

John Gustafson: Ohh you don't know a damn things about me...
Ariel Truax: I do too! And I also know the only thing in life, that you regret, are the risks that you don't take.

Grumpier Old Men (1995)
Mama Ragetti: [has called for a silence in Italian] I know my Maria, she wants nothing to do with that man
[meaning John]
Mama Ragetti: .
Ariel Gustafson: Oh yeah, how would you know that?
Mama Ragetti: Because, she wants that man
[meaning Max]
Mama Ragetti: .
[Maria is frustrated with her mother as she leaves in her robe. Ariel forgives John for her false accusations about him cheating on her]

Maria: I look like a... slut!
Ariel Gustafson: But a very nice slut.