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Kyle Fisher (Character)
from Very Bad Things (1998)

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Very Bad Things (1998)
Mike: Dad used to bring home these sparklers for me and Adam, you know? (laughs) Sparklers! We'd go out back, the three of us - and we'd hold it up to the sky and watch the explosions of light and the sparks, you know, and Dad would be all "Wait for it! Here it comes! Watch for it! Here comes the wahoo!"
Kyle: Wahoo?
Mike: Wahoo. The sparkler would burn hot, then hotter, then even hotter, and then there'd be this one moment of pure burn when that little fucker would cook perfect, just perfect. It would only last a second, but that second was *it*. And *that's* what Dad had us looking for, man.
Kyle: The wahoo moment?
Mike: That's exactly right. Man - burning at his absolute. All the forces coming together - burning - just perfect, perfect harmony. That's what I'm driving at. Are you with me?
Kyle: I think so.
Mike: I have been looking for that flash. I've been looking and I've been looking, and I can't find it. What if it already happened, you know? My moment! What if it already happened and I didn't see it?

Laura: You left a dead prostitute alone in the desert?
Kyle: She's not alone...

Kyle: I don't fucking know how to pray.

Mike: Look at 'em. I'm amazed the windows don't blow out of their fucking sockets with all the ass-puckering rage in these soulless lizards.
Kyle: I just want her to be happy.
Mike: The same alarm clock every morning, same two pops on the same snooze button, same shower, towel, toothbrush, razor, blazer, hair pump, gel spray. It's a fucking epidemic, Fisher. You're getting married, baby. I'm not going to candy-coat it - it just gets worse. It's an eighteen-wheel cement truck that's going to crush every bone in your big body.

Charles Moore: How do you know she's dead?
Adam Berkow: She's got no fuckin' pulse. She's got no pulse!
Kyle Fisher: Where do you look? What side of the neck?
Charles Moore: Left, left, left side.
Adam Berkow: Either side, you idiot!

Adam Berkow: [referring to the hotel security guard that was murdered] Do you think he had kids?
Kyle Fisher: What?
Adam Berkow: Children. Do you think that man was a father?
Kyle Fisher: I don't know.
Adam Berkow: I got a real bad feeling that he had children.
Kyle Fisher: I think he was too young to have children.
Adam Berkow: We're gonna burn for this.

Laura: Are you calling me from jail?
Kyle: Not yet...

[Michael has accidentally killed Tina the prostitute]
Kyle: You fucking guys. You fucking guys. You fucking guys! YOU FUCKING GUYS!

[while arguing about covering up Tina's murder]
Kyle: I'm getting married, guys! I'm getting married!
Adam Berkow: I have got a wife and I've got two boys, OK? Don't tell me!

[Boyd has just murdered the hotel security guard who saw Tina's corpse]
Kyle Fisher: I'm calling the police.
Robert Boyd: So help me God, you touch that fuckin' phone, I'll bury you with them!

[while trying to pray after burying Tina and the guard]
Adam Berkow: This is pathetic.
Michael Berkow: YOU'RE pathetic.
Adam Berkow: What did you say?
Michael Berkow: [Pointing at him] You're not a team player.
Adam Berkow: Don't point at me.
Michael Berkow: You've never been a team player, that's why you don't have any friends.
Adam Berkow: What're you talking about? I have friends.
Michael Berkow: The hell you do.
Adam Berkow: The hell I don't.
Michael Berkow: You have acquaintances. Superficial golf-buddies.
[Pointing at him again]
Michael Berkow: You've never been a team player.
Adam Berkow: Don't point at me!
Michael Berkow: You have some serious male-on-male intimacy problems!
Adam Berkow: What're you fucking talking about?
Michael Berkow: You can't deal with men!
Kyle Fisher: Guys, maybe now's not the time for this...