Michael Berkow
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Michael Berkow (Character)
from Very Bad Things (1998)

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Very Bad Things (1998)
Michael Berkow: [to Adam] Your kid is one crutch short of a telethon, you've got a frigid, swamp-hog wife...
Adam Berkow: [Grabbing Michael] You fucking...

Michael Berkow: We were playing. She bumped her head.
Adam Berkow: Bumped? BUMPED? She's got a fuckin' spike in her head!

Robert Boyd: Time for some serious self-exploration - how do I function. For real! No more bullshit. Can I keep my cool when they bounce my bananas, when they won't play my song, etc, etc, etc. Do you get me? DO YOU GET ME?
Michael Berkow: Not really, no.

Adam Berkow: You fucking murderer!
Michael Berkow: You're a fucking loser! You're a loser!
Robert Boyd: [Forcibly walking Michael to his jeep] We need to take a time out!
Adam Berkow: Go home! Go home, you fucking murderer!
Michael Berkow: Fuckin' loser!

Michael Berkow: I killed my brother.

[while trying to pray after burying Tina and the guard]
Adam Berkow: This is pathetic.
Michael Berkow: YOU'RE pathetic.
Adam Berkow: What did you say?
Michael Berkow: [Pointing at him] You're not a team player.
Adam Berkow: Don't point at me.
Michael Berkow: You've never been a team player, that's why you don't have any friends.
Adam Berkow: What're you talking about? I have friends.
Michael Berkow: The hell you do.
Adam Berkow: The hell I don't.
Michael Berkow: You have acquaintances. Superficial golf-buddies.
[Pointing at him again]
Michael Berkow: You've never been a team player.
Adam Berkow: Don't point at me!
Michael Berkow: You have some serious male-on-male intimacy problems!
Adam Berkow: What're you fucking talking about?
Michael Berkow: You can't deal with men!
Kyle Fisher: Guys, maybe now's not the time for this...

Michael Berkow: You never gave a damn about anyone but yourself.
Adam Berkow: Yeah, well you're a little fuckin' reject.
Michael Berkow: Yeah, well you eat my ass.
[Kicks Adam's minivan]
Adam Berkow: Hey!
Michael Berkow: Eat my fuckin' ass!
[Kicks his minivan again]
Adam Berkow: If you ever touch my minivan again, you're gonna be very sorry, brother! Very fucking sorry!
Michael Berkow: You are a LOSER!

Adam Berkow: I might just turn your little pathetic ass in! How about that, pal?
Michael Berkow: You think you're so fuckin' righteous? You were right there with us, side by fuckin' side!

Michael Berkow: Mr. Fucking Minivan!