David Labraccio
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David Labraccio (Character)
from Flatliners (1990)

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Flatliners (1990)
David Labraccio: He said... he said it wasn't such a good day to die.
Nelson Wright: Thank you.

Joe Hurley: I don't know. Not thinking about the past or the future. I don't know it's difficult to explain, maybe impossible.
David Labraccio: Yeah, dying is quite that way.

David Labraccio: You should have told us, Nelson.
Nelson Wright: You wouldn't have done it.
David Labraccio: At least we would've had a choice!

David Labraccio: [screaming at a religious stained-glass portrait] I'm sorry... we *trespassed* on your... *fucking* territory. God! I'm *sorry*! Isn't that enough?
Randy Steckle: Apparently not.

Young Winnie: Hey! Hey, Fellatio! Got a match? Well, I do! Your face and my ass! Your breath made of buffalo farts!
David Labraccio: Do I know you?
Young Winnie: You don't know jack-shit! Butt-wipe! Needle-dick! Cock-bite! Jack-off! Limp-wrist! Corn-hole! Banana-breath! Shit-bird! Bird-turd! Turd-face! Kiss-ass! Brown-nose! Macho wimp! Limp dick! Fart-face! Tire merchant! What's the matter? Gonna cry? Come on, Crybaby Davie! Cry! Cry! Cry! Shit-face! Rat-turd! Ass-licking son of a bitch!

Winnie Hicks: I haven't been that ugly little girl in years.
David Labraccio: You were never ugly.

Randy Steckle: [In the car] Billy Mahoney died seventeen years ago. Whether or not he is, Nelson feels responsible.
David Labraccio: Oh shit! Where did he go?
Randy Steckle: He took off mumbling something about making amends.
Joe Hurley: How the hell do you make amends with someone who's already dead?
David Labraccio: I don't know.
[pauses and then looks at Joe]
David Labraccio: You don't think he would try to flatline without us, do you?
Joe Hurley: It would be suicide.
David Labraccio: Shit!
[Drives faster]