Julian Marty
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Julian Marty (Character)
from Blood Simple. (1984)

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Blood Simple. (1984)
Marty: [to Ray, out in back of the bar] You think I'm funny, I'm an asshole? No no no... what's funny is HER... what's funny is, I had you two followed, because if it's not you she's sleeping with, it's someone else... what's funny is, when she gives you that LOOK, and says, 'I don't know what you're talkin' about, Ray, I ain't done nothin' funny'... but the funniest thing to ME is... you think SHE came back HERE for YOU... THAT'S what's FUCKIN' FUNNY!

Marty: I got a job for you.
Private Detective Visser: Uh, well, if the pay's right, and it's legal, I'll do it.
Marty: It's not strictly legal.
Private Detective Visser: [Thinks for a second] Well, if the pay's right, I'll do it.

[Visser has just given Marty some bad news]
Marty: You know... in Greece, they would cut off the head of the messenger that brought the bad news.
Private Detective Visser: Now that don't make much sense.
Marty: No. It made them feel better.
Private Detective Visser: Well first off, Julian, I don't know what the story is in Greece but in this state we got very definite laws about that. Second place I ain't a messenger, I'm a private investigator. And third place - and most important - it ain't such bad news. I mean you thought he was a colored.
[he laughs]
Private Detective Visser: You're always assumin' the worst.

Meurice: Marty. Thought you were dead. You goin' home?
Marty: No. I'm staying right here in hell.
Meurice: Kind of a bleak point of view there, isn't it, Marty?
Marty: Meurice... I don't want the asshole near my money. And I don't want him in the bar.
Meurice: [pause] We get a lotta assholes in here, Marty.

Marty: [after Visser agrees to kill Abby and Ray for $10,000] I'll take care of the money, you just make sure those bodies aren't found...
[starts to turn away, then turns back]
Marty: ... there's a big incinerator in back of my place.
Private Detective Visser: [after Marty walks away] Jeeee-sus, you are disgustin'.

[grabbing Abby from behind after breaking into Ray's house]
Marty: Lover boy really oughta lock his door. Lotta nuts out there.

[Marty gives Visser his money]
Marty: Count it, and go.
Private Detective Visser: Naw, I trust you.
[Visser shoots Marty]

Marty: Let's do it outside, in nature.

Private Detective Visser: [about a photo of Ray and Abby] I know a place you can get that framed.
Marty: What did you take these for?
Private Detective Visser: What do you mean? Just doin' my job.
Marty: You called me, I knew they were there, so what do I need these for?
Private Detective Visser: Well, I don't know... Call it a fringe benefit.
Marty: How long did you watch her?
Private Detective Visser: Most of the night... They'd just rest a few minutes and then get started again. Quite something.

Marty: [looking at a doctored photo of Ray and Abby] Dead?
Private Detective Visser: So it would seem.

Marty: Lover-boy oughta lock his door. I love you... That's a stupid thing to say, right?
Abby: I... I love you too.
Marty: [smiling] No. You're just saying that because you're scared. You left your weapon behind... He'll kill you too.