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Quotes for
Blaine Bingham (Character)
from Switching Channels (1988)

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Switching Channels (1988)
Blaine Bingham: Oh, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!

Blaine Bingham: Did you really sign a reporter's contract "Peter Rabbit?"
John L. Sullivan IV: Yes.
Blaine Bingham: What did the reporter do?
John L. Sullivan IV: Christy? She laughed her ass off.

John L. Sullivan IV: Tickets. You already got the tickets?
Blaine Bingham: Yes.
John L. Sullivan IV: Why did you tell me?
Blaine Bingham: Well, I didn't think you'd be that interested.

Blaine Bingham: So, you're what a network news man looks like.
John L. Sullivan IV: And you sell jock straps!
Blaine Bingham: 25 million last year alone. You know if I'd invented that little baby, I'd be a rich man today.
John L. Sullivan IV: I thought you were a rich man. Aren't you a multi-millionaire?
Blaine Bingham: Depends on what you mean by multi.
John L. Sullivan IV: Multi usually means more than one!
Christy Colleran: Blaine, sweetheart, we don't have to dicuss our finances with him.
John L. Sullivan IV: Our?
Christy Colleran: Our.

Blaine Bingham: Did you know that Chicago means, "the smell of wild onions?"
John L. Sullivan IV: Did you New York just means, "New York?"