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U.N. Jefferson (Character)
from Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

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Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994) (TV)
U. N. Jefferson: I've never been to a nerd wedding
[bursts into tears]
U. N. Jefferson: I didn't cry at!

Lewis Skolnick: [Mr. Skolnick's car pulls into the driveway] Dad!
Dudley Dawson: U.N.!
Mr. Skolnick: [Mr. Skolnick and U.N. get out of the car] Hey, how are you?
U. N. Jefferson: [Lewis hugs his dad, U.N. shakes hands with Booger] Congratulations, Booger, congratulations!
Dudley Dawson: Thank you.
U. N. Jefferson: I wouldn't miss a nerd wedding for the world.
U. N. Jefferson: [greets Lewis, Mr. Skolnick greets Booger] How are you?
Mr. Skolnick: How's my unborn grandson?
Lewis Skolnick: You mean your unborn fetal son?
[Lewis and his dad guffaw together]
Takashi: Emergency! Excuse please, the bishop has a kidney stone, he no make it to wedding!
Dudley Dawson: What? How am I supposed to get married without a clergyman?
Mr. Skolnick: I can marry you.
Dudley Dawson: But I don't love you.
Mr. Skolnick: Oh- No, no, I took a correspondence course, I'm a fully ordained Tilhoonian minister.
U. N. Jefferson: You are?
Mr. Skolnick: U.N.
[Takashi, Booger, Lewis and his dad all guffaw together, while U.N. Jefferson stands quietly surprised, not getting the pun]

Aaron Humphrey: I, uh... I would like to make an announcement.
[Betty screams while undergoing labor for her soon-to-be born child]
Aaron Humphrey: I have, uh... been a jerk for this whole wedding.
U. N. Jefferson: You certainly have.
Aaron Humphrey: Well, I've - I've never been around a nerd before, and I guess, uh... well, I guess I judged a book by its cover.
[Betty groans while going through labor]
Aaron Humphrey: Booger, I know you and my Jeanie are going to be very happy together, because you know what you are, and you're proud of it.
Aaron Humphrey: Well, I'm, uh... sick of trying to be something I'm not.
Lewis Skolnick: [attending to Betty] Come on, push honey, push, push!
Aaron Humphrey: Tippy.
[Tippy stands next to Aaron, who puts his arm on her shoulder]
Aaron Humphrey: I, I... I am nouveau riche, and I'm proud of it!
Aaron Humphrey: [the wedding guests applaud] Mylan, if who I am isn't good enough for the Republican party of this state, then to hell with the nomination! And that is the truth!