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Ogre (Character)
from Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987)

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Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994) (TV)
Lewis Skolnick: You're not supposed to reveal what goes on at a bachelor party.
Ogre: Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me. Who can't we tell again?

Trevor Gulf: Excuse me, Mr. Lewis, Mr. Booger; why is that buttocks squished up against the window like a pressed Devonshire ham?
Lewis Skolnick, Dudley Dawson: [Tippy shrieks and faints] Ogre!
Ogre: [Lewis opens the door to let Ogre in] Lewey!
Lewis Skolnick: Ogre! How are you?
Ogre: How ya doing?
Lewis Skolnick: Good.
Ogre: See it?
Lewis Skolnick: Yeah, I saw it.

Dudley Dawson: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to jump off the dock!
Ogre: Yeah!
Chip: Hold it, everybody. I'd like to offer my toast...
Everybody: Yeah, yeah.
Dudley Dawson: Booger's love child.
[suspenseful music]
Dudley Dawson: Love child? What are you talking about?
[suspenseful music continues]
Chip: I'm talking about the daughter you had 12 years ago, out of wedlock, with a young woman in Sandusky, Ohio.
Ogre: All right, Booger! Yeah, bud!
Aaron Humphrey: You have a child that my little girl doesn't know about? I am appalled Booger, appalled. And so is my wife, right, see?
Lois Humphrey: But...
Dudley Dawson: I don't know anything about this. I have no child in Sandusky, Ohio.
Chip: The hell you don't!
[everyone gasps]
Lewis Skolnick: This is a fairly specious charge. Where's your proof, Chip?
Dudley Dawson: Yeah, where's your proof, Chip?
Everybody: Yeah!
Chip: My proof is right here: I'd like you to meet Detective First Class, Chad Penrod. Detective Penrod, does Dudley Dawson, alias "Booger", have or have not a 12-year old child in Sandusky, Ohio?
Chad Penrod: [takes out his notepad] I checked the birth records in Sandusky and found... that on March 19, 1981, a certain Heidi Dawson was born to a Miss Cathleen Turtle... Turteltaub, and a Mr. Dudley Dawson.
Ogre: Cool.
Trevor Gulf: Wait! If the parents of the alleged love child were never married, why isn't the child's name Heidi Turteltaub?
Dudley Dawson: Exactly! Why isn't the child's name Heidi Turteltaub?
Lewis Skolnick: Yes!
Chad Penrod: Beats me.
Dudley Dawson: If the child were born to an unmarried mother, wouldn't the so-said mother have given the aforementioned daughter her last name?
Chad Penrod: Well, I do know this: The child's nickname is "Booger".

Takashi: Hey everybody, everybody! Booger's parents are here! Mr. and Mrs. Booger, Mr. and Mrs. Booger!
Dudley Dawson: Mom? Dad!
Chip: They look like they just fell off a pickle truck.
Gaylord: [slaps Chip] Chip!
Chip: Ow!
Dudley Dawson: Folks, everybody, excuse me, these are my parents.
Everybody: Oh!
Betty Skolnick: We're so glad that you're here, Mr. and Mrs. Dawson.
Dudley Dawson: I am flabbergasted. We would both like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for this... wonderful shower you're throwing us.
Lewis Skolnick: It's probably the first shower he's ever had.
Mr. Dawson: No, he showered regularly: every other night in the summer, and weekly in the winter.
[more guffaws]
Dudley Dawson: Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to jump off the dock!
Ogre: Yeah!

Lewis Skolnick: Now what was going on?
Lamar: Well, Chip was crackin' on Booger's parents.
Dudley Dawson: Crackin' on my parents?
Dudley Dawson: What kind of cracks, Chip?
Lewis Skolnick: [apprehensively] Booger.
Unknown: Yeah, what kind?
Lewis Skolnick: Booger, as your best man, I strongly advise you to just let it go.
Dudley Dawson: I'm not going to let it go.
Lewis Skolnick: On the other hand, I'm prepared to explore other avenues with you as well.
Dudley Dawson: What kind of cracks, Chip?
[Chip stammers nervously]
Lamar: Chip said that your mama was so ugly, that the Elephant Man paid to see her.
[Ogre laughs out loud, then silences himself]
Chip: The point is, you have a 12-year old daughter in Sandusky, Ohio!
Dudley Dawson: This has nothing to do with my having a child in Sandusky, Ohio. That isn't what this is about at all.
Dudley Dawson: This is because I'm a nerd...
[the crowd gasps]
Dudley Dawson: and it has been since the beginning.
Lamar: Mm-hmm.
Dudley Dawson: Why else would someone rummage through my private life with a detective? And then, announce this... detestable fabrication, this - this tissue of lies on the happiest day of my life?
Jeanie Humphrey: Oh, Booger.
Dudley Dawson: Hath not a nerd eyes? When you prick us, do we not bleed? I am tired of the reckless allegations, the snide snickering, the talking behind backs, the sly innuendoes, the looking down on us! We are what we are, aren't we?
Everybody: Yeah, we are!
Dudley Dawson: And we're proud of what we are.
Everybody: Yeah, we are!
Dudley Dawson: And we are not about to allow ourselves to be intimidated by a bunch of...
Lewis Skolnick: Booger! Don't say it!
Ogre: Say it, Booger!
Dudley Dawson: Nouveau-riche pigs!
Ogre: There you go!
Aaron Humphrey: You have... the audacity... to utter... the most... morally reprehensible slur to these... fine, upstanding... self-made businesspeople! Shame on you, Booger! Shame on all of you nerds.

Takashi: Oh, I made it!
Ogre: Great shot, Takashi you owe me another 20 bucks.
Takashi: Huh?
Ogre: Well, sometimes when you win, you lose. Now let's play for your watch.
Takashi: Okay, thank you
Ogre: You're welcome.

Takashi: Oh boy, that was one heck of a stag party last night, Lewis.
Mr. Dawson: I know I'll never forget it.
Trevor Gulf: I especially enjoyed your dance with the woman who removed her clothes, Mr. Booger.
Lewis Skolnick: Trevor, there's a code of silence about what goes on at a stag party.
Trevor Gulf: Code of silence?
Lewis Skolnick: So reveal nothing, even if you're under hours of interrogation and torture.
Ogre: Wild horses couldn't drag it out of me.
Ogre: Uh, who aren't I supposed to tell?

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
Dean Ulich: Frankly, I'm not too wild about this next even but it has become a tradition here at Adams: The Belching Contest.
[the crowd cheers]
Dean Ulich: First up, Frederick W. Palowakski.
Ogre: [grunting] It's "Ogre" you asshole!
Dean Ulich: "Ogre, you asshole.", uh "Ogre".

Burke: Well, let's get those nerds!
Stan Gable: [screams] Nerds!
Ogre: [screams] Nerds!
Stan Gable: What are we *waiting* for?
[the angry Alpha Betas storm out of the locker room towards the Tri-Lams house]

[Ogre snatches a pie from a nerd customer]
Ogre: Thanks wimp, get yourself one!

[after the Alpha Betas' treachery is revealed at the pep rally]
Dean Ulich: You know, Coach. I'm going to let the Lambdas live over at the Alpha Beta house while you and your boys rebuild theirs!
Burke: Where the hell are *we* gonna live?
Ogre: Yeah. What about *us*?
Dean Ulich: You're *jocks*! Go live in the gym!

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987)
Arnold Poindexter: So what you're saying essentially is, is that along with infinite space which extends beyond perpetual bigness there's also infinite smallness?
Harold Wormser: [nods head in agreement]
Arnold Poindexter: How?
Harold Wormser: Easy. Take an asymptotic line and extend it outward.
Arnold Poindexter: Oh.
Stewart: Right, right, right. So perpetual bigness exists simultaneously with perpetual smallness. What was I thinking?
Ogre: What if uh C-A-T really spelled dog?
Arnold Poindexter: Wow.
Harold Wormser: God.
Stewart: Yeah.
Arnold Poindexter: That's heavy Ogre. Dog.

[Ogre is being initiated into the Tri-Lambs]
Gilbert Lowell: Our newest Tri-Lamb may drink.
Lewis Scolnick: Right this way, Frederick.
Ogre: Ogre, Louie.
Lewis Scolnick, Gilbert Lowell: [firmly] Frederick.