Cmdr. Robert Iverson
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Cmdr. Robert Iverson (Character)
from The Core (2003)

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The Core (2003)
Col. Robert Iverson: Hang on. This isn't going to be subtle.

Col. Robert Iverson: I have done this approach two hundred and thirteen times on the simulator. We are NOT where we should be.

Col. Robert Iverson: Being a leader isn't about ability. It's about responsibility.
Maj. Rebecca Childs: Got it, sir.
Col. Robert Iverson: No you don't, Beck. I mean, you're not just responsible for the good ones. You've got to be responsible for the bad ones. You've got to be ready to make the shitty call.
Maj. Rebecca Childs: What makes you think I'm not?
Col. Robert Iverson: Because you're so damn good. You haven't hit anything you couldn't beat. I mean, hell, you were the one who figured out how to save the space shuttle. You made me, you made the rest of NASA just look like an ass. It's just you're used to winning... and you're not really a leader until you've lost.

Col. Robert Iverson: It's the simplest things that are the hardest, huh?
Dr. Josh Keyes: Yeah. It's official: I'm the least qualified person on this base.
Col. Robert Iverson: Dr. Keyes, I'm sure the people in charge have every confidence in you.
Dr. Josh Keyes: Well, the problem is I'm in charge.

Col. Robert Iverson: Forgive me, but, you know I'm not the expert here, but what if the core is thicker or thinner? I mean, what if it's not what you think it is? Isn't that going to affect the way the explosions are...
Dr. Conrad Zimsky: Yes, yes, yes, yes, and what if the core is made of cheese? This is all best guess commander. That's all science is, is best guess.
Col. Robert Iverson: So my best guess is you don't know.

Col. Robert Iverson: People. Doctors Zimsky and Keyes? You guys are our resident geophysicists, so what do you make of this?
Dr. Conrad Zimsky: The mantle is a chemical hodgepodge of, a, variety of elements...
Dr. Ed 'Braz' Brazzelton: Say it with me: "I don't know."