Ronnie J. McGorvey
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Ronnie J. McGorvey (Character)
from Little Children (2006)

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Little Children (2006)
May McGorvey: There are four columns of lonely women in here, and only one of lonely men. The odds are on our side. Now why wouldn't any of these women want to meet a nice person like you?
Ronald James McGorvey: I'm not a nice person.

May McGorvey: [Helping Ronnie get ready for his date] There, you look handsome. She won't be disappointed.
Ronald James McGorvey: Yeah, wait till she hears about my criminal record.

Ronald James McGorvey: I just wanted to cool off!

Ronald James McGorvey: [after castrating himself] I'm gonna be good now.

Ronald James McGorvey: She's gone.
Sarah Pierce: Who... who's gone?
Ronald James McGorvey: Mommy's gone. Mommy died.