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Quotes for
Tillie (Character)
from Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)

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Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
Tillie: I don't care to see a member of my own race getting above himself.

Tillie: Civil rights is one thing. This here is somethin' else.

Tillie: All hell done broke loose now!

Joanna Drayton: I brought you the latest bulletin. Guess who's coming to dinner now?
Tillie: The Reverend Martin Luther King?

John: How do you do, Miss Binks?
Tillie: I got somethin' to say to you, boy. Just exactly what you tryin' to pull here?
John: I'm not trying to pull *anything*. I was lookin' to find me a wife.
Tillie: Ain't that just likely! You wanna answer me somethin'? What kind of doctor you supposed to be, anyhow?
John: Would you believe horse?
Tillie: Oh! You make with witticisms and all, huh? Well let me tell you somethin'. You may *think* you're foolin' Miss Joey and her folks, but you ain't foolin' me for a minute. You think I don't see what you are? You're one of those smooth-talkin', smart-ass niggers, just out for all you can get, with your Black Power all that other troublemakin' nonsense. And you listen here. I brought up that child from a baby in her cradle, and ain't *nobody* gonna harm her done while I'm here watchin'. And as long as *you* are *anywhere* around this house, I'm right here watchin'. You read me, boy? You bring any trouble in here you just like to find out what Black Power *really* means! And furthermore to that, you ain't even all that good-lookin'!