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Quotes for
Daphne Castle (Character)
from Evil Under the Sun (1982)

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Evil Under the Sun (1982)
Daphne Castle: I've just had a telephone call from your friend Sir Horace. He says he's having trouble with his... his... his piffle valve?
Poirot: Such a valve still has to be invented, Madame.
Daphne Castle: Oh, well I dare say you're right, I wasn't paying that much attention, anyway the result is he'll be 24 hours late.

Daphne Castle: Arlena and I were in the chorus of a show together, not that I could ever compete. Even in those days, she could always throw her legs up in the air higher than any of us... and wider.

Daphne Castle: Couldn't we make this a private investigation? You know how peculiar people can be about a spot of murder.

Daphne Castle: Clean it, clean it. Don't just lean on the thing.

Daphne Castle: I was wrong about cherchez la femme. sorry about that. but it's just got be cherchez le fruit.

Arlena Stuart Marshall: Oh, dear! I'm the last to arrive.
Daphne Castle: Have a sausage. You must be starving having to wait all that time in your room.

Daphne Castle: The whole world knows that you are a man of enormous discretion...

Arlena Stuart Marshall: [arriving at outdoor buffet luncheon in swimming attire] I'm so sorry, are we late? Patrick insisted upon rowing me right round the island and its much bigger than I thought. Poor darling, he's absolutely exhausted.
Daphne Castle: [dryly, knowing what they've actually been up to] I'm not in the least surprised.

Daphne Castle: [greeting the Redferns] Hello! I'm Daphne Castle - welcome to the island.
Patrick Redfern: How do you do.
Christine Redfern: [unenthusiastic] It looks lovely, I'm sure we'll have a nice time here.
Daphne Castle: [twinkling] And a naughty one too - I hope!

Daphne Castle: [notices Poirot in lobby] Oh, you - you must be Sir Horace Blatt's friend; perhaps - perhaps you'll sign in?
Poirot: [signs hotel register]
Daphne Castle: Oh, so you're the famous Hercule Poirot eh?
Poirot: Ah you are too amiable madame.
Daphne Castle: [sternly] Perhaps - I hope you haven't come here to practice your sleuthing games on my guests - they've all got far too many skeletons in their cupboards to join in with enthusiasm.

[last lines]
Daphne Castle: I've just had a phone call from His Majesty and he is very pleased with...
Poirot: The king of Tyrania?
Daphne Castle: He is very pleased with the matter being cleared up so quickly and so discreetly. He is so pleased he is awarding you the Order of Saint Gudrun the Inquisitive.
Poirot: Saint Gudrun the Inquisitive?
Daphne Castle: First class.
Poirot: How many classes are there?