Herb Copperbottom
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Herb Copperbottom (Character)
from Robots (2005)

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Robots (2005)
Mr. Copperbottom: He's got your moms eyes and my dads nose. I knew we were smart to save those parts.

Mrs. Copperbottom: I told you I'd find him! It's a mother's instinct.
Herb Copperbottom: What instinct? He left us a note, "I'm leaving, I'll be at the train station."

[Herb has just been running through the town, yelling "I'm going to be a dad!" and runs into his house, where Mrs. Copperbottom is standing next to a window]
Mrs. Copperbottom: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. You missed the delivery.
Herb Copperbottom: Oh!
Mrs. Copperbottom: [holds up a box with a picture of a robot on it] But it's okay. Making the baby's the fun part.

[after they have assembled Rodney]
Mrs. Copperbottom: Honey?
Mr. Copperbottom: What?
Mrs. Copperbottom: What's that extra piece?
Mr. Copperbottom: Oh. Oh, no, they always put in an extra...
[Takes a good look at the piece]
Mr. Copperbottom: [chuckles] We did want a boy, right?
[He takes the piece and a hammer]
Mr. Copperbottom: This won't hurt a bit, son.
[He hammers the piece in, Rodney cries]