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Quotes for
Bigweld (Character)
from Robots (2005)

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Robots (2005)
Cappy: Are you all right, sir?
Bigweld: Considering I'm an old fat guy who just fell onto the floor, I'm *fantastic*!

Bigweld: A device, a thing-a-ma-bob, a do-hickey?

Bigweld: Gasket, you're a sick, twisted, evil robot.
Madame Gasket: I try.

Bigweld: [while being repaired by Rodney, ? la 2001: A Space Odyssey]
Bigweld: Daaaisy... Daaaaissy... Giive mee yoour aaaanswer truuuue.

Bigweld: You know, your boyfriend here is quite the genius.
Cappy: Oh, he's not my... he is?

Aunt Fanny: But fighting never solved anything.
Bigweld: Quitting's not so productive, either.

Bigweld: If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

Rodney Copperbottom: Mr. Bigweld, are you okay?
Bigweld: I'm the prettiest girl at the Harvest Moon Ball.
Rodney Copperbottom: I'll take that as a no.

Bigweld: You can shine no matter what you're made of.

Bigweld: This isn't what I was thinking at all!

Bigweld: Kid, if you're going to fight, I'm going in with you.
Rodney Copperbottom: You... you are?
Bigweld: Hey, who's the dame with the sweet keister?
Rodney Copperbottom: But why?
Bigweld: I don't know. I'm a big guy, and I like women with a large...
Rodney Copperbottom: No, no. Why are you going to help us?
Bigweld: Oh. Because, I want to grow up to be like you.

Rodney Copperbottom: But you're Bigweld. You can fix anything.
Bigweld: I used to think so. To me the company was about making life better, but to Ratchet, it was making money that came first. I became old-fashioned, and outmode. Ratchet beat me, and he's gonna beat you.
Rodney Copperbottom: But...
Bigweld: The world you're looking for no longer exists. You missed it. Find some other foolish dream.

Bigweld: [after surfing dominoes] Who's the king of the beach?

Bigweld: See a need, fill a need.