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Styles (Character)
from Basic (2003)

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Basic (2003)
Styles: Osbourne's the closest thing we have to an in-house investigator.
Hardy: And here you are going out of house... now, how does that make you feel, Jules?
Osbourne: Hostile and uncooperative, sir.
Hardy: Fantastic.

Styles: This kid we have in interrogation requested a Ranger, someone he'd never met. That's you.
Hardy: Well, Jesus, Bill, he could've requested a sailboat, it doesn't mean you have to give it to him!

Hardy: [raining, questioning Styles about the case he's been brought in on] Any spooks involved... CIA... FBI?
Styles: [covering his unease] Not really.
Hardy: [confused] What's that mean?
Styles: [breaks] There were some guys... some guys down here that were way out on the hairy edge, doing covert stuff. Well, they went renegade... starting their own missions.
Hardy: [unconvinced, trying to understand situation] What happened to them?
Styles: Well, they disappeared into drug land... and with their unique talents they cut one hell of slice through the competition. Now West trained some of these guys... and he hated them for what they did... and they hated him! That's what this could be about.
Hardy: What's this got to do with anything?
Styles: Something... maybe nothing... but that note that Dunbar wrote had an eight on it... and that's what these guys called themselves - Section 8.

Styles: [to Hardy] You never met a bribe you didn't like.

Styles: If you lose enough in life what you are is a loser.