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Tommy Chan (Character)
from The Scarlet Clue (1945)

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Charlie Chan in The Chinese Cat (1944)
Tommy Chan: Pop, I've got a case that will knock your hat off!
Charlie Chan: Can remove hat without assistance, thank you.

Tommy Chan: My gosh, Pop, are you a mind reader?
Charlie Chan: If mind not too small.

Tommy Chan: You're lucky to have your assistant on hand, Pop.
Charlie Chan: Assistant? That you?
Tommy Chan: Sure!
Charlie Chan: Your assistance about as welcome as water in a leaking ship!
Tommy Chan: But you've always said that two men can find a clue quicker than one.
Charlie Chan: [looking from side to side] Where is other man? Do not see other man!

Tommy Chan: And besides, didn't I get you a swell case?
Charlie Chan: Every time you appear, I have swell case of assorted troubles.

Tommy Chan: I don't get it, Pop!
Charlie Chan: [laconically] Fear you are weak limb to which no family tree may point with pride.

Charlie Chan: You are smart enough to keep eyes open?
Tommy Chan: You bet!
Charlie Chan: Do likewise - keep mouth shut!

Charlie Chan: [to a semi-conscious Tommy] How you feeling?
Tommy Chan: My head seems to be spinning.
Charlie Chan: Oh. Then you're all right. Everything back to normal.

Charlie Chan: [looking at funhouse figures] See one with no head?
Tommy Chan: Un-huh.
Charlie Chan: He remind me of you.

Tommy Chan: [entering room where Charlie is being held by thugs] Hi ya, Pa! What're you doing in there?
Charlie Chan: [laconically] Like puppy who come to smell subway third rail, you will receive complete information in few moments.

Dark Alibi (1946)
Charlie Chan: [to Birmingham and Tommy] Always sitting! Wish you would wear out brains instead of seat of pants.
Tommy Chan: Pop, we have been thinking...
Charlie Chan: Most impossible.
Birmingham Brown: Oh, yes sir, Mr. Chan. We've been thinkin'.
Charlie Chan: And now you have a headache.

Charlie Chan: You two not afraid?
Tommy Chan: Afraid of what, Pop?
Charlie Chan: That you sit down so often you get concussion of brain.
Tommy Chan: Pop, I got a swell idea!
Charlie Chan: Good. Save it for old age.

Tommy Chan: You don't even know what a lawsuit is.
Birmingham Brown: Sure I do. It's something that the police wears.

Tommy Chan: I see where the bullets are coming from.
Birmingham Brown: Yeah, but I don't wanna look no bullets in the eye.

The Shanghai Cobra (1945)
Charlie Chan: You get illegal u-turn ticket?
Birmingham Brown: Mr. Chan, I'll tell you just how it... Tommy, you tell 'im.
Tommy Chan: I warned you, Birmingham. I said, "No u-turn here."
Birmingham Brown: Yeah, that's what you said - "No, you turn here."
Tommy Chan: I said "No u-turn here."
Birmingham Brown: That's what I did. You said, "No, you turn here."
Tommy Chan: Pop, I told him, I said, "No u-turn here."
Birmingham Brown: Yeah, that's what you said - "No, you turn here," and I did.
Tommy Chan: You see what I mean, Pop? I said, "No u-turn here."
Birmingham Brown: Mr. Chan, did you hear? He said, "No, you...
Charlie Chan: Ple-please, please! U-turns, so many u-turns, you have my head spinning like merry-go-round. You remain here until I find doghouse big enough to hold both of you.

Tommy Chan: People are always getting in trouble for talking too much, Pop.
Charlie Chan: Be sure you remember that.

Tommy Chan: [trapped in a cave-in as Charlie taps Morse Code] Do you think you will get through, Pop?
Charlie Chan: If not, Number Three Son and father will join honorable ancestors.
Birmingham Brown: Mr. Chan, tell your honorable ancestors to move over and make room for me.

Tommy Chan: Pop, I want to talk to you as man to man.
Charlie Chan: I am ready, but you still have few years to go.
Birmingham Brown: That's right.

The Scarlet Clue (1945)
Tommy Chan: Hey, you know, Pop, I've got an idea about this case.
Charlie Chan: Yes? Well?
Tommy Chan: Well, I had an idea, but it's gone now.
Charlie Chan: Possibly could not stand solitary confinement.

Tommy Chan: When it comes to detective work, I know my P's and Q's.
Charlie Chan: But are you familiar with rest of alphabet?

Birmingham Brown, Chauffeur: [at the police station] If he ain't a black market man, my name ain't Birmingham - and I can prove it is.
Tommy Chan: He's right. That man's business is as dark as a...
[looking for something dark to point at]
Birmingham Brown, Chauffeur: It ain't exactly THAT dark.

Docks of New Orleans (1948)
Birmingham Brown: [Indicating the adjoining room] Hey, look, you hide in here, so you'll absolutely be in possession of all the facts of this case.
Tommy Chan: You think it'll be all right?
Birmingham Brown: Certainly.
Tommy Chan: Okay. This sounds like a very important case, and Pop needs all the help he can get. You can't expect him to solve everything alone.
Birmingham Brown: He don't do bad that way.

Birmingham Brown: Mr. Chan, you oughta have all the credit for solvin' this case.
Charlie Chan: [Sardonically] Well, after dinner is over, heh-heh, who cares about spoon?
Tommy Chan: Let's pack and go back to San Francisco, Pop.
Charlie Chan: Yes, wherever one is not, that's where heart is.

Shanghai Chest (1948)
Tommy Chan: [Indicating window] Go on in.
Birmingham Brown: Why don't YOU go in?
Tommy Chan: You'll be harder to see in the dark if you go in.
Birmingham Brown: Well, don't rush me - don't rush me.
Tommy Chan: Now, don't turn on any lights.
Birmingham Brown: Don't you worry any. I ain't. I'm gonna blend in with that darkness.

The Golden Eye (1948)
Tommy Chan: Whatta yuh think you're gonna find, Pop?
Charlie Chan: Do not know - many needles in this haystack.