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Lee Chan (Character)
from Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)

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Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo (1937)
Lee Chan: [unable to get his hat from the hatcheck after having lost all his comp money at roulette] Oh, Pop, I haven't got a cent in my pocket.
Charlie Chan: Rejoice that you still have honorable pants.

Lee Chan: [stranded on road in broken down taxi] It's no use, Pop. We'd better start walking back.
Charlie Chan: Illustrious ancestor once say, 'Destination never reached by turning back on same.'

Lee Chan: [sitting in jail cell] Why should these officers arrest us? I told them who we are.
Charlie Chan: Fortunately assassination of French language not serious crime.

Lee Chan: Gosh, I like detective work better than painting.
Charlie Chan: If paintings as full of imagination as detective work,
Charlie Chan: he will be Chinese Rembrandt.

Charlie Chan in Shanghai (1935)
Lee Chan: Hi, Pop!
Charlie Chan: [softly] Hi.
[embracing Lee]
Charlie Chan: Joy equals astonishment at seeing offspring in Shanghai.

Charlie Chan: [seeing that Lee has no money to pay the cab driver] Pocket book, of course, left in other suit?
Lee Chan: Believe it or not!
Charlie Chan: Eh! Old excuse like ancient billy goat - has whiskers.

Charlie Chan: [looking at photo of his children] Distance no hindrance to fond thoughts.
Lee Chan: [from other bedroom] Good night, Pop.
Charlie Chan: Good night. Do not forget your prayers. May need 'em.

Lee Chan: Got a clue, Pop?
Charlie Chan: Shot in dark sometime find eye of bull.

Charlie Chan in Paris (1935)
Lee Chan: What'ya going to do?
Charlie Chan: Cannot see contents of nut until shell is cracked.

Charlie Chan: Wait here - observe closely.
Lee Chan: Observe what?
Charlie Chan: Don't know. Good detective never ask what and why until after he see.

Charlie Chan: We must follow.
Lee Chan: Who? Him?
Charlie Chan: Important fox must not know hounds pursue.

Charlie Chan at the Race Track (1936)
Lee Chan: [asking his father to bet on the race] You want to get in on the gravy, Pop?
Charlie Chan: Smart fly stay out of gravy.

Lee Chan: [after being kicked in the seat from behind] Oh, gee, Pop, how'd you know it was me?
Charlie Chan: Frequent spankings when young make rear view very familiar.

[last lines]
Lee Chan: Pop, I've got another hot clue!
Charlie Chan: Save for next case please.

Mr. Moto's Gamble (1938)
Lee Chan: Oh, Mr. Moto?
Kentaro Moto: Yes, Lee?
Lee Chan: I though you would like to know I got a letter from Pop yesterday.
Kentaro Moto: Oh, you did?
Lee Chan: Mm-hmm. He sent his best to you.
Kentaro Moto: Thank you. And, uh, how is your honorable father enjoying his homelife in beautiful Honolulu?
Lee Chan: He seems fine, but he kind of worries about me. Y'see, I'm really supposed to be studying art here at the university... but gosh, I want to be a detective!
Kentaro Moto: [chuckles] I understand. My parents wanted me to be an acrobat.

Lee Chan: Gosh, that's a pretty girl sitting with your friend!
Lieutenant Riggs: That's his daughter Linda. She's got her nose so high in the air, she'd drown in a rainstorm.

Lee Chan: [arriving late and in a hurry] We want two good seats down front!
Ticket Seller: Sorry, we're sold out.
Horce 'Knock-Out' Wellington: He's sold out?
[to the ticket taker]
Horce 'Knock-Out' Wellington: Do you know who we are?
Ticket Seller: [laconically, as he closes down the ticket window] Sure, a couple of guys that ain't gonna see the fight.

Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936)
Lee Chan: How do you do it, Pop?
Lee Chan: Evidence like nose on anteater.

Phantom of Chinatown (1940)
James Lee Wong: Greetings. Only the eyebrows of youth would have the temerity to call the beard of age at such an hour.

Charlie Chan on Broadway (1937)
Lee Chan, #1 Son: Gee, Pop, you sure missed a wonderful luncheon!
Charlie Chan: [at the shiprail suffering from seasickness] Contradiction, please. Not having eaten have missed nothing.
Lee Chan, #1 Son: I had turtle soup, chicken a la king, and three cream puffs. Then I had some ice cream.
Charlie Chan: Please stop! Mention of food more painful than surgeon's knife without anesthesia.
Lee Chan, #1 Son: Shall I get you medicine, Pop?
Charlie Chan: Good dose of land only effective medicine.

Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)
Lee Chan: [Shocked that Charlie has accepted an invitation] Zaraka? You've never met him!
Charlie Chan: Have never met Santa Claus either. Yet still accept gifts from same.

Charlie Chan at the Opera (1936)
[last lines]
Lee Chan: I knew we were on the right track Pop! The first time I saw Madam Borelli, I was sure she was guilty, because...
[the visor on his helmet slams shut, cutting him off]
Charlie Chan: Case now closed.