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Stony Brooke (Character)
from Overland Stage Raiders (1938)

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Three Texas Steers (1939)
Tucson Smith: Well, we're nearly home, boys.
Stony Brooke: The 3-M will look mighty good after that set-to in Santa Fe.
Lullaby Joslin: Don't forget, we've been away for three months. Most likely, we'll have to dig it out from under the dust.
Tucson Smith: That is, if the moths have left us anything to dig out.

Lullaby Joslin: C'mon, let's invite the ladies to scram.
Tucson Smith: Let me do it. I'll, you know, sort of break it to her gently.
Stony Brooke: Tactful Tucson, they call him - the big-hearted bouncer.

Lillian: What's your job around here?
Stony Brooke: I'm a cowhand, ma'am. I chase cows.
Lillian: If I could only learn to moo.

[intent on a showdown with Mike Abbott, the Mesquiteers discover that he's not in his hotel room]
Tucson Smith: Maybe we should go in and sort of tidy up the room.
Stony Brooke: Funny, that's just what I was thinkin'.

[Hercules waives an enormous gun at the Mesquiteers]
Lillian: Don't pull the trigger - you'll wind up in South Dakota!
Stony Brooke: Give us a break, Desperate Desmond.

Stony Brooke: We gotta figure out some way to help Nancy.
Lullaby Joslin: If I was Nancy, I'd be just a little bit tired of our help.
Stony Brooke: Well, we can't let her lose her ranch.
Tucson Smith: What about ours? If we can't pay our own mortgage, we won't have any place to sleep.
Lullaby Joslin: Oh, yes we will. We'll have a nice cozy cell to sleep in for the next twenty years, if Mr. Brooke keeps bein' helpful.

[last lines]
Tucson Smith: Well, that Nancy sure is a swell girl. I reckon we oughta take in her circus sometime.
Stony Brooke: Tucson, I think you've got something there.
[Lullaby bursts out of the ranch house pursued by Nancy's gorilla]
Lullaby Joslin: Nancy! Nancy! You forgot somethin'!

Stony Brooke: What happened to you? Did you fall into a watering trough?
Lullaby Joslin: No, I just fell into a Saturday night!

Santa Fe Stampede (1938)
[first lines]
[after reading a sign that says "Trespassers Will Be Shot"]
Lullaby Joslin: Looks like folks ain't exactly welcome around here.
Stony Brooke: Well, I don't believe in signs.

Tucson Smith: Say, Dave, didn't you use to have another young one - a little girl with freckles and a pug nose?
Nancy Carson: He certainly has and I've always said such nice things about you.
Lullaby Joslin: Gosh, Nancy, you sure growed up in a hurry!
Stony Brooke: And pretty!
[Julie Jane tugs on Stony's shirt]
Stony Brooke: What is it, honey?
Julie Jane Carson: I think you're pretty, too.

Stony Brooke: So that's His Honor the Mayor. Brings his own jury.
Tucson Smith: Swell chance we're going to have.
Stony Brooke: We'll stick around and see how far this thing will go.

Stony Brooke: Just a minute! What kind of farce do you call this?
Mayor Gil Byron: Don't you approve of the way we hold court?
Stony Brooke: This isn't a court, it's a three-ring circus.
Judge Henry J. Hixon: Careful, young man...
Stony Brooke: Of what? You're sworn to uphold the laws of this territory and what do yo do? Jump like a rabbit every time he cracks a whip.
Judge Henry J. Hixon: One more word from you and I'll fine you for contempt!
Stony Brooke: Word fail to express my contempt for this court.

Nancy Carson: Well, you've certainly made a hit with Billy and Julie.
Stony Brooke: I wish the rest of the family felt that way.
Nancy Carson: Give me a good reason why I should.
Stony Brooke: Oh, well, I'm kind to animals and help old ladies across the street.
Tucson Smith: That is, when there aren't any young ones to help.
Stony Brooke: The voice of experience.

Tucson Smith: You better hit the hay, Romeo. You and Dave got a long ride ahead of you tomorrow.
Nancy Carson: Where?
Stony Brooke: We're taking the petition to Governor White.
Nancy Carson: Oh.
Stony Brooke: How about you going in my place tomorrow?
Tucson Smith: [looking at Nancy] Oh, no. I'm going to stay here and watch the mine.
Stony Brooke: Well, be sure its the mine you look after.

Mayor Gil Byron: Just a minute, Brooke. You've been through a terrible ordeal. I can promise you that every man responsible will be punished before I'm through.
Stony Brooke: You're through right now.

Tucson Smith: Lullaby, what's holdin' you up? We gotta go!
Lullaby Joslin: It's not me, it's Elmer.
Elmer, Lullaby's Dummy: I don't want to ride in this roll. I'm no hot dog!
Lullaby Joslin: Shut up or I'll put mustard on your face.
Elmer, Lullaby's Dummy: I'll smother! I'll suffocate! In fact, I won't be able to breathe!
Stony Brooke: Can we depend on that?

Thundering Trails (1943)
[The Three Mesquiteers hear gunfire]
Stony Brooke: That must be the party we were invited to!

[The ex-Rangers see a sign reading "Monroe County Police - John Brooke, Captain Commanding" over their old office]
Tucson Smith: They moved in pretty fast, didn't they?
Stony Brooke: Looks like they're giving Johnny featured billing.

[The Mesquiteers, not knowing Walker has been bushwhacked, wait in jail for him to clear them of robbery charges]
Stony Brooke: Has Walker shown up yet?
Jailer: Nope. I told you I'd let you know the minute he does.
Lullaby Joslin: He sure picked a good time to play hide-and-go-seek.

[Deputy Sheriff Cantrell accuses the Mesquiteers of murdering Walker to cover-up the stagecoach robbery]
Lullaby Joslin: That figuring just about leaves us out on a limb.
Stony Brooke: Yeah - and dangling from ropes!

[Lullaby stuffs medicine bottles down his shirt]
Stony Brooke: What are you doing?
Lullaby Joslin: Doc forgot to pay me for my singing, so I'm taking it out in trade.
Stony Brooke: Take one for our *friend*. If he doesn't talk he'll need some pain killer.

Red River Range (1938)
Lullaby Joslin: Reckon the folks in Red River will kinda be surprised they're gettin' three investigators when they only asked for one?
Stony Brooke: They're only gettin' one - and his two assistants.
Tucson Smith: And you're the one?
Stony Brooke: Sure!
Tucson Smith: It's awfully nice of you to take us along for the ride.

Stony Brooke: Very lovely.
Stony Brooke: The lady or the music?
Stony Brooke: You play beautifully, too.
Evelyn Maxwell: Have you heard, "I'll Kiss You in the Moonlight"?
Stony Brooke: Is that a song or a promise?

[Stony, one of the Mesquiteers, is pretending to be "Mr. Benson"]
Jane Mason: These are the Mesquiteers, Mr. Smith and Mr. Joslin. I'd like to present Mr. Benson.
Stony Brooke, Tucson Smith, Lullaby Joslin: Howdy.
Stony Brooke: Strange lookin' characters, aren't they? I heard there were three of them. The third must be the brains.

Justice of the Peace: Opening day of the fishing season and you had to get hitched. Why didn't you come in yesterday?
Stony Brooke: 'Cause the lady didn't say "Yes" until today.

The Riders of the Whistling Skull (1937)
Stony Brooke: [after Stony shoots a supposedly dead dessicated Indian body thought to be a preserved mummy] I don't think that mummy'll bother us anymore!

Stony Brooke: [at the end with Stony laughing and looking at Henrietta escorting Lullaaby with a white shirt and tie] Just wait till Elmer sees you!
Lullaby Joslin: [red-faced and embarrassed amid derisive laughter] Boy, yuh got me!

Stony Brooke: [looking at half-breed Rutledge after he's been tied to a stake] Well, begins to lok like a hot time in the old town tonight.

Riders of the Rio Grande (1943)
[the Three Mesquiteers enter a rough-looking saloon]
Stony Brooke: Three sarsaparillas.
[One of the Cherokee Boys breaks the Mesquiteers' three bottles of pop]
Sarsaparilla, 1st 'Cherokee Boy': Had enough Sarsaparilla?
Stony Brooke: Just enough!
[a barroom brawl ensues and the Three Mesquiteers knock out the bad guys]
Barfly: That Sarsaparilla is powerful stuff!

[Owens mistakes the Three Mesquiteers for the villainous Cherokee Boys]
Stony Brooke: Let's get this straight. You want somebody killed and you're willing to pay a $1000 for the job?
Pop Owens: That's it, and I hired you killers to ensure against any bungling. The man must be killed expertly and painlessly and not later than tomorrow.
Tucson Smith: Who's the man?
Lullaby Joslin: Yeah, we gotta warn him.
Pop Owens: Warn him?
Tucson Smith: Uh, sure! We always give 'em a sportin' chance. We like to do things the hard way.
Pop Owens: This time I don't want the man warned.
Stony Brooke: Who is he?
Pop Owens: The man I want killed is... me.

[when Tom Owens mistakes the Mesquiteers for the Cherokee Gang, the Sheriff arrests them]
Stony Brooke: Why he's crazy. The guys we plugged back on the road are the real Cherokees!
The Sheriff: I'll settle for the Cherokees we got. Head 'em for jail!
Lullaby Joslin: Your tombstones are gonna read, "Here lie the Cherokee Boys" and mine will read, "I Told You So!"

The Three Mesquiteers (1936)
Stony Brooke: [during the gunfight] Tell the truth, Tucson. Is this better than ranching?
Tucson Smith: Not for my money!

Bull: [referring to the homesteads in New Mexico] Is it good farming land?
Stony Brooke: Is it? Why listen, the soil's so rich even the fence posts take root and grow.

Pete: [referring to the homesteads in New Mexico] Is it good farming land?
Stony Brooke: Is it? Why listen, the soil's so rich even the fence posts take root and grow.

The Kansas Terrors (1939)
Rusty Joslin: Boy, what a country! Even the soldiers are crooks.
Stony Brooke: The only honest man around here is a bandit.

Rusty Joslin: Listen here, you young whippersnapper! I'm just as spry as I ever was. Who was it that rounded up those renegades? And who corralled that bank robber back home, eh?
Stony Brooke: Well, who?
Rusty Joslin: Uh, six other fellows.

Ghost-Town Gold (1936)
Stony Brooke: [looking at the empty bank vault] Well, they sure cleaned you out, Mr. Thornton.
Lullaby Joslin: [talking positively about the hold-up] Sure used my head yesterday by not gittin' to the bank on time.
Tucson Smith: [critically] You always say the right thing at the wrong time.

Lullaby Joslin: [riding hard] We'll never make it! It's almost ten.
Stony Brooke: We've got to make it!

Overland Stage Raiders (1938)
Stony Brooke: Hey Lullaby, wake up. It's time to go to sleep.

Gunsmoke Ranch (1937)
Marion Warren: I never would gave thought of you as a heartthrob, Stony. Tuscon looks more the type.
Stony Brooke: Tucson?
Marion Warren: Yes, he's so... tall and handsome...
Stony Brooke: Yes, but he's getting very conceited lately. You see, we just taught him to read and write.

Call the Mesquiteers (1938)
Stony Brooke: [after being held up] Say, what is this?
Phillips: Your funeral if you're not careful.