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Quotes for
Roper (Character)
from Enter the Dragon (1973)

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Enter the Dragon (1973)
[Roper sees Tania for the first time]
Roper: Would you look at that? A woman like that could teach you a lot about yourself.

Han: Good morning, Mr. Roper. We have been waiting for you.
Roper: What's going on?
Han: Would you be good enough to participate in this morning's edification?
Roper: Edification?
[Roper sees Lee tied with arms behind his back]
Roper: [to Han] What are you going to do to him?
Han: Not me, Mr. Roper, you.

Han: Very few people can be totally ruthless. It isn't easy; it takes more strength than you might believe.
Roper: Now you've got eight more.
Han: So! There is a point you will not go beyond.

Han: Opium.
Roper: Uh-oh!
Han: We are investing in corruption, Mr Roper. The business of corruption is like any other.
Roper: Oh yeah! Provide your customers with products they need and, uh, charge a little bit to stimulate your market and before you know it customers come to depend on you, I mean really need you.

[repeated line]
Roper: You wanna bet?

Roper: [Roper is betting on insect fighting and loses] For crying out loud! Do you believe that?
[to himself]
Roper: Dumb shit.

Roper: Well, well. One more lovely than the next.
Roper: What'd you have in mind?
Tania: Pick one.
Roper: I already have.
Tania: Wise decision.

Roper: A man's strength can be measured by his appetites. Indeed, a man's strength *flows* from his appetites.

Roper: What's the matter? You on a diet?
Williams: I'd like to eat, if I can find something I can keep down.