Sergeant Joe Enders
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Sergeant Joe Enders (Character)
from Windtalkers (2002)

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Windtalkers (2002)
Joe Enders: What a magical heap of Navajo horseshit!

Joe Enders: Yeah... I'm a good fucking marine, that's why they gave me this detail.

Ben Yahzee: I'm Ben Yahzee, I guess the corps paired us up, may I join you?
Joe Enders: You're blocking my view.
Ben Yahzee: Sorry.
[about the food]
Ben Yahzee: What do they call this crap anyway?
Joe Enders: Marines call it chow.
Ben Yahzee: Well there is a propaganda effort there.
Ben Yahzee: [he accidentally knocks over his cup of coffee] Shit, sorry, you could have mine.
[he then accidentally spills the coffe all over his food]
Joe Enders: What did you say your name was again?
Ben Yahzee: Ben Yahzee.
[Enders gives him his food which has been ruined and takes his food]
Charlie Whitehorse: [in Navajo] How is your white man?
Ben Yahzee: Hungry.

Charlie Whitehorse: [in Navajo] I've never seen so many white men.
Ben Yahzee: Oh, they've never seen so many Navajos before.
Ben Yahzee: Enders, I can't find Whitehorse anywhere. Have you seen him?
Joe Enders: He's over there.
Ben Yahzee: [he sees his friend dead, blown up by a grenade with other Japanese soldiers] This was suppose to be a secured area, what happened?
Joe Enders: I killed him.
Ben Yahzee: You what?
Joe Enders: I took a grenade, threw it in there and blew him up.

Sargeant Ryan 'Ox' Anderson: Do your johns have any thing to do with these Navajo radiomen?
Joe Enders: I'm not at liberty to say.
Sargeant Ryan 'Ox' Anderson: [notices a new stripe on his uniform] See you got a new stripe on, me too. So I'm guessin the same orders i aint liberated to tell you is the same orders you aint liberated to tell me.
Joe Enders: This is no democracy Sergant, this is the Marines. They look pretty normal I guess, expectin them to wear war paint.
Sargeant Ryan 'Ox' Anderson: Well we might want to go and introduce ourselves they look a little lost.
Joe Enders: Anderson, I wouldn't get too friendly.
Sargeant Ryan 'Ox' Anderson: [to the Navajos] How, just kiddin I'm Ox.
Charlie Whitehorse: I'm Whitehorse, this is Yahzee, Ben.

Joe Enders: I ain't that drunk Yahzee, you cut that horseshit out.

Ben Yahzee: Sergeant, I'm telling you I won't freeze up again.
Joe Enders: Because your buddy smeared ash on your forehead?
Ben Yahzee: That's right, because my buddy smeared ash on my forehead.

Private Chick: I dont wanna die in this shit hole, Joe.
Joe Enders: You're not gonna die... nobody else is gonna die. We're gonna make it out of this.

Joe Enders: [to Gunnery Sergeant Hjelmstad] I can't do my job!

Joe Enders: You think too much.
Private Chick: First time I've ever been accused of that.

Private Chick: I don't want to die in this shithole, Joe!
Joe Enders: No one is gonna die!

Ben Yahzee: This was supposed to be a secure area. What happened?
Joe Enders: I killed him.

Major Mellitz: [Showing a series of photographs] Take a look. It's a Navajo... or was. Tortured to death by Japanese intelligence trying to bust our code. Fortunately, couldn't help them even if he wanted to.
Joe Enders: Sir?
Major Mellitz: Man's a Navajo, not a Code Talker. Code's based on their language, but it is still a code. Tojo'd like nothing more than to catch a live one.

Joe Enders: Stay on my ass!