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Quotes for
Button (Character)
from Open Range (2003)

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Open Range (2003)
[Charley Waite kicks Button off his horse. He falls into the river]
Button: What you do that for?
Charley Waite: Cheatin' at cards.
Button: I apologized to you for that.
[to Boss Spearman]
Button: Eh, Boss? I apologized to him for that.
Boss Spearman: Evidently he ain't over it yet.

Charley Waite: You ever seen one this bad?
Boss Spearman: Not since Noah and the Flood.
Mose: Well, you should know, Boss, since you was there.
Boss Spearman: What'd you say?
Button: He said, "You should know since you was there."

Button: No need to ask for more chores, Mose.
Mose: Every man's got to pull his weight, Button.
Button: Yeah, but my weight is half of yours.