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Col. Robert Moore (Character)
from The General's Daughter (1999)

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The General's Daughter (1999)
[Brenner questions Colonel Moore after finding his fingerprints at Elisabeth Campbell's crime scene]
Moore: Look, Paul... may I call you Paul? I so enjoyed when you took the liberty of calling me Bobby. We are, I assume, still trying to outsmart each other? Obviously, Paul... I cannot tell a lie and say... I know nothing about all of this. I also, sadly... cannot tell the truth.
Brenner: 'Cause you think silence will save your ass.
Moore: My ass, as you so delicately put it, is already in a sling, is it not?
Brenner: You mean the sex tapes.
Moore: [Moore remains silent before responding] You're good. Mmm. You're good. Great question. Almost any answer incriminates me, doesn't it?
Brenner: That's why I like it.

[Brenner reminds Colonel Moore that he's not a civilian and has no rights to an attorney]
Colonel Robert Moore: So now, we both know we're smart guys. Do you think I'm involved in this?
Brenner: One way or another, yes, I do.
Colonel Robert Moore: Then wouldn't it behoove me to retain the services of an attorney? I know a good one.
Brenner: Two problems there. First the obvious. There are no good ones. Second... you're not a civilian, Colonel, you're in the army. You have no rights to an attorney. You have no right to remain silent. And if you don't cooperate, I may have to put you in jail, and that would make me feel bad.
Colonel Robert Moore: You see what you're doing?
Brenner: Hmm? Looking for answers?
Colonel Robert Moore: Of course that, but how? How? You're trying to make me like you. And you know what? It's working. I do. But now do you see what I'm trying to do? I'm trying to make you like me, too.

[Brenner finds out the alibi of Colonel Moore]
Colonel Robert Moore: When did... the event transpire?
Brenner: 0400, we think.
Colonel Robert Moore: Mmm. See that? My quick segue back to the case?
Brenner: Subtle as a chainsaw. And where were you?
Colonel Robert Moore: Snug in bed.
Brenner: Witnesses? A wife, girlfriend, roommate, hooker?
Colonel Robert Moore: I'm divorced. I'm between girlfriends, I live alone and I do not use hookers. I actually have... absolutely no alibi whatsoever. Does that make me a killer?
Brenner: No. Makes you lonely and unpopular.

[Brenner questions Colonel Moore about if he ever had sex with Elisabeth Campbell]
Brenner: Did you, uh... play together?
Colonel Robert Moore: What a truly excellent question. You see, here at Psy Ops, that's one of the things that we teach - Threatening quietly. Think of the echoes inherent in those four simple words. 'Did you... Play together?' Did you go out with her? Did you fuck her? Did you love her? If you did... Did you love her so much that you murdered her?
Brenner: I meant did you play golf or tennis or checkers or something?
Colonel Robert Moore: No, you didn't
Brenner: No, I didn't.

[Brenner talks to Colonel Moore in his jail cell]
Brenner: What happened sophomore year at the Point?
Brenner: [Moore remains silent without answering, as Brenner grabs Moore] You're a murderer or an accessory to murder. Either way, you're gonna get burned at the stake. Nobody's gonna bail you out!
Colonel Robert Moore: [Brenner locks Moore in his cell, as he walks away Moore speaks] It was awful.
Brenner: It was awful. Go ahead. What, she violated a code? She cheated? She lied? What?
Colonel Robert Moore: Worse.
Brenner: Drugs.
Colonel Robert Moore: Worse.
Brenner: Rape.
Colonel Robert Moore: [Moore slowly moves from the back of his cell to the front, telling to Brenner's face] Worse.
Brenner: What's worse than rape?
Colonel Robert Moore: When you find that out... then you'll know everything, won't you?

[Colonel Moore asks Brenner if he ever went to college]
Colonel Robert Moore: Did you go to college?
Brenner: What do you think?
Colonel Robert Moore: I think you did not.
Brenner: Why, did I make a mistake in grammar?
Colonel Robert Moore: [Moore laughs] Of course not. And even if you were to, I wouldn't be rude enough to point it out. No, you have this chip on your shoulder.
Colonel Robert Moore: [Brenner remains silent] Big one. It makes you good at your job, though, doesn't it? I would imagine. Holds you in good stead when you see those commissioned officers, those spit-and-polish college types just waiting for you. You're the scoundrel in the rumbled suit with a healthy disdain for the rules, just waiting to bring them down. Am I right?
Brenner: Nah. No. I'm just here to kick ass, sleep till noon.

[Brenner finds out the relationship Colonel Moore had with Elisabeth Campbell]
Brenner: Ok, so look, it's obvious you were very close to her. I'm just trying to find out what 'very' means.
Colonel Robert Moore: It means... Very. I was Liz's mentor. There was a trust... she was, yes, a passionate young woman, as well as she should have been, but had I ever taken advantage of that... I would've lost the trust. So did I kill her? Of course not. Did I love her? I loved her very much. Make of that what you will.