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Cynthia Patrice Bishop (Character)
from Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)

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Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)
Ann: Did he touch you?
Cynthia: No.
Ann: Did you touch him?
Cynthia: No.
Ann: Did anybody touch anybody?
Cynthia: Well... yes.
Ann: Don't tell me... don't tell me... don't tell me. You didn't!
Cynthia: I did.
Ann: You didn't!
Cynthia: I did.
Ann: You didn't!
Cynthia: I did!

Ann: Well, what did he ask exactly?
Cynthia: Well, I don't want to tell you exactly.
Ann: You let a total stranger record your sexual life on videotape, but you won't tell your own sister?
Cynthia: Apparently.

Cynthia: Ann, I don't understand why this freaks you out so much. You didn't do it, I did. And if it doesn't bother me, why should it bother you?

Cynthia: If Ann got freaked out by these, there must be something sexual: are these tapes of you having sex with these girls?
Graham: No, not exactly.
Cynthia: Well, either you are or your aren't; which is it?
Graham: Why don't you let me tape you?
Cynthia: Doing what?
Graham: Talking.
Cynthia: About what?
Graham: About sex... your sexual history, sexual preferences.
Cynthia: What makes you think I'd discuss that with you?
Graham: Nothing.
Cynthia: Hmm. And you just want to ask me questions?
Graham: I just want to ask you questions.
Cynthia: That's all.
Graham: That's all.
Cynthia: Is this how you get off or something? Taping women talking about their sexual experiences?
Graham: Yes.

Cynthia: The organ itself seemed like a, a separate thing, um, a separate entity to me. I mean, when he finally pulled it out, and I could look at it and touch it, I completely forgot that there was a guy attached to it. I remember literally being startled when the guy spoke to me.

Cynthia: You know, I'd like to do it at your house sometime. I must admit, the idea of doing it in my sister's bed gives me a perverse thrill.

John Mullany: Things are getting too complicated.
Cynthia: No... they're gettin' real simple.

Graham: So, I don't... I don't understand, uh, what made you want to come here. I can't imagine Ann painted a very flattering portrait of me.
Cynthia: Yeah, well, see, um, I don't really listen to Ann when it comes to men. I mean, look at John, for Christ's sake.

John Mullany: You're lying to Ann, too.
Cynthia: Yeah, right, but I didn't take a vow in front of God and everyone to be faithful to Ann.

Ann: I brought you this. I knew it was your birthday.
[Hands Cynthia a potted plant]
Cynthia: Thanks.
Barfly: It's a nice plant. Looks like a tablecloth.

[after doing a videotape, Cynthia is extremely horny]
Cynthia: [to John] Get your balls in the air and get your butt over here!
[after some wild, passionate sex]
John Mullany: Oh, God. You're on fire!

Cynthia: [entering Graham's apartment uninvited and unannounced] I'm Cynthia Bishop
Graham: [looking confused] Who?
Cynthia: [interrupting] I'm Ann Mullaney's sister
Graham: The extrovert
Cynthia: She musta been in a good mood when she said that; she usually calls me 'loud.'
Graham: She called you that too!

Cynthia: I was eight years old, and, um, Michael Green, who was also eight, asked if he could watch me take a pee... And I said he could if I could watch him take one, too. So we went to the woods behind my house. And I got this feeling he was chickenin' out cos he kept sayin' "Ladies first!" So I pulled down my little panties and urinated, and he ran away before I even finished.
Graham: Was it a topic of conversation between you after that?
Cynthia: No! He kind of avoided me for the rest of the summer, and then his family moved away... To Cleveland, actually.
Graham: What a shame. When did you finally see a penis?