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John Mullany (Character)
from Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)

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Sex, Lies, and Videotape (1989)
Ann: I want out of this marriage.
John Mullany: What?
Ann: I. Want. Out. Of. This. *Marriage.*

John Mullany: I'm sorry?
Graham: No, it's just, I, you know, I just think - right now I have one key and everything I own is in the car, and I just... I like that, you know? I mean, I just, if I get an apartment, that two keys, if I... get a job, you know, I might have to open or close, that's more keys, you know, buy some stuff, I'm afraid it's gonna get ripped off, or something, and I get more keys, and I just, I, you know, I just like having the one key, it's clean.
Ann: You're not gonna worry in losing them, I always lose my keys, I hate that.

John Mullany: Things are getting too complicated.
Cynthia: No... they're gettin' real simple.

John Mullany: You're lying to Ann, too.
Cynthia: Yeah, right, but I didn't take a vow in front of God and everyone to be faithful to Ann.

[after doing a videotape, Cynthia is extremely horny]
Cynthia: [to John] Get your balls in the air and get your butt over here!
[after some wild, passionate sex]
John Mullany: Oh, God. You're on fire!

John Mullany: Ann, answer me. Answer me, god dammit. Did he?
Ann: Yes.
[Prepares to slap Ann but backs off]
John Mullany: That backstabbing son of a bitch! Oh, Mr. Honesty, huh!