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Morgan Proctor (Character)
from "Futurama" (1999)

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"Futurama: How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back (#2.14)" (2000)
Morgan Proctor: Regarding last Monday's delivery, why was it 3 days behind schedule?
Leela: Well, first we got lost, then Fry got his head stuck in a crater.
Fry: [sadly] I thought it would fit...

Morgan Proctor: Naturally I have to assign someone to fill in for Hermes while he's gone. I assign me. I accept. Welcome aboard.

Fry: I'm sick of you and your bureaucracy!
[tosses the stuff on Morgan's desk]
Morgan Proctor: Dirty boy! Dirty boy!
[jumps on Fry and starts making out]

Morgan Proctor: Why isn't this jacket in alphabetical order?
Leela: What?
Morgan Proctor: The zipper. It should be at the bottom.

Morgan Proctor: Why is there yogurt in this hat?
Fry: I can explain. See it used to be milk, and... well, time makes fools of us all!

Hermes Conrad: Not so fast! While I was filing, I came upon a certain document filed by a certain Morgan Proctor. Form B, notification of romantic entanglement.
Fry: That's right, she fraternized me!
Morgan Proctor: That form wasn't about you. It refers to my high school prom date. It was a regulation date that ended in regulation disappointment.
Hermes Conrad: Yes, but you only stamped it four times.
[All gasp]
Morgan Proctor: No! No! I was young and reckless!

Morgan Proctor: So this is where you eat?
Fry: Eat and sleep.

Fry: What did you do to him?
Morgan Proctor: I have downloaded his brain. Everything that is Bender is right here: his mind, his memories, his in-your-face interface.
Bender: [monotone] I am Bender. Please insert girder.

Fry: I demand that you give Bender back right now!
Morgan Proctor: Then you should have filed a request twenty years ago.

Morgan Proctor: No one can know about us. If anyone asks, I'll deny it.
Fry: Just like every other girl I've ever dated.