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Nibbler (Character)
from "Futurama" (1999)

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"Futurama: The Why of Fry (#5.8)" (2003)
Nibbler: I didn't travel back in time! My people lack that ability.
Fry: But... I know you in the future! I clean your poop!
Nibbler: Quite possible. We live long and are celebrated poopers.

Fry: [discussing Fry being his own grandfather as a result of going back in time and getting with his grandmother] I did do the nasty in the past-y.
Nibbler: Verily. And that past nastification is what shields you from the brains!

Ken: Does he not know?
Nibbler: He does not know.
Fiona: He knows not?
Nibbler: Knows not does he.
Nibblonian: Not he knows?
Ken: Enough!

Nibbler: I hereby place an order for one cheese pizza.
Mr. Panucci: One pie, nothing good on it. Name?
Nibbler: I period C period Weinner.
Mr. Panucci: Uh, talk a little louder. It sounds like you got some kind of tiny head on you or something.

Fry: Aw, Nibbler, at least I'm important to you, even if only 'cause I clean up your poop.
Nibbler: The poop eradication is but one aspect of your importance.
Fry: [nods in agreement until he realizes] Gaah! D-D-Did you just talk?
Nibbler: Indeeed. And I have other amazing powers as well.
Fry: Like what?
[Nibbler knocks Fry unconscious and drags him away]

Nibbler: Do you remember some months ago when the Earth was under attack by flying brains?
Fry: Hmmm. I remember the square-dancing stomachs, but that might have been a Mylanta commercial.

Nibbler: What is one life weighed against the entire universe?
Fry: But it was my life!

Ken: For a thousand years, the evil Brains have been constructing the Infosphere, a giant memory bank the size of three ordinary memory banks.
Fry: What's so evil about that?
Fiona: They plan to collect all information in the universe and store it in the sphere.
Fry: So they're trying to learn things?
Fiona: Right.
Fry: Those bastards!
Nibbler: Being brains, they feel compelled to know everything, and soon they will.
Fry: I'm as mad as I've ever been!
Ken: Once their task is complete, they will ensure that no new information arises in the only way possible: by destroying the universe.
Fry: Now it's personal!

Fry: [Discussing Fry being his own grandfather as a result of going back in time and getting with his grandmother] I did do the nasty in the past-y.
Nibbler: Verily. And that past nastification is what shields you from the brains!

Fry: [Waking up after Nibbler knocks him out] Are you my mommy?
Nibbler: Negative.

"Futurama: The Day the Earth Stood Stupid (#3.7)" (2001)
Nibbler: The brain spawn hate all consciousness. The thoughts of others screech at them like the forced laughs of a billion art-house patrons.

Leela: So your name is Lord Nibbler? That's a coincidence.
Nibbler: That name is for your sake. In the time it would take to pronounce one letter of my true name, a trillion cosmoses would flare into existence and sink into eternal night.

Nibbler: The fate of your world, perhaps of all worlds, rests within his special mind.
Leela: Now, when you say special...

Leela: Why would Fry be immune to the brains' attacks? Because he doesn't shower?
Fiona: The brains suppress intelligence by attacking the Delta brain wave. Every animal and robot generates this wave, as well as certain trees.
Nibbler: Fry, however, does not.
Fiona: Somehow he has cobbled together a random assortment of other brain waves into a working mind.
Leela: Like a prom dress made of carpet remnants!
Nibbler: Yes, like your prom dress.

Nibbler: And so, life returned to normal, or at least as normal as it gets in this primitive dirtball inhabited by psychotic apes. Thanks to the effects of the brain waves, the people of Earth have not memory of what had transpired, except Fry, and no one believed him or cared what he had to say. I, meanwhile, returned to my post, ever vigilant, lest Earth again come under brain attack. And when that day comes, God help us. God help us all.
Leela: Time for a diapie change.
Nibbler: End transmision.

Ken: Welcome back, Lord Nibbler, Ambassador to Earth, homeworld of the pizza bagel.
Nibbler: Thank you. I bear many receipts for reimbursement.

Leela: So you say those brains are making everyone on Earth stupid?
Nibbler: a string of incoherent babble
Leela: Oh, stupider.

"Futurama: That Darn Katz! (#6.8)" (2010)
Turanga Leela: [Dresses cat in Nibbler's sailor suit] Captain Fuzzytoes reporting for duty... I mean, cutie!
Nibbler: My best friend died in that uniform.

Nibbler: Can we at least tell us what's going on down there?
Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth: We're certainly not building something sinister, if that's what you're implying. Now come on, Bender. Something sinister won't build itself.

Amy Wong: Professor Katz's last name is Katz. Do you think he has something to do with these cats?
Nibbler: The conclusion is as inescapable as it is moronic. I say we pay him a visit.
[Hands Amy a pistol]
Nibbler: And if he won't talk to us, he'll talk to Smith & Wesson.
[Picks up large plasma cannon]
Nibbler: Or perhaps Consolidated Headmelter.

Nibbler: He must be controling them with some sort of hypercuteness. Well, two can play at that game, and one of them is me.

Nibbler: I warn you, if I have to get cute it's gonna get ugly.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score (2007) (V)
Nibbler: Everyone, out of the universe!

[Nibbler finishes removing the timecode from Fry's butt with a laser]
Nibbler: Finished. I've managed to save the universe and forty percent of your rectum.
[everyone cheers]
Bubblegum Tate: That's all you need.

Nibbler: Alas our kitten-class attack ships were no use for their mighty chairs. The universe is doomed! Doomed!
Fry: Can I pull up my pants now?
Nibbler: Dooooooooooooooooooooomed!

Futurama: Bender's Game (2008) (V)
Nibbler: It all began 36 years ago on the planet Virgin 6. It was a veritable Eden with brimming with unique and irreplaceable species, most of which were delicious.