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Biography for
Bender (Character)
from "Futurama" (1999)

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Bender is great!

All robots, including Bender, have a rebellious chip which Mom uses to cause all the robots to rebel against the humans.

They also have a patriotism chip which DOOP uses to make them want to fight for Earth.

The part on top of Bender's head is an antenna, a timer button for his internal digital camera, a beer pump lever, a measure of his manhood, a popcorn butter dispenser lever, a pager vibrator, a flushing lever, an alarm clock snooze button, a cap for a beer still, and an audio tape dispenser button.

Bender's compartment is a "bag of holding" (D&D reference) in which he can store anything and everything at the same time. Height: 188 cm

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