Ernest Menville
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Ernest Menville (Character)
from Death Becomes Her (1992)

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Death Becomes Her (1992)
Ernest Menville: [at Helen's book party] Have you seen her yet?
Madeline: What a joke. She's not even here.
Ernest Menville: Wait. Look over there.
Madeline: [a heavy-set woman stands surrounded by people] Oh! Looks as though she's lost a few pou-
[the heavy set lady moves out of the way to reveal the incredibly thin Helen Sharp]

[Lisle has just stabbed Ernest's finger with the dagger]
Ernest Menville: Ah! Wha-what are you doing?
Lisle Von Rhuman: I'm loving you.

Helen Sharp: You're a powerful sexual being, Ernest.
Ernest Menville: I am?
Helen Sharp: Yes, you are. If I never told you before, it was because I wasn't the sort of girl who could say the word "sexual" without blushing. Well I can now. Sexual... sensual... sexy... sex... sex... sex...

Emergency Room Doctor: I tell you what, kids, it's, uh, odd thing here. Your wrist, uh, far as I can tell, is, uh, fractured in three places. Uh, and you've shattered, uh, two vertebrae, though I can't be certain without an X-ray... The bone protrusion through the skin - that's not a good sign. You're body temperature is below 80, and your, your, your heart's stopped beating.
Ernest Menville: What the hell does that mean?
Emergency Room Doctor: Exactly! What... what... I'm going to get a second opinion.
[the doctor leaves in a hurry]
Madeline Ashton: Well, it could be worse.

Ernest Menville: Where did you put my wife?
Second Doctor: She's dead, sir. They took her to the morgue.
Ernest Menville: The morgue? She'll be FURIOUS!

Ernest: Is this an angel I see before me?

Madeleine: Oh, it's you.
Ernest: Fine, dear, thank you, like a rock.

[about his wife]
Ernest: Is it up yet?

Helen: Madeleine! I need to speak to Madeleine!
Ernest: She's not here.
Helen: Oh, thank god.

Ernest: You're sitting there, you're talking to me, but you're dead!

Helen: Ernest, ask me to go. Ask me to leave this house immediately!
Ernest: You just got here!

Ernest Menville: She's dead!
Madeline Ashton: She is? Oh. These are the moments that make life worth living.

[Lisle stabs his finger]
Ernest: What are you doing?
Lisle: I'm loving you.

Lisle Von Rhuman: Go on... Drink it... It is the completion of your life's work. You gave other people youth and wasted your own! Drink. And you will be able to work again forever! Drink... drink, Dr. Menville. You owe yourself another chance! Drink! It's the right choice! The *only* choice! Drink! SEMPRE VIVE! LIVE FOREVER!
Ernest Menville: Then what?
Lisle Von Rhuman: What?
Ernest Menville: Then what happens?
Lisle Von Rhuman: What?
Ernest Menville: I don't want to live forever. I mean, it sounds good, but what am I gonna do? What if I get bored?
Lisle Von Rhuman: What?
Ernest Menville: And what if I get lonely? Who am I gonna hang around with, Madeleine and Helen?

Lisle: But you'll never grow old!
Ernest: Yes, but everybody else will! I'll have to watch everyone around me die. I don't think this is right. This is not a dream. This is a nightmare!

Ernest: Well, from now on, I'm going to be the kind of idiot I want to be!

Ernest Menville: 'Til death do us part! Well, you girls are dead. And I'm parting.

Ernest Menville: [after the sample of potion] Oh my god...
Lisle Von Rhuman: Oh! Thank you!

Lisle Von Rhuman: [Emerges from her pool wearing only high heels] I hope you don't mind that Harry and Dick had to dress you... You were inproperly attired, for the occasion.
Ernest Menville: What occasion?
Lisle Von Rhuman: I'm throwing a party upstairs... I throw one every Spring, for my clients.
Ernest Menville: All right... ok... what do you want with me?
Lisle Von Rhuman: For you... I'd like to give a present... The gift of life and youth, forever...

Helen Sharp: [Helen throws a Spade at Madeleine, who catches it] En garde! *Bitch*!
Ernest Menville: Girls, girls! Let's just calm down! I'm sure we can settle this peacefully and nego... WHOA!

[upon discovering her neck has twisted a complete 180 degrees]
Madeline Ashton: Ernest... my ass! I can *see*... my ASS!
Ernest Menville: And there's something really wrong with your neck too.

Madeleine: I just want you to know one thing...
[Madeleine points gun at Helen]
Madeleine: You brought this on yourself.
Ernest: Madeleine!
[Madeleine shoots Helen and Ernest screams]