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Quotes for
Irene (Character)
from Volver (2006/I)

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Volver (2006/I)
Irene: Don't say that, Raimunda, or I'll start crying. And ghosts don't cry.

Sole: Mom?
Irene: Hum?
Sole: There's something you want me to do, isn't?
Irene: Cut my hair.
Sole: I mean if there's something you couldn't do alive and doesn't let you rest.
Irene: There are always things undone. Or bad done. And my life has been no exception. Look, I don't know if I can fix them, but if I can, it's up to me to do it.
Sole: [after a long silence] Customers will arrive soon. What are we going to do?
Irene: We attend to them. I'll help you.
Sole: But I can't introduce you as my mother. They all know I'm an orphan.
Irene: Then I'll pretend to be foreign.
Sole: Foreign? Where from?
Irene: ¿Dominican?
Sole: No. There are lots of them on the neighborhood and they would notice the accent.
Irene: ¿Chinese? Madrid is full of Chinese people.
Sole: Who's going to believe that you're from China, mom?
Sole: Something strange. Not very common around here... Rusian.
Irene: Do wou really think I look more Rusian than Chinese?
Sole: Yes. Rusian women are just like us, mom. Look, whatever you hear, keep your mouth shut. And it can't looked in your face that you understand us.