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Quotes for
Fatso (Character)
from Casper (1995)

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Casper (1995)
Stinkie, Stretch, Fatso: All for one, and one for all!
Stretch: Catch your pants before they fall!
Fatso: On the runway now we have Dr. James Harvey wearing smashing underwear.
Stretch: Marky Mark, he's not!

Stretch, Fatso, Stinkie: [singing] It's my party and I'll die if I want do, die if I want to. You will die too, when it happens to you.

Kat: You guys are disgusting, obnoxious creeps!
Stretch, Fatso, Stinkie: [in unison] Thank you!
Kat: I mean, what's your problem? He's just cleaning the floor!
Stretch: Hey, shut up, skinbag!
Kat: Piss off!
Stretch: Take a hike!
Kat: Get a grave!

[Dr Harvey has died and come back as a ghost]
Dr. Harvey: I'm free! I've never felt so great in my life; I can fly-eee!
[He crashes into the floor]
Fatso: Rookie.
Stretch: Stinkie, work with him.

Fatso: [Dr. Harvey is sucking up all three ghosts in the vacuum] This s... sucks!

Stinkie: [the Ghostly Trio along with Dr. Harvey are out partying, and Dr. Harvey is drunk, singing karaoke] Hey, this Dr. Harvey's got a lot of spirit, you know what I'm sayin'?
Stretch: Yeah, but he's got his whole miserable life ahead of him.
Fatso: So we could do him a favor, and put him out of his misery.
Stretch: Yeah. Hey, good idea. We've been The Ghostly Trio long enough. Time to make it a... quartet!

Stretch: [eating breakfast with Stinkie and Fatso] Ya know what the problem is? Casper's got no respect for us.
Fatso: After all we've done for the little glowworm.
Stretch: Yeah. HEY!
[he sees Casper cleaning the mess the trio made on the floor, via their breakfast]
Stretch: What the hell do ya think you're doin', Bulbhead? This floor used to be dirty enough to eat off of.
Casper: But we have company.
Stretch: Oh, yeah? Well, company loves misery.
[he turns into a Nike]
Stretch: BOOM!
[he kicks Casper out of the way and the whole trio laughs and cheers]

Stretch: [the door knocks three times slowly] That was fast. I... I believe it's for you, Doc.
[supernatural music plays as light starts to shine in the room. Dr. Harvey starts to answer it but looks back]
Stinkie: [with Stretch] Go.
[Dr. Harvey continues his way to the door. The music intensifies. When he opens the door, light shines in his face and he stares in awe]
Dr. Harvey: Amelia?
[the light and music fade as Fatso reveals himself in a red dress and makeup. He notices Dr. Harvey]
Fatso: MY MAN!
[he pulls him in for a kiss]
[Dr. Harvey falls to the floor]
Fatso: Hmm.
[Fatso laughs smugly]

Fatso: I feel like Oprah on hiatus.
Stretch: You look like Oprah on hiatus.

Casper: A Spirited Beginning (1997) (V)
Casper: Look! Elvis' ghost!
Stretch: Huh? Where's the King?
Stinky: Where?
Fatso: Hey, stupid! Everyone knows Elvis is still alive.
Stretch: Find him!

Fatso: Ribbit.
Stretch: Bull...
Stinky: ...doze...

Casper Meets Wendy (1998) (V)
Voice of Fatso: The only good fleshie is a scared fleshie!
Voice of Casper: But why do you scare them?
Voice of Fatso: 'Cause they can't scare back.
Voice of Stinky: Uhh... except for witches.
Voice of Casper: What's wrong with witches?
Voice of Stretch: Wake up and smell the coffin! Witches are fleshies with power! Now go unpack the stuff, washcloth!
Voice of Casper: Geez, Louise, what a buncha grumps.
[sadly floats out the door]
Voice of Stretch: Ahh, this is the afterlife.
Voice of Fatso: Zzzz...
Voice of Casper: [comes back in through the door, shouts] Witches!
Voice of Fatso, Voice of Stinky, Voice of Stretch: [yell] Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!