Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey
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Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey (Character)
from Casper (1995)

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Casper (1995)
Carrigan Crittenden: DIBS! Get this thing cooking, you flaccid little worm you!
Dibs: Ah, Carrigan! How kind of you to drop in!
[Carrigan laughs]
Dibs: You know, if there's one thing I've learned from you, it's 'always kick 'em when they're down'. And baby, you're six feet under. Oh, what a shame!
[grabs vial]
Dibs: Sorry, sweetheart; we're through!
Carrigan Crittenden: [gasps as she sees that Dibs is about to break the vial] I am not gonna forget this, you ungrateful, lousy little worm you!
Dibs: [chuckles sarcastically] You can haunt me all you want, but it's gonna be in a great big expensive house, with lovely purple wallpaper, and great big green carpets, and a little dog, called 'Carrigan' - a bitch, just like you! I've got the power! I've got the treasure!
Carrigan Crittenden: And you have a flight to catch!
Dibs: Huh?
[Carrigan flings Dibs out the window]
Carrigan Crittenden: [turns to Casper and Kat, calmly] Any other takers?
Casper: No, but aren't you forgetting something?
Carrigan Crittenden: What?
Casper: Your unfinished business.
Carrigan Crittenden: My what?
Kat: You know, unfinished business. All ghosts have unfinished business. That's why they don't cross over.
Carrigan Crittenden: Unfinished business? I have no unfinished business. I have my treasure, my mansion. I have EVERYTHING. I'm... just... perfect!
[she laughs evilly until a flash of light comes out of her as a sign that she is crossing over]
Carrigan Crittenden: [gasps] Wait! Wait! I lied! I have unfinished business - lots of unfinished business!
[more flashes of light appear]
Carrigan Crittenden: I-I'm not ready to cross over yet! Wait! You tricked me, you rotten little rats!
[Carrigan screams as the flashes of light causes her to vanish without a trace]

Kat: In two years I have been to nine different schools, eaten in nine cafeterias. I can't even remember anyone's name.

Dr. Harvey: Honey, I think it's time that we sat down and had a little talk.
Kat: It's a little late for that, Dad.
Dr. Harvey: How late?
Kat: Oh, don't worry, not that late.

Casper on Screen: I told you I was a good dancer. Can I keep you?
Kat: Casper?

Kat: Drop dead.
Stretch: Too late.

[Casper sitting on his old sled, takes his baseball cap off]
Casper: I begged and begged my dad to give me this sled, but he acted like I couldn't even have it, because I didn't know how to ride it. But then one morning, I came down for breakfast and there it was, just for me, for no reason at all. I took it out, went sledding all day. And my dad said "that's enough" but I couldn't stop, I was having so much fun It got late, got dark, got cold... and I got sick, and my dad got sad.
Kat: What's it like to die?
Casper: Like... being born, only backwards. I remember, I didn't go where I was supposed to go. I just stayed behind, so my dad wouldn't be lonely.

Kat: Sometimes I worry that I'm starting to forget.
Casper: Forget what?
Kat: My mom. Just certain things. The sound of her making breakfast downstairs. The way she'd put on her lipstick, so carefully. I do remember, she always used Ivory soap, and when she'd hug me, I'd breathe her in, so deep. And I remember before I'd go to sleep she'd whisper in my ear, "stardust in the eyes, rosy cheeks, and a happy girl in the morning." Casper?
Casper: Hmm?
Kat: If my mom's a ghost, did she forget about me?
Casper: No. She'd never forget you. Kat?
Kat: [about to sleep] Mm-hmm?
Casper: If I were alive, would you go to the Halloween dance with me?
Kat: Mm-hmm.
Casper: Kat?
Kat: Mm-hmm.
Casper: [whispers] Can I keep you?
Kat: Mm-hmm.
[Casper kisses Kat on the cheek]
Kat: Casper, close the window. It's cold.
[Casper curls up in bed by Kat's side]

Kat: You guys are disgusting, obnoxious creeps!
Stretch, Fatso, Stinkie: [in unison] Thank you!
Kat: I mean, what's your problem? He's just cleaning the floor!
Stretch: Hey, shut up, skinbag!
Kat: Piss off!
Stretch: Take a hike!
Kat: Get a grave!

[after seeing a ghost]
Kat: Dad, I'm sorry.
Dr. Harvey: For what?
Kat: For not believing you, for thinking you were a total loser.
Dr. Harvey: Aww honey... apologize later!

Kat: I can see right through you.
Casper: Yeah, kind of happens when you haven't got any skin.

[last lines]
Kat: [after everyone has left] Not bad for my first party, huh?
Casper: [friendly] Couldn't have been better.
Dr. Harvey: It ain't over get. BOYS!
[the Ghostly Trio appears and start playing Casper's song]