Matt Saracen
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Matt Saracen (Character)
from "Friday Night Lights" (2006)

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"Friday Night Lights: Leave No One Behind (#2.14)" (2008)
Matt Saracen: My critique is that were drawing a bunch of sad and stupid pictures of sad and stupid flowers. Oh, and I said "bitch."

"Friday Night Lights: Last Days of Summer (#2.1)" (2007)
Matt Saracen: All I'm saying is, she's my girlfriend right, so she probably shouldn't be staring off at Swedish people like that.
Landry Clarke: Well why don't you go and punch him in the face?
Matt Saracen: Oh, is that what you would do?
Landry Clarke: In some situations you need to ask yourself, W.W. R. D. What would Riggins do in this situation? And he would walk over to him and punch him in the face.
Matt Saracen: Well Riggins would not be in this situation because he is captain of the S.S. ta-tas over there.