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Quotes for
Felix Toombs (Character)
from "Veronica Mars" (2004)

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"Veronica Mars: Pilot (#1.1)" (2004)
Weevil: Sister, the only time I care what a woman has to say is when she's riding my big old hog. But even then, it's not so much words - just a bunch of 'oohs' and 'aahs,' you know?
Veronica Mars: So it's big, huh?
Weevil: Legendary.
Veronica Mars: Well, let's see it. I mean, if it's as big as you say, I'll be your girlfriend.
Veronica Mars: We could go to prom together! What? What seems to be the problem? I'm on a schedule here, vato.
Felix Toombs: Dude, Weevil, don't let blondie talk to you like that.
Veronica Mars: Sounds like your buddy here wants to see it, too.
Felix Toombs: Oh hell, I'll show you mine!

Felix Toombs: Hey, yo, is this O-Town any good? I mean my little sister likes it, but you know she likes ponies and juice boxes too.