Duncan Kane
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Duncan Kane (Character)
from "Veronica Mars" (2004)

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"Veronica Mars: Normal Is the Watchword (#2.1)" (2005)
Veronica Mars: You never played Little League?
Duncan Kane: Oh, well, Mom was afraid a ball would hit me in the face. Dad was afraid it would interfere with Mock UN and I was afraid I couldn't hit a curveball.
Veronica Mars: I'm afraid you're gonna get love handles if you eat all that.
Duncan Kane: I have an excellent metabolism.
Veronica Mars: Well then, it's official. I hate you.

Veronica Mars: When my dad finds out about this, he's not gonna let me wash this hand.
Terrence Cook: So, who's your favorite player?
Veronica Mars: Ummm...
Duncan Kane: Tell him. Be honest.
Terrence Cook: It's Johnny Damon, isn't it?
Veronica Mars: He's so pretty.

"Veronica Mars: Meet John Smith (#1.3)" (2004)
Duncan Kane: Wait, wait, wait. Guys. Check it out, guys. Six guys. Bleachers. Jump in when you're feeling this, okay?
Duncan Kane: '... Summer lovin', had me a blast... '

"Veronica Mars: Pilot (#1.1)" (2004)
Logan: Hey, Ronnie. Hey, we've decided that we'd rather surf than study today. You wanna come with? Duncan will promise to take his shirt off. Does that sweeten the pot? Does that make you horny? Hey, D.K., flex for your ex.
Duncan Kane: Shut up, Logan.

"Veronica Mars: Not Pictured (#2.22)" (2006)
Duncan Kane: C.W.?
Clarence Weidman: It's a done deal.

"Veronica Mars: Blast from the Past (#2.5)" (2005)
Veronica Mars: Can I ask you something first?
Duncan Kane: Yes to costumes, no to props.

"Veronica Mars: Mars vs. Mars (#1.14)" (2005)
Veronica Mars: I want to see who won last year's District Extemporaneous Speaking Competition.
Duncan Kane: Okay... why?
Veronica Mars: I want to know if the winner had sweet knees.

"Veronica Mars: One Angry Veronica (#2.10)" (2005)
Duncan Kane: You okay?
Veronica: I saw Meg.
Duncan Kane: What do you mean? You...
Veronica: Meg's pregnant.
[Duncan stares down at the table for a moment]
Duncan Kane: I know.
Veronica: You know?
Duncan Kane: There was a letter, from her aunt. I guess Meg had asked to live up there and raise the baby.
Veronica: Oh my god. Duncan, how could you...
Duncan Kane: Last spring, before we broke up...
Veronica: Okay, stop! I was shown a diagram once. I know how it works. But you knew and you didn't tell me?
Duncan Kane: This has nothing to do with us.
Veronica: Oh, no! Nothing. Your secret illegitimate child gestating in the womb of your comatose ex-girlfriend affects neither you nor me.
Veronica: [tearfully] I'm fine with it.