Gia Goodman
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Gia Goodman (Character)
from "Veronica Mars" (2004)

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"Veronica Mars: Look Who's Stalking (#2.20)" (2006)
Gia Goodman: Wow. How mission impossible. I feel like at any moment Tom Cruise is going to dangle from the ceiling on cables.
Veronica: Great. Now I won't be able to sleep... I hope he doesn't try to marry me.

Gia Goodman: You went out with him? He's cute, in a tough, mumbly kind of way.

"Veronica Mars: Plan B (#2.17)" (2006)
Gia Goodman: The demolition ceremony's gonna be fun. Are you nervous? What if you push the plunger and nothing happens?
Logan Echolls: You mean, like, if there were total silence? Let's try to imagine it.

Gia Goodman: For a friendship to work you have to be completely honest. Which is something that I have absolutely no problem with. But you... you run from the truth.
Logan Echolls: Only when it's chasing me.
Gia Goodman: Do you know what I think? I think you use sarcasm and anger as a way to keep people from getting too close to you.
Logan Echolls: You know, I do. But it doesn't always work.
Gia Goodman: Tell me what you think about me. Seriously. Be completely honest.
Logan Echolls: G...
Veronica Mars: Dance with me.
Logan Echolls: Oh, god. You know, when I dreamed of this moment, 'I've Had the Time of My Life' was always playing. Oh, what can you do?

"Veronica Mars: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner (#2.7)" (2005)
Gia Goodman: Mrs Hauser, mine's wrong. Isn't this a flower?
Deborah Hauser: No Gia, Chlamydia is not a flower.
Gia Goodman: Well it's all over the trellis at our beach house.
Veronica: Your trellis is a whore.

Madison Sinclair: Pretty Woman is still my favorite movie. Vivien is, like, my hero.
Veronica: ...She's a hooker.
Gia Goodman: Yeah, but only because she had to be!
Veronica: ...She's a hooker!

"Veronica Mars: Nevermind the Buttocks (#2.19)" (2006)
Veronica Mars: What did the guy look like?
Gia Goodman: All I saw was his butt. He gave us a pressed ham as he drove by.