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Mariana (Character)
from The Rundown (2003)

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The Rundown (2003)
Mariana: I'd offer you a beer, but it seems you blew up my bar.

[suggesting a name for a "new" flower]
Travis: I can only think of one word... that fits something so beautiful. Mariana.
Mariana: How much do you want?

[Manito says something in Portugese]
Mariana: Manito wants to know who you think would win a fight between Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali.
Beck: Ali, hands down.
[Manito says something in Portugese]
Mariana: He says, what about Tyson's power?
Beck: Shit. Tell him Ali would have done to Tyson what he did to Foreman in Africa.
Manito: Ah, Rumble. Rumble in the Jungle.
Beck: Tell him Ali was too smart.
Mariana: [translates into Portugese]
Beck: Too smart, too fast. He would have used his jabs, bam, bam. He would have danced, played with his mind. Before you know it, bam. left to the body, bam. right to the head. Down goes Tyson.
Manito: Float like butterfly.
Beck: Sting like bee.

Beck: I'm looking for a man.
Mariana: What's your type?
[Travis comes out of the bathroom and walks toward the door]
Beck: His name's Travis Walker.
[Travis stops behind Beck, and slowly turns around]
Beck: [without turning around] He's in his twenties, he's got sandy hair, a beard, wearing a blue shirt and jeans, right now he's got a real bewildered look on his face.

Mariana: Don't pee in the water.
Beck: Why?
Mariana: A candiru, a vicious parasite will swim up the urine into your pau.
Beck: Swim up my what?
Mariana: Your pinto. It'll swim up your ding-dong. And once it gets in, you can't get it out.
Beck: [Stammers] Well, then what?
Mariana: They have to amputate.
Beck: Not this boy's pinto. Uh-uh, not today!

Mariana: American?
Beck: Yeah.
Mariana: Where from?
Beck: Someplace that's got bartenders.

Beck: You know, back in the States, Brazil nuts like these go for $ a lb.
Mariana: Well, those fell of the tree out back. And around here, we don't call them Brazil nuts.
Beck: What do you call them?
Mariana: Well, we are in Brazil, so we just call them nuts.
Beck: Fair enough.