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Dr. David Keel (Character)
from "The Avengers" (1961)

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"The Avengers: The Frighteners (#1.15)" (1961)
[Steed asks Dr. Keel to take two unconscious men back to his office]
Dr. David Keel: Anyway, we'd better get these boys home before anyone else passes out. It's a relatively small surgery!

Dr. David Keel: [to Steed] Oh, you are a gay old thing, aren't you?

John Steed: Doctor?
Dr. David Keel: Yeah?
John Steed: We take him to your surgery.
Dr. David Keel: What for?
John Steed: It's quieter there.
Dr. David Keel: Yea, I'd like to keep it that way.
John Steed: That's precisely my point. He's a private patient, that's why I brought you along,give the police surgeon the night off, follow me?

John Steed: Is he alright?
Dr. David Keel: He'll live. His sort always does.

Deacon: I'll have you cut into little pieces...
Dr. David Keel: That remains to be seen.

Dr. David Keel: Last night I treated a boy called De Willoughby he ran into four large feet.
Sir Thomas Weller: Pity now, What's that got to do with me?
Dr. David Keel: Quite a lot, You hired them, didn't you?

Mrs. Briggs: How was it, ducky?
Dr. David Keel: Oh Doris, you were wonderful, I don't know how you do it. Never was ten quit better earned.
[Steed laughs]
Mrs. Briggs: Oh, Guinness, lovey, let's keep it professional.

"The Avengers: Hot Snow (#1.1)" (1961)
John Steed: [prepairing to leave] Right, that will have to satisfy you for the moment.
Dr. David Keel: I'm afraid that it doesn't!
John Steed: It will have to, for the time being, Doctor Keel. I'm very sorry but you'll just have to trust me... or not.
Dr. David Keel: Thanks for the choice.
John Steed: Doctor Keel, do you know who killed your fiancée?
Dr. David Keel: No, I don't!
John Steed: I do. And if you don't trust me there isn't a cat in hell's chance of you finding out.

Dr. David Keel: Just a minute! How will I keep in contact with you?
John Steed: You won't be able to lose me.

"The Avengers: Girl on the Trapeze (#1.6)" (1961)
Dr. David H. Keel: [after Lewis sneezes] You should be in bed with a cold like that.
Supt. Lewis: I would be if people didn't jump in the river.

Dr. David H. Keel: [Keel is certain he's seen a dead girl's picture in a newspaper earlier and is going through all the old papers] Now come on, help me.
Carol Wilson: How can I? I don't know what she looks like.
Dr. David H. Keel: You can turn the edges of all the pages with pictures of women on them.

"The Avengers: Brought to Book (#1.2)" (1961)
Dr. David Keel: What's this?
John Steed: Heroin, old boy. Sit down and I'll tell you the rest.