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Mike Gambit (Character)
from "The New Avengers" (1976)

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"The New Avengers: Angels of Death (#2.2)" (1977)
Purdey: [running a computer programme] You wouldn't believe how many permitations there are of possible links between 47 people.
Mike Gambit: Roughly 47 multiplied by known variables to the power of 6.
Purdey: Gambit, I didn't know you've read mathematics?
Mike Gambit: I haven't. I do the football pools.

Mike Gambit: Still with me?
Purdey: Like paper on a wall.

Purdey: [reading aloud a list of statistics] 25 of them went to Oxford.
Mike Gambit: Ah!
Purdey: 23 of them went to Cambridge.
Mike Gambit: Oh...
Purdey: One of them went to both.
Mike Gambit: He must have been schitzoid on boat race day.

Mike Gambit: Dead?
John Steed: Dead.
Mike Gambit: Natural causes?
John Steed: Natural causes.
Mike Gambit: Well, there goes my number one suspect for sleeper of the century.
John Steed: There goes one of the best friends I ever had...

Mike Gambit: [Gambit has his hands raised for Jane is aiming a gun at him] Jane, do you mind if I make a suggestion?
Jane: Go ahead.
Mike Gambit: Why not have dinner with me tomorrow night?
[starts to lower arms but Jane quickly indicates him to keep his arms raised]

Purdey: Anyway, what's wrong with tall women?
Mike Gambit: Nothing. Except you never know what you're getting up to.
[raises eyebrows]

Mike Gambit: If they are dead, so are you.
[aims pistol at close range]
Coldstream: In cold blood? Oh, come on...
Mike Gambit: In hot blood, Coldstream. There's Irish on my grannies side.

Mike Gambit: [having rescued Steed & Purdey from a maze] Amazing...

"The New Avengers: To Catch a Rat (#1.7)" (1976)
John Steed: [having received a message from 'the Flyer'] The Flyer?
Mike Gambit: Sounds like the fifties and sixties. The flyer, the butcher, the baker.
Purdey: The candlestick maker.
Mike Gambit: You used a lot of funny names in those days, didn't you?
John Steed: They weren't funny. I was the New Doberman.
Mike Gambit: Woof woof.
Purdey: That's an awful lot of morse.
John Steed: They abbreviated it. Cut it short after the D. The New D.
Purdey: The nudie?

Mike Gambit: [looking through old files] Steed? You tell me about this incident in Istanbul. Devilish clever use of the garlic sausage.
John Steed: You're supposed to be spying on them, not me!

Purdey: What about you seventeen years ago?
Mike Gambit: Me, I was discovering sex.
Purdey: What a waste of time. You might have been learning to drive.

Purdey: Anyway, from what I hear, you've already been around quite a bit.
Mike Gambit: Been at keyholes again, Purdey?
Purdey: It's common knowledge in the department.
Mike Gambit: Just hearsay.
Purdey: The typing pool affair?
Mike Gambit: Rumour.
Purdey: The undersecretary's undersecretary?
Mike Gambit: Jealousy?
Purdey: The Russian Countess, so-called?
Mike Gambit: Ah yes, well, eh, that was was an under cover job and I, eh, took them literally.

Purdey: [having just embarrassed Gambit in a church] Quick thinking, eh? I got us about a tricky situation without any embarrassment.
Mike Gambit: No embarrassment, no embarrassment at all!

Finder: [throws a loud of old files on the table] There you are. 1960 through to '65
Mike Gambit: Thanks.
[picks up the first file]
Mike Gambit: No dust.
Finder: Hm?
Mike Gambit: Dust is almost mandatory in this place.
[blows on it]
Mike Gambit: Where's the dust?
Finder: I can get you some, the 1930 files.
Mike Gambit: Somebody else has been through these files, recently. Who?

"The New Avengers: Gnaws (#1.13)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: Well, well, what is steel hearted Purdey doing here?
Purdey: I am a woman. Women are allowed their idiosyncrasies.
Mike Gambit: And nobody knows that better than I.

George: [finds a pair of rubber boots in the sewer] These belong to the maintenance man.
Mike Gambit: Yes, I know.
George: I've heard of going barefoot in the park...

Purdey: [holding up pair of boots] He died with his boots off?
Mike Gambit: Or he was snatched. Along with George.

Mike Gambit: [aiming a rocket gun at Chislenko] If I hit your little finger with this thing, friend... it will take your whole arm off.
Mike Gambit: [fires a warning shot, Chislenko drops his weapon] Assume the position. I assume you know how to assume?

John Steed: You saw it?
Mike Gambit: I felt it.
John Steed: Well, what was it, a killer shark?
Mike Gambit: A killer shark, no.
John Steed: What was it?
Mike Gambit: It was a snake.

Mike Gambit: [Steed is stirring up something smelly in his best silverwear as Gambit enters] You don't actually intend eating that, eh, whatever it is?
John Steed: No. But I have every intention as soon as it's properly cooked of, eh... poof... smearing it over the walls.

"The New Avengers: The Last of the Cybernauts...? (#1.3)" (1976)
Purdey: [Purdy finds Gambit kneeling outside her door] Why are you lurking out there?
Mike Gambit: Lurking?
[stands up]
Mike Gambit: I'm not.
Purdey: Well, you're not now, but you were, you're whole attitude is one of pure and positive lurk.

Purdey: I want you to accompany me.
Mike Gambit: On the piano?

Mike Gambit: [Gabit has just rolled off his sleeping couch] I suppose you think that's funny?
Purdey: No, I don't really go in for slapstick and bananaskins. Coward now, or Moliere...

John Steed: [Steed has just regained consciousness] What happened?
Purdey: I am very disappointed. 'What happened', that's a terribly coy thing to say, Steed. You could have said 'Where is the party?'. That at least would have been different and fairly amusing. Or you could have muttered something unintelligible in Latin.
Mike Gambit: On the other hand, he might want to know what happened. You were hit. And I'll give you even money you know by whom or what.
John Steed: No bet.

Purdey: Steed's worried.
Mike Gambit: Furrows under the bowler.
Purdey: And Steed never worries.
Mike Gambit: It's a feature of the man.
Purdey: He never never worries, not unless he's worried.
Mike Gambit: Which means it's serious.
Purdey: Very, very serious. And that is very very serious, if you get my meaning.

Purdey: [speaking about Cybermen] Did I leave anything out?
Mike Gambit: Only that you love me very much.
Purdey: Besides that.
Mike Gambit: No. That's the full story.
Purdey: I didn't mention Mrs. Emma Peel.
Mike Gambit: You never do.

"The New Avengers: Emily (#2.12)" (1977)
John Steed: Miss Daly?
Miss Daly: Yes?
Phillips: It's about your car.
Miss Daly: Emily? What about it?
Purdey: Where is it?
Miss Daly: It's been stolen?
Mike Gambit: No.
Miss Daly: You. You crashed into it.
Mike Gambit: No.
Miss Daly: There was an accident and...
Purdey: No accident.
Miss Daly: You, you crashed into it on purpose?
Mike Gambit: We haven't seen your car.
John Steed: But we would like too.
Miss Daly: Ooh...
Miss Daly: Now I understand. Admirers.

John Steed: I don't think it was the Fox himself, or one of his followers. The conclusion: they've moved into the area after us.
Mike Gambit: A pack of Foxes.
Purdey: Wolves. It's a pack of wolves. Foxes are ehm... Oh Gambit, stop changing the subject.
Mike Gambit: What was the subject?

Mike Gambit: [Emily is out of fuel, but Gambit has spotted a home made distillery] I think I've got the answer: alcohol.
Purdey: Gambit you know alcohol is only a temporary solution. You know you always wake up with a headache and a hangover.
Mike Gambit: What do you think, Steed?
John Steed: Well, it depends how much you drink... and whether you can handle it or not.

Mike Gambit: [Purdey has knocked out the giant chicken farmer] What'd you do that for? I was winning!
Purdey: Winning? If you'd won any more you'd wouldn't have been able to stand up.

Purdey: Did you ever get the feeling...
Mike Gambit: That your journey...
John Steed: Wasn't really necessary?

"The New Avengers: The Gladiators (#2.11)" (1977)
Purdey: Well, as the posters say: it's a big country.
Mike Gambit: Yes. Needle in a haystack.
Purdey: Negative thinking, Gambit.
Mike Gambit: Give me something positive to hold on to.
Purdey: Well... well what if Columbus had said that?
Mike Gambit: But he didn't.
Purdey: Exactly.

Mike Gambit: Trouble somewhere. Worth a look, do you think?
Purdey: Well, trouble is our business.

Mike Gambit: Sorry, wrong side of the road. Force of habit.

Mike Gambit: Steed, his hands are lethal!
John Steed: Only if they touch you.

Purdey: Nice fighting.
Mike Gambit: Nice shooting.
John Steed: Nice holiday.

"The New Avengers: Cat Amongst the Pigeons (#1.5)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: What was Merton working on?
Purdey: Ends and odds.
Mike Gambit: Don't you mean odds and ends?
Purdey: No. Merton had a different approach.

Purdey: Any offers? Preferably of an unpredictable nature.
Mike Gambit: A screeching sound.
John Steed: Tires on tarmac.
Purdey: Chalk on a blackboard.
John Steed: Diamond on glass.
Purdey: Five thousand robins with a wounded wing.
Mike Gambit: A bird strike. A flock of birds hit a plane. They shatter the cockpit, jam the engines. It's got to be.

Mike Gambit: Two feathers.
Purdey: And one... egg.
Mike Gambit: We have a problem.
Purdey: And if it hatches out, a hostage.
Mike Gambit: What do we do now? Build a nest? You could sit on it, Purdey.

John Steed: [emerging from swimming pool with Prof. Waterslow] Birds can't swim.
Mike Gambit: Ducks can.
John Steed: I didn't claim my plan was perfect.

[surrounded by cats]
Mike Gambit: Pussy...
John Steed: ...Galore!

"The New Avengers: Three Handed Game (#1.11)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: Purdey, we are supposed to be under cover...
Purdey: Well, he waved first.
Mike Gambit: He is a first class fool.
Purdey: First class? Hmm, you gave him top marks. Could be worse.

Purdey: The way to a man's knees, is through his stomach.
Mike Gambit: I heard it's the way to a man's heart.
Purdey: Oh, and what have you got against knees?
Mike Gambit: Mine or yours?

Purdey: [Gambit kicks in a door which falls off it's hinges and enters, aiming his revolver] You do that awfully well.
Mike Gambit: I get a lot of practice.

Helen McKay: And I'm supposed to feel safe with you around?
Mike Gambit: You don't?
Helen McKay: [shaking her head] You are a very attractive man, Mike.
Mike Gambit: I never argue with a beautiful woman.

Helen McKay: Mike...
Mike Gambit: Helen.
Helen McKay: Take your clothes off.

"The New Avengers: The Eagle's Nest (#1.1)" (1976)
John Steed: I want Purdey.
Mike Gambit: Who doesn't?

Purdey: Mike Gambit, one of these days...
Mike Gambit: I know. I'm looking forward to it.

Mike Gambit: Any lead on who clobbered you?
John Steed: A black Mercedes.

Mike Gambit: Brown hyphen Fitch. Is the Fitch spelled with a small 'f' or a big one?
Brown-Fitch: A big 'f'!
Mike Gambit: It suits you.

Gerda: You're quite sure you have no German blood?
Mike Gambit: Oh, I have that.
Gerda: I knew it.
Mike Gambit: I took three bullets while scrambling over the wall last year. Your people gave me a transfusion. Dinner tonight... is out of the question. But Saturday perhaps?

"The New Avengers: House of Cards (#1.2)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: [to Purdey] If you're thinking of throwing yourself away, throw yourself my way.

Purdey: As thought someone had taken the teddy bear out of your bed.
John Steed: I don't have a teddy bear in my bed.
Mike Gambit: He keeps it in a safe deposit, along with his other valuables.

Purdey: If the lovely Olga is going to be squeezed, I think I should be there too. Just in case you get...
Purdey, Mike Gambit: Carried away.

Mike Gambit: [about Purdey] Did she use her most potent weapon?
Spence: Eh?
Mike Gambit: Her big helpless smile.

"The New Avengers: Trap (#2.6)" (1977)
Mike Gambit: [looks out plane window] We should be heading due west, shouldn't we?
John Steed: Should be.
Mike Gambit: Well unless someone's moved the North star, we're traveling due East.

John Steed: That was without a doubt the worst landing I've ever seen.
Mike Gambit: Well, we're all down in one piece, aren't we?
John Steed: Not quite.
[winces in pain]
John Steed: My arm's broken.
Purdey: Are you sure?
John Steed: [a beat] It is my arm

John Steed: Don't worry about me.
Mike Gambit: Don't you ever worry about me
John Steed: Sometimes, yeah.
Mike Gambit: Well what's wrong with me worrying about you? There's nothing in the rulebook about me worrying about you.
John Steed: There's nothing about not worrying either.
Mike Gambit: Look, I...
Purdey: Look this is very touching, but can't we keep the semantics 'till later, they're forming to march up here.

Mike Gambit: You helped kill Brine. Marty Brine. That's gonna make it easier.
Soo Choy: Easier?
Mike Gambit: Yes. When I get a chance to take a swing at you, I'm gonna know why I'm enjoying it.

"The New Avengers: Dead Men Are Dangerous (#2.1)" (1977)
John Steed: Are you sure this is just lemonade, Purdey?
Purdey: Well it looked a bit sad so I added a dash of vodka to cheer it up.
Mike Gambit: Oh well, in that case.
[takes a sip. It makes his voice horse for a few moments]
Mike Gambit: Not bad. You've invented a new drink. Vodka and fizzy lemonade.
Purdey: And bitters.
John Steed: To cheer up the vodka.
John Steed: No, to cheer up the gin.
Mike Gambit: Persuade aid?
Purdey: Sounds a bit medical.
John Steed: A purdka!
Mike Gambit: Right, yes. Have a purdka.

Mike Gambit: This Victor Ludorum, is there a runner up?
Penny Redfern: Hm, I don't know, sports isn't my line.
Mike Gambit: Don't say that, I couldn't take two disappointments in one day.

Mike Gambit: [to Penny] I don't think we know each other well enough for you to dress my more eh, serious wound... yet.

"The New Avengers: The Tale of the Big Why (#1.8)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: Purdey! Are you ok?
Purdey: Bit bruised, that's all.
Mike Gambit: I'm renowned for my healing hands.
Purdey: [referring to Brandon's dead body] It's a bit late for that, Gambit.

Purdey: [Gambit is lying on the floor reading 'The Tale of the Big Y'] He's read that chapter twice already.
John Steed: 'Bessie's mating habits'.
Purdey: Very badly written.
John Steed: And anatomically impossible.
Mike Gambit: Oh, I don't know. Certainly works you up - to a good appetite.
[Steed grins]
Mike Gambit: [gets up] Time for dinner, isn't, it, Purdey? Steed?
[puts book down on table]
John Steed: [picks up the book] The answer's in the book. And my taste buds won't be rejuvenated until I've found it.

John Steed: [Steed & Gambit have been forced to travel the countryside on foot] What fantastic luck.
Mike Gambit: You've seen a car.
John Steed: Better than that...
Mike Gambit: A mixed sauna, with a licensed bar.
John Steed: The blue Perrywinkle.
[stoops down to pick a flower]
Mike Gambit: Blue what?
John Steed: I never knew it grew in that kind of soil... Think of your soul, Gambit, think of your soul.
Mike Gambit: [looks at the soul on one of his shoes] Yes...

"The New Avengers: Faces (#1.9)" (1976)
John Steed: If I'm right, and doubles are being infiltrated, how do we know it is Purdey?
Mike Gambit: No two girls could have a figure like that.

Mike Gambit: [posing as Gambit double Walton] Supposin' we bump into each other?
Dr. Prator: No fear of that. Mullins intends bumping into him first. Don't you, Mullins?
Mullins: Not so much a bump as a 'twang'.

Mike Gambit: [posing as Walton] Lolita, is it?
Purdey: [posing as Lolita] I can't help it, my mom liked the film. You see it reminded her of my dad. And if you're thinking of calling me Lo, I smash your face in!

"The New Avengers: The Midas Touch (#1.4)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: Purdey, we wanted him alive...
Purdey: Difficult decision. Him or you.

Mike Gambit: The man that shot our fat -
[corrects himself]
Mike Gambit: thin friend, I found that on him.
[hands Steeds a party invitation]
John Steed: What happened to him?
Purdey: He sort of fell for me.
Mike Gambit: From a great hight.
John Steed: Hm.
Mike Gambit: Just hm?
John Steed: Or if you prefer, hm hm.
Mike Gambit: Two hm's?
Purdey: Must be better than one hm.
[hands Gambit a drink]
John Steed: Now is the time for all good men...
[hands the invitation back to Gambit]
Mike Gambit: [Purdey takes Gambits drink so his hand is free to receive back the card] To come to the aid of the party.
[Hong Kong Harry sighs loudly]

John Steed: You should take up motor racing.
Mike Gambit: I did. Lamont, Spa, Montzen, Daytona... I crashed at them all.

"The New Avengers: Target! (#1.6)" (1976)
John Steed: Thank goodness.
Mike Gambit: Are we pleased to see you.
John Steed: It's imperative.
Mike Gambit: Urgent.
Mike Gambit: Desperate.
Purdey: What on earth?
John Steed: Where's George?
Mike Gambit: George Myers.
Purdey: George?
John Steed: You were supposed to be with him today.
Purdey: Well, as a matter of fact...
Mike Gambit: It's essential we find him, Purdey.
John Steed: Find him right away.
Purdey: Well if you'd let me get a word in edgeways, I'll tell you were he is.
John Steed: Where?
Purdey: Outside in my car.

Mike Gambit: I'd like to think there was a rule book, cricket and all that. But there isn't a book, just one rule: stay alive.

John Steed: But why only those who are going on leave?
Mike Gambit: A plot to disrupt the tourist board?
Dr. Kendrick: [thinking about the little red dots] That's funny.
Mike Gambit: Not the way I said it.

"The New Avengers: K Is for Kill: Part 1: The Tiger Awakes (#2.8)" (1977)
Purdey: Gambit, that was magnificent.
Mike Gambit: That was damn silly. I must have a word with my karate master. I think I've dislocated my knee.
Colonel Martin: Well, you've more than dislocated his neck, it's broken.

Mike Gambit: One last question. Will you have dinne...
Jeanine Leparge: [interrupting] Apartement B, 24 Rue De Fleur. I shall be ready at 8.30.
Mike Gambit: You'll choose the restaurant?
Jeanine Leparge: Apartement B, 24 Rue De Fleur. I'm an excellent cook. But you may choose what we do afterwards.
Mike Gambit: Yes, eh... I'm sure I'll think of something...

Purdey: Gambit, we wanted him alive.
Mike Gambit: Conflict of interests. I wanted you alive.

"The New Avengers: Dirtier by the Dozen (#1.12)" (1976)
Mike Gambit: I called you over because, eh, well, I get lonely sometimes.
Purdey: That solves it.
Mike Gambit: What?
Purdey: You're Christmas present's been bothering me. I'll buy you a dog.
Mike Gambit: Two heads are better than one.
Purdey: I'm definitely not buying you another head.
Mike Gambit: Watch the film.

Mike Gambit: [Purdey has handed Gambit her bra] Oh... a double-barrel slingshot. Why didn't you burn this with all the other girls?
Purdey: Didn't have to. I knew I was emancipated.

Mike Gambit: [to Purdey] Are you in good shape?
Mike Gambit: Silly question.

"The New Avengers: Hostage (#2.7)" (1977)
Mike Gambit: [Steed is wearing a medal] What did you get that for? Ruthlessness in the field?
John Steed: Dedication to duty.
Mike Gambit: Hmm. Same thing.

Mike Gambit: Do you know you and I have never faced each other?
John Steed: You're too young to die, Gambit. Besides, I never fight fair.

Mike Gambit: [speaking to Purdey's mother on the phone] And by the way, I hope to have dinner with you sometime.

"The New Avengers: Sleeper (#1.10)" (1976)
Purdey: [Steed is having no luck on the telephone] Is he not answering?
Mike Gambit: You can borrow my little black book.
Purdey: Steed doesn't need a little black book. What little black book?
Mike Gambit: A slim volume of hints for growing boys.

Mike Gambit: I'm not into pajamas myself...
[opens a closet full of unopened pajamas]
Mike Gambit: But I have an aunt who thinks I should be.
[hands one over to Steed]
Mike Gambit: Every birthday I, eh, get a new pair.

"The New Avengers: Complex (#2.10)" (1977)
Mike Gambit: What was all that about?
John Steed: Well we've got a deal, but this time it's Canada.
Purdey: Canada, that's marvelous. I've never been there.
Mike Gambit: Don't worry, I'll fill you in on all the details.
Purdey: Oh I know what it's like...
Mike Gambit: You've read books?
Purdey: Books? I've seen Rosemary. Twice!

Mike Gambit: For the last time I'm a British agent!
Sgt. Talbot: I think I'm beginning to recognize you. You're... no don't tell me... 008.

"The New Avengers: Forward Base (#2.13)" (1977)
John Steed: He did what?
Mike Gambit: We knew you wouldn't like it. He dropped it into the lake. No, it was more extrovert than that, he threw it.
John Steed: What do you mean by extrovert?
Mike Gambit: The opposite to introvert.

Purdey: I've got it!
Mike Gambit: Rhythm? Flu?
Purdey: What we were talking about the other day. The fickleness of man.
Mike Gambit: [spots someone walking by] I know that face.
Purdey: I said that man was infinitely more changeable than women, more restless.
Mike Gambit: I've seen it on file somewhere.
Purdey: And you of course disagreed.
Mike Gambit: He's a hitman, a heavy.
[gets out]
Purdey: You said that no man would ever up and leave a woman. Not if he really...
Purdey: [turns around, notices Gambit has gone] ... cared for her?

"The New Avengers: K Is for Kill: Part 2: Tiger by the Tail (#2.9)" (1977)
Purdey: [Steed has been shot] Straight through the heart.
Mike Gambit: He taught us everything we know.
Purdey: [voice breaking] He was good... and honest... and true
Purdey: [Steed blinks] And he's still alive!
Mike Gambit: He can't be. How can he be?
John Steed: Because I'm a gentleman.

Purdey: I am a girl and I will not let that fact go unnoticed.
Mike Gambit: She is a girl.
John Steed: Indisputably.
Mike Gambit: All right, Purdey, we've taken a vote on it, and you're quite definitely, a girl.