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Catherine Gale (Character)
from "The Avengers" (1961)

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"The Avengers: The Big Thinker (#2.12)" (1962)
Dr. Clemens: Now tell me, what is your interest in computers, and Plato in particular?
Catherine Gale: Plato?
Dr. Clemens: Well, that is what we call him.
Catherine Gale: Oh, the computers in this building?
Dr. Clemens: Plato is this building, Mrs. Gale. The whole building.

Catherine Gale: [to Kearns] Are you always like this or haven't you had breakfast?

Catherine Gale: I'm a widow.
Dr. James Kearns: Oh, I am sorry.
Catherine Gale: My husband was killed some years ago on our farm in Africa.

Catherine Gale: There's a Dr. Hurst, a bit of a military man. He's in a panic. Wants MI5, the navy, anybody.
John Steed: You, he can have. Not me, I'm off to the Middle-East, tonight.

Catherine Gale: You're staying right out of it?
John Steed: Yeah, you go ahead, Mata Hari, you just, eh, send me a postcard, hm?

Dr. James Kearns: Well, will you play or will you watch?
Catherine Gale: I'll watch.
Dr. James Kearns: Fine, I'm worth watching.

Dr. James Kearns: Right, here we go for the kill.
Catherine Gale: Cocky, aren't you?
Dr. James Kearns: [chuckles] I love you to, just watch.

Dr. James Kearns: [having been knocked to the ground by Cathy] Ah, that was dead stupid of me, wasn't it? If I had known I was dealing with an expert, I'd have clunked you with a spanner!
Catherine Gale: What are you doing here?
Dr. James Kearns: [gets up] Well, I just came to see if Old Man Clemens had found out anything before they killed him.
Catherine Gale: How'd you get in?
Dr. James Kearns: Ah, well you see, that was dead clever of me: I never left.

"The Avengers: Death Dispatch (#2.13)" (1962)
Catherine Gale: By the way, eh where'd you get that lipstick?
John Steed: Heh. It was around.
Catherine Gale: Was she around too?
John Steed: Yeah, very round.

Catherine Gale: [on phone] I feel refreshed, revived and revarnished.
John Steed: [on other line] And respectable?
Catherine Gale: What do you mean by that?
John Steed: I mean, are you decent?

John Steed: [picks up phone] Room service, please.
Catherine Gale: Shouldn't I be doing that?
John Steed: You haven't got a deep enough voice.

John Steed: Yeah, that's why I'm being a very careless courier who prefers the company of attractive widows to diplomatic bags.
Catherine Gale: [a bit insulted] Thank you.

John Steed: It must have been done by mirrors!
Catherine Gale: Not the one you were watching, apparently.

Monroe: I think you're lying. Now, I, I'm going to get the truth out of you even if I have to hurt you in the process.
Catherine Gale: [posing as a maid and feigning innocence] Si, Señor.

John Steed: [to Cathy, on phone] Stay there till I join you.
Travers: You will not leave this consulate.
John Steed: Oh, shut up.
Catherine Gale: [on other line] What?
John Steed: S- eh, eh, it wasn't you.

John Steed: So now we know who...
Catherine Gale: And what. Señor Rosas wanted the schedule of the Washington envoy's visit.
John Steed: But we still don't know why.

"The Avengers: The Golden Eggs (#2.19)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: Teeth?
John Steed: Teeth? Oh. No, that's an old fallacy. Find a body, they say, doesn't matter what condition it's in, take it along to the dentist, and he'll identify it by it's teeth. Well, it's not so!
Catherine Gale: Do sit down! As long as you're standing up, I'm terrified you're gonna shake this table.
[Mrs. Gale is gluing a broken vase back together]
John Steed: In the first place teeth are not all that indestructible. In the second place, not everyone has got them. And in the third, most dentists wouldn't recognize their own teeth if you handed them to them on a *plate*. On a *plate*. Ha!

Catherine Gale: *Now* what are you doing?
John Steed: [Steed is cutting out two cowboy figures from back of a cornflakes box] I often wondered if people really did cut these things out, harder than you might think, you know.
Catherine Gale: They really do, but they usually wait until the packet is empty, first.
John Steed: Ah well, these are for a friend of mine's kids! They got one of those cork pop-gun things, you know. Oh I got a present for you, you can take in the bath with you.
[Steed hands Miss Gale a little plastic toy]
John Steed: . They're tired of shooting at cut-out lions and tigers, they want to shoot at cut-out people! Boom! Boom!

Catherine Gale: Now what?
John Steed: I think you should get back to Doctor Ashe. Under that pre-Raphaelite exterior, I think he's very impressed with you...

Diana DeLeon: [Cathy is ringing the doorbell] Why not just barge in, it won't even shut!
[Cathy enters]
Diana DeLeon: Well, who are you?
Catherine Gale: My name's Catherine Gale, I want to talk to you.
Diana DeLeon: I'm not stopping you.

Catherine Gale: I suppose you always knew what you were doing: biological warfare.
Dr. Ashe: All warfare is biological.
Catherine Gale: Very profound.

Julius Redfern: Mrs. Gale?
Catherine Gale: Yes, who are you?
Julius Redfern: Julius Redfern. I deal in all sorts of unusual and expensive items, one of which I can see that you've taken from me.

Catherine Gale: Are you in the market for a handful of death?

"The Avengers: Dressed to Kill (#3.14)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: [after Steed's failed seduction of Jane] So much for the homme fatale.

John Steed: [cleaning up his apartment after a Christmas party] I hear you missed a very good party, you know.
Catherine Gale: What, weren't you here?
John Steed: No, I had to leave in the middle of it, unfortunately.
Catherine Gale: But leave your guests?
John Steed: 'Fraid so.
Catherine Gale: Must've been something pretty important.
John Steed: It was. The Third World War broke out.

Catherine Gale: [Steed pulls out a gun after being handcuffed to Cathy] Is that real?
John Steed: Of course.
Catherine Gale: Well why didn't you use it?
John Steed: Well I didn't know about our friend the policeman. Heh. He might have meant well. We can't go popping off innocent people.

John Steed: I did know somebody who tried shooting a pair of handcuffs off.
Catherine Gale: What happened?
John Steed: Well, nowadays he's laughingly known as 'Lefty'.

John Steed: [about Jane] She's fascinated by me. It's my winning smile.
Catherine Gale: You took a smile course?
John Steed: That's a natural attribute.

"The Avengers: The Nutshell (#3.4)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: [taking an elevator down inside a top secret building] What's at the bottom of here?
John Steed: Nutshell: Thermonuclear Underground Target Zone Shelter. The siege of government for World War Three.
Catherine Gale: This is where everyone hides when the push comes?
John Steed: No, not everyone, I'm afraid, only the top people. The deeper you go, the safer it gets. The bottom floor's reserved for the best people, the civil servants get off at the, heh, 43rd floor.

John Steed: What's happened?
Laura: Something we thought never could. Disco is waiting to give you the details himself.
John Steed: Disco, what's he doing here?
Catherine Gale: Who's Disco?
Laura: Director of Intelligence, Security and Combined Operations.
John Steed: The man we never meet...

Disco: Early this morning, someone got in here without authority, used the correct sequence pattern on these, and copied Big Ben.
Catherine Gale: What is it?
Disco: The name means: Bilateral Infiltration, Great Britain, Europe and North America. It is a document which lists all known double agents on both sides in the cold war. In hostile hands, it can deal a death blow to every allied agent operating on the wrong side of the iron curtain. Needless to say, if we fail to get it back, we face a large scale national disaster. And that's only half the problem. The other half is worse.

Mike Venner: How urgent is this?
Catherine Gale: It's not, its emergency.

Catherine Gale: [Steed has been imprisoned and is denied food] How are you, Steed?
John Steed: I'm losing weight.

"The Avengers: Bullseye (#2.4)" (1962)
Catherine Gale: How would you, eh, describe your taste in decor?
Henry Cade: Vulgar.
Catherine Gale: I see you are a frank, straightforward man.
Henry Cade: No, I am cunning and devious.

Catherine Gale: My name is Catherine Gray, from The Woman About London Magazine.
Henry Cade: I can give you six minutes.
Catherine Gale: Thank you. We do a regular Personality of the Month series, a sort of little profile of famous men. For example, last month...
Henry Cade: [interrupting] Actually, rather less than six minutes.

John Steed: And he was snooping around your flat this morning. The window cleaner saw him off the premises.
Catherine Gale: I don't understand, my window cleaner doesn't call today.
John Steed: It was a different window cleaner. Me.

Catherine Gale: Well, here it is.
[hands over a piece of paper]
Henry Cade: What's this?
Catherine Gale: Well, I've been up all night, doing it!
John Steed: Doing what?

"The Avengers: Six Hands Across a Table (#2.25)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: [Steed enters Mrs. Gale's bedroom through the window] What are you doing here? Go out and come through the front door like a civilized human being.
John Steed: I don't fancy navigating that wall again, it's very steep. Well, he has set you up nicely, hasn't he?
Catherine Gale: Say what you have to say, Steed, and then leave.
John Steed: That accident last night wasn't an accident. Which makes me wonder whe...
Catherine Gale: [interrupting] Shh! You've got a voice like a saw!
John Steed: [Mrs. Gale slips into the bathroom while Steed continues to talk] Makes me won - Like a *saw*? Look, it makes me wonder wether they were after you, or Brian whats-his-name. Perhaps they were using, hah, one stone to kill two birds. One block and tackle. That's interesting. Still in there love?

Catherine Gale: Well, he had nothing to do with it.
John Steed: Heh. Oliver? Why not?
Catherine Gale: Because he was with me when it happened.
John Steed: Oh, he must have had his hands full.

Oliver Waldner: Why don't you stay on?
Catherine Gale: I could hardly do that.
Oliver Waldner: Why not? I always do what I want, I always have.

Catherine Gale: [to Steed] I tried to search the study last night, but due to your noisy exit, people were out with guns.

"The Avengers: The White Dwarf (#2.21)" (1963)
John Steed: Do you know what a white dwarf is? It's some kind of astronomical body.
Catherine Gale: The core of a supernova.
John Steed: Ehm, what does, what does that mean then?
Catherine Gale: Well, stars explode sometimes.
John Steed: Ah, when you say star you don't mean a planet?
Catherine Gale: No no, no. The word star gets used very loosely. Stars are realy like our Sun, burning masses of gas, every now and then one of them explodes.
John Steed: Every now and then? Meaning every few million years, eh?
Catherine Gale: Well, not necessarily. There was one quite recently in, ah, 1054.
John Steed: Bang up-to-date!

Catherine Gale: There's a theory, you know, that our own solar system started this way. First they were twin binary stars. Then one of them exploded and some of the debris became the planets.
John Steed: That's Professor Richter's theory, isn't it?
Catherine Gale: [angered] If you've already read up on this, you're wasting my time, aren't you?
John Steed: Keep your shirt on! All I know about this theory is, that he said that the white dwarf would re-enter our solar system one day.
Catherine Gale: He still maintains that theory as far as I know.
John Steed: He doesn't maintain anything anymore, he was murdered last night.

Catherine Gale: [after discussing the possibility of the end of the Earth] And what will you be doing while I'm away?
John Steed: What do you think, having myself a good time, while there's still time to have it.

Catherine Gale: After all, what would you do if someone came bursting in here and accused your brother of perpetrating a swindle?
John Steed: I should be very surprised, I haven't got a brother.

"The Avengers: The Mauritius Penny (#2.7)" (1962)
Catherine Gale: Well, to have a stamp like that offered on a list is like seeing a Leonardo da Vinci painting advertised for sale on your local newsagent's board.
John Steed: You'd be surprised at the artwork my newsagent sells.

Catherine Gale: And what if Mr. Goodchild and Miss Gray were close friends?
John Steed: Look, if you wanted to contact me, would you write my full name and adress in your diary?
Catherine Gale: I don't keep a diary.

Catherine Gale: You didn't really think you could take over this country with a few fanatics in fancy dress, did you?

"The Avengers: The Wringer (#3.17)" (1964)
Catherine Gale: It's rather unusual to send an operator out on a job that involves him personally, isn't it?
John Steed: You've been reading the Official Handbook again, haven't you?
Catherine Gale: [unperturbed] But it is, isn't it?

Catherine Gale: [about Hal Anderson] What kind of a man is he?
John Steed: He's reliable. Heh. By the books he shouldn't be; he's a lousy shot, he can't swim... writes poetry. But, he's reliable.

Catherine Gale: All the evidence you have against Steed is second hand.
Oliver: Yes, it's an ugly trade. It's rules aren't those of justice, but expediency.
Catherine Gale: Everybody's guilty until proved innocent.
Oliver: Precisely.

"The Avengers: Immortal Clay (#2.16)" (1963)
John Steed: All that fuss over a little piece of mud.
Catherine Gale: Would you say that was the official view of the Ceramics Research Council?
John Steed: Undoubtedly!

John Steed: It's bad to feel sorry for people in our business. It slows you up.
Catherine Gale: I'm not in your business. Might as well remember that.

Catherine Gale: If you need warming, you should come down to the pottery. In a couple of the big ones I went into, the heat was unbearable!
John Steed: One Ten will be unbearable if I don't find this tile.

"The Avengers: Mr. Teddy Bear (#2.1)" (1962)
Catherine Gale: [seeing Steed resurfacing] Why aren't you dead?

Mr. Teddy Bear: Do you mind if I am absolutely frank with you, Mrs. Gale? I killed my first man when I was sixteen years old. There was no doubt about him, he died and he deserved to die. The issues were clear. These days, there is getting to be more and more doubt. Which brings us to where we are now. You must know why you are here.
Catherine Gale: To hear the story of your life, apparently.

Catherine Gale: You have a surprising faith in gentlemen's agreements, Mr. Teddy Bear. But perhaps you've noticed, I'm not a gentleman.
Mr. Teddy Bear: Oh, I have noticed, eh, with approval.

"The Avengers: The Undertakers (#3.2)" (1963)
John Steed: This is a rare treat! Bumblebees jellied, made in Japan!
Catherine Gale: Splendid.
John Steed: If there's one place they know how to jelly a bumblebee, it's good ol' Nippon!

John Steed: Where are my jellied bumblebees?
Catherine Gale: I ate them.
John Steed: You did?
Catherine Gale: Well that's what you gave me them for wasn't it?
John Steed: How could you?
Catherine Gale: They were delicious. I thought they were supposed to be one of your favorites.
John Steed: Certainly not! Huh! You never know with the Orient, they might have, ah, jellied the sting.

John Steed: [about to leave on a trip to New York] Send you a postcard?
Catherine Gale: Put a stamp on it, this time!

"The Avengers: Esprit De Corps (#3.25)" (1964)
Catherine Gale: I suppose it never occurred to you that you don't put leather in a washing machine?
John Steed: Really, why not? Cows must get wet sometimes, they don't run.
Catherine Gale: They're not dyed.

Catherine Gale: Well, as far as I can make out from the general, the mayor objectives of the exercise are these:
[takes off her fur coat]
John Steed: [while helping her with her coat, glances at Cathy's chest] Highly desirable.

Catherine Gale: Anything you want to draw from stores?
John Steed: Yes, but, uh, I doubt if you'd issue it.

"The Avengers: The Little Wonders (#3.16)" (1964)
John Steed: What a dirty cassock!
[Steed unwraps cassock and discovers a doll]
John Steed: A doll!
Catherine Gale: Hey, may I see?
[takes doll]
Catherine Gale: It's a Simon and Halbig.
John Steed: Eh?
Catherine Gale: Simon and Halbig. They're the makers. It's a German doll about... hm, 1890 I'd say.
John Steed: You're very knowledgeable you know, Mrs. Gale.
Catherine Gale: I used to collect them. Head's a bit loose though, needs re-stringing.
John Steed: Oh, poor girl.
[taps the dolls head]
Catherine Gale: It's a tricky job, not many people can do it these days.
John Steed: I wonder what the Reverend Hardbottle was doing with a doll?
Catherine Gale: Temporal comfort.
John Steed: Hm. No, he's got his hot waterbottle for that.

Catherine Gale: You're hardly in a position to complain after the mess your husband made of my flat.
Gerda: I apologize for that, he's rather clumsy at times.

Catherine Gale: How did you know where to find me?
Fingers, aka The Frog, Vicar of Tawomba: Followed you home from school last night.
Catherine Gale: You didn't carry my books for me.
Fingers, aka The Frog, Vicar of Tawomba: Heh, heh, heh.

"The Avengers: Conspiracy of Silence (#2.23)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: [crosses arms] Did you get all the stuff I did sent you?
John Steed: I did. Thank you.
Catherine Gale: I was worried about Terry. He had a tattoo a couple days before he joined the circus, so he's probably a phony. Tattoos are like a passport around here.
John Steed: How come you know so much about tattoos?
Catherine Gale: I took it at school instead of needlework.

Catherine Gale: Why are you so interested in photo's and so reluctant to pose for them?

John Steed: [losing his temper] May I remind you, Mrs. Gale, we are dealing with the maffia and not the boyscouts!
Catherine Gale: You offer him a satisfactory alternative to the maffia, and he'll help you.
John Steed: [scoffs] You're an idealist.
Catherine Gale: And you're a cynic.

"The Avengers: November Five (#3.6)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: [Steed has several ideas for Cathy's campaign speeches] Couldn't I write my own clichés?

Catherine Gale: Did you make this mess?
John Steed: No, it was like this when I arrived.

John Steed: [trying out St. John's typewriter] Blunt F, squint I, H above the line...
Catherine Gale: What's that?
John Steed: A very good description of my Auntie Queenie.

"The Avengers: Death of a Batman (#3.5)" (1963)
John Steed: [Steed and Mrs. Gale are searching through magazines] Hold everything!
Catherine Gale: Where?
John Steed: There she is, bless her decolletage. Hoo!
Catherine Gale: [reading] Lady Cynthia Bellamy sits this one out with Major Foster MFH, the Honorable Jeremy Barnes Mayfair Party.
John Steed: Oh... Good for Jeremy. What?
Catherine Gale: Good for the Major!
John Steed: [chuckles] Yes. Hey where has he got his hand? Oh. Officer and a gentleman.

John Steed: [Steed returns home to find Cathy there] Hey, you still here? It stopped raining, you know.
Catherine Gale: It's not five hours, yet.
John Steed: Five hours?
Catherine Gale: They shampooed all the carpets in my flat and I can't walk on them for five hours.
John Steed: Oh dear, dear me.

John Steed: Do you fancy a dehydrated cucumber sandwich?
Catherine Gale: No.
John Steed: Oh, never mind, there's bound to be bloater.

"The Avengers: Second Sight (#3.8)" (1963)
John Steed: I'm representing her Majesty's government in the affair.
Catherine Gale: Does the government know?
John Steed: In places, yes.

Catherine Gale: What does Halvarssen have to say about it?
John Steed: I don't know, I haven't seen him. I have talked to all sorts of people but not him.
Catherine Gale: Why on earth not?
John Steed: Well, when you're rich, you know, one learns how not to be talked to.

Eve Hawn: Mrs. Gale, I told you not to come back to this house again.
Catherine Gale: I'm not very good at taking advice.
Eve Hawn: That's something you may regret.

"The Avengers: The Outside-In Man (#3.22)" (1964)
John Steed: [Steed arrives home to find Cathy lying on the floor, reading a book] Ah, you got my message.
Catherine Gale: Obviously.
John Steed: I've been doing the shopping.
Catherine Gale: Obviously. I take it it's about Andrew Sharp?
John Steed: Obviously, I've been working all night.

Catherine Gale: Why can't you go?
John Steed: Well, they may be suspicious. They know my face from a... little bloodbath on the border about four years ago.

Catherine Gale: You're a very vindictive woman, Mrs. Rayner.
Helen Rayner: Hm. I thought you said you understood my feelings.
Catherine Gale: For the loss of a husband, yes, but not for murder, or revenge.
Helen Rayner: You don't know what it's like to be made a widow.
Catherine Gale: Yes I do.

"The Avengers: The White Elephant (#3.15)" (1964)
Noah Marshall: I, eh, take it that you were a hunter, Mrs. Gale?
Catherine Gale: Yes, for a while in Kenya. My husband farmed there. When he died, I supported myself taking safaris.

Catherine Gale: [to Steed] You're sudden concern for our four-footed friends is touching, but not very convincing.

George: [staring sadly at an empty elephant cage] It's not the same place, without Snowy...
Catherine Gale: You were her keeper?
George: Her loser's more like it, Mrs. Gale.

"The Avengers: Warlock (#2.18)" (1963)
[Steed and Cathy are attacked by cult members]
John Steed: Do you come here often?
Catherine Gale: It's my first visit. I don't think I'll be asked again.

John Steed: [Mrs. Gale is holding up a skull] I know the face - forget the name. Ah, yes, poor Yorick. I knew him well, you know. A fellow of *infinite* jest.
Catherine Gale: That's more than can be said for you.

Catherine Gale: [about to have a drink with Steed] Here's to palmistry.

"The Avengers: Death of a Great Dane (#2.8)" (1962)
John Steed: [about Cathy's bird photography] Is this all?
Catherine Gale: Yes.
John Steed: But you've been away a fortnight, I mean, three birds to show for it?
Catherine Gale: They don't stand still and pose for you, Steed.
John Steed: They do for me...

Catherine Gale: What's this?
John Steed: Milk.
Catherine Gale: Why?
John Steed: We're going to a wine tasting.
Catherine Gale: We are?
John Steed: Pretty good base. Keeps your pallet perceptive, and stopes you getting sloshed.

"The Avengers: Concerto (#3.24)" (1964)
Zalenko: [Cathy arrives with Steed in tow] But I thought the British Cultural Council was only sending one person.
Catherine Gale: Eh...
John Steed: Mrs. Gale and I met on the doorstep.

Catherine Gale: Burns was waiting for me. We've been playing one sided Russian Roulette.
John Steed: I told you gambling would be the death of you.

"The Avengers: Intercrime (#2.15)" (1963)
John Steed: His name's Palmer, he's an up and coming safe-cracker. He's been shot in the head.
Catherine Gale: Then shouldn't he be in hospital?
John Steed: Yeah, but for the moment, my flat will have to do.

John Steed: Well, how's it going?
Catherine Gale: Not very well. She's not exactly talkative.
John Steed: Yeah, that's why she's a far more valuable catch than we realized. She's not liable to talk easy.
Catherine Gale: Does that mean you want me to go on pumping her?

"The Avengers: Propellant 23 (#2.2)" (1962)
Catherine Gale: Do you always arrange to take your calls in a lingerie department?
John Steed: If humanly possible.

John Steed: I'm meeting the plane from Tripoli. There's a man on board called Meyer. Now he's got a package. He's going give me the package, and I'm going to take it to London.
Catherine Gale: Really. What's in the package?
John Steed: Ha. I don't know.
Catherine Gale: Typical.
[slams car door]
John Steed: Hey! Hold on, where are you going?
Catherine Gale: Back to Toulon.
John Steed: [gets into her car] No, but you don't understand! Whatever is in this package, it is absolutely vital that I get hold of it. If I don't? Well, governments will fall, chaos will ensue!
Catherine Gale: How can you possibly say that if you don't know what's in it?
John Steed: Well it's some sort of sixth sense you know, we get it in my job. And I got it at the briefing this morning.

"The Avengers: Mandrake (#3.18)" (1964)
John Steed: But Tinbey is a ghost village.
Catherine Gale: You mean nobody lives there?
John Steed: Well, it used to support a... heh, a tin mine... That tin mine went out of action eight years ago, and all the villagers have moved to Bodmin.
Catherine Gale: Must have a strong attraction for corpses.
John Steed: So strong that people die in London, and are transported off to Cornwall. Why?

Catherine Gale: [about Benson] Does he know you're on to him?
John Steed: He will, when I'm ready.

"The Avengers: The Golden Fleece (#3.11)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: I've learned from experience that whenever you wine and dine me as well as this, it's always been the prelude to some hideous adventure.
John Steed: [chuckles] Well, you know what they say, when it's inevitable, sit back and enjoy it.

Catherine Gale: You can't just tell me in plain, straight forward language that you're after a gold smuggler. We have to go through this ridiculous rigmarole of candlelight and wine and old Chinese proverbs. Well, here's another old Chinese proverb: he who does not tell truth, gets cushion in eye!
[throws a cushion at Steed]

"The Avengers: Man with Two Shadows (#3.3)" (1963)
John Steed: Well, how is Mrs. Whiz Bang Wallop this fine Trojan morning, eh? What's for breakfast?
Catherine Gale: Cook it and see!

John Steed: How does Gordon strike you?
Catherine Gale: With a dull thud.

"The Avengers: The Charmers (#3.23)" (1964)
John Steed: Alas, poor George.
Catherine Gale: You knew him?
John Steed: I knew him well, Georgie Vinkel, he's one of their top agents. It's funny, he's the second one they've bumped off this month.

John Steed: Look, I thought you'd grasp at the chance. Chance of working cheek by jowl with Martin.
Catherine Gale: My cheek is going nowhere near his jowl.
John Steed: Now Mrs. Jowl, look - Mrs Gale, look, this is a job of work, I need you, you can't let me down now.

"The Avengers: Killer Whale (#2.26)" (1963)
John Steed: [pouring a glass] I've been reading up on whales...
Catherine Gale: Oh, are you going on holiday dai bach?
John Steed: Not that Wales. Whales, Moby Dick.
[hands her a drink]
Catherine Gale: Cheers, Captain Abraham.

Catherine Gale: Imagine that, 32.000 pounds for something you picked up off a beach.
John Steed: Hm. I've never picked up anything off a beach that valuable.

"The Avengers: Lobster Quadrille (#3.26)" (1964)
John Steed: And as you're going to be out there anyway, pussy-footing along those sun-soaked shores...
Catherine Gale: You thought I might do a little investigating.
John Steed: That's right! What do you say?
Catherine Gale: Goodbye Steed!
John Steed: Eh?
Catherine Gale: That's what I say: goodbye.
John Steed: But that isn't asking too much?
Catherine Gale: [Mrs. Gale gets up to leave] Oh yes it is! You see I'm not going to be pussy-footing along those sun-soaked shores - I'm going to be lying on them.
John Steed: Not pussy-footing? I must have been misinformed!
[door slams]

Catherine Gale: Isn't there a proverb in your country that said everyone...
Mason: [interrupting] Not Confucius, please. What was wisdom to my ancestors is now mere pomposity in this enlightened age.

"The Avengers: The Secrets Broker (#3.19)" (1964)
John Steed: What we've got to do, is to keep it on the secret list. We've got a week to do it in, 'cause it's going to the Pacific for testing.
Catherine Gale: They've only got a week, too, so I suppose they're bound to try something.
John Steed: They'll try all sorts of things, most of them dirty. There are no more gentlemen in this game.

Jim Carey: I do hope you won't be staying with us long, Mrs. Gale.
Catherine Gale: Oh?
Jim Carey: Your predecessor was here for nearly a month. He practically drove us all mad with his questions.

"The Avengers: Traitor in Zebra (#2.11)" (1962)
John Steed: Well, what's the setup?
Catherine Gale: They have a very fine laboratory, they are quite satisfied with my work, and in one week I've discovered absolutely nothing.

John Steed: You're not frightened of burning your fingers, eh?
Catherine Gale: What woman would be for rubies this size?
John Steed: Hah!

"The Avengers: Don't Look Behind You (#3.12)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: Look, it's late, I'm tired and you're going.
[leads him to the front your]
John Steed: Well then, how would you like me to tuck you in?
Catherine Gale: How would you like me to break your arm?
John Steed: Oh no, not much, no, that doesn't appeal.

"The Avengers: Death on the Rocks (#2.10)" (1962)
Catherine Gale: You've gone into the real estate business, then?
John Steed: Oh, I just happen to have one going spare...
Catherine Gale: Won't you be using it?
John Steed: [lighting her cigarette] I thought we might both use it...
Catherine Gale: Thank you for the offer, but I prefer to make my own arrangements.
John Steed: Oh, don't misunderstand me, It's just that I need a wife for a couple of weeks.
Catherine Gale: So long?

"The Avengers: Brief for Murder (#3.1)" (1963)
John Steed: [There has just been an attempt to shoot Cathy] Must be something in your psychic makeup, the way you antagonize complete strangers.
Miss Elizabeth Prinn: Well, why are you standing there, why don't you go after him?
John Steed: It's my basic cowardice. Anyway, I thought he had very good intentions. But not very good aim, eh?
Miss Elizabeth Prinn: Oh no, not any self respect...
Catherine Gale: Respect of any description doesn't come into Mr. Steed's dictionary.

"The Avengers: Build a Better Mousetrap (#3.21)" (1964)
John Steed: Caroline, may I introduce Catherine. Now, she's the white hope in the black leather of the Vern Ingham district T.T.
Catherine Gale: How do you do?
Caroline Wesker: How do you do? I must say that is a very fetching, Vectised outfit.
John Steed: That's what I always say.

"The Avengers: The Gilded Cage (#3.7)" (1963)
John Steed: How much the bars weigh?
Catherine Gale: Oh Steed, no ones ever going to ask me that!
John Steed: You know what they'll ask?
Catherine Gale: Four hundred troy ounces, and they measure six and three a quarter inches by three and a half by one and three quarter inches.
John Steed: Value?
Catherine Gale: 5000 pounds. And at Fort Knox there are eight hundred thousand of them weighing eight thousand eight hundred tons. Satisfied?
John Steed: Yes.
Catherine Gale: You're becoming a proper slave driver!
John Steed: I got my whip upon on the kitchen table!

"The Avengers: The Grandeur That Was Rome (#3.10)" (1963)
Catherine Gale: By the way, Steed, we've had a report from the Ministry of Agriculture that some regents are running out of earthworms.
John Steed: Aw, pity. I was planning a fishing holiday this year.

"The Avengers: The Medicine Men (#3.9)" (1963)
John Steed: I hate getting up in a hurry.
Catherine Gale: You hate getting up, period!

"The Avengers: Death a La Carte (#3.13)" (1963)
Emir Abdulla Akaba: Ah, London... it is the most reassuring of cities.
Catherine Gale: Yes, there are many places I like to visit, but I don't think I'd like to live anywhere else but here.
Emir Abdulla Akaba: We are sure, Mrs. Gale, that everyone feels so about his own country.