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Emma Peel (Character)
from "The Avengers" (1961)

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The Avengers (1998)
John Steed: Oh, just one thing...
Emma Peel: Good luck?
John Steed: Something like that.

John Steed: After all, according to your file, you're a psychopathic personality with schizophrenic delusions, suffering from recurring amnesia based on traumatic repression leading to outbursts of antisocial and violent behavior. Knight to king seven. Check.
Emma Peel: Is that really what you think of me?
John Steed: Well... just my type, Mrs. Peel.

Father: Hello, Mrs. Peel, welcome back to The Ministry. Now we're going to have a talk.
Emma Peel: About the weather, how topical!
Father: It'll help pass the time.
Emma Peel: Time would pass anyway if you think about it logically! But then so few do think logically, or even anti-logically. Clockwise or anti-clockwise, tick-toc, toc-tick, see-saw, Margery Daw. It amounts to the same thing! After all how do you know I'm the real Mrs Peel?
Father: How real do you feel, Mrs. Peel?
Emma Peel: I'll repeat the question, bypassing the weather, which, no doubt, being British, we'll return to in a moment. Do I walk like Mrs Peel, talk like Mrs Peel? Am I witty, wise, wonderful to know? Or, do I go around shooting Ministry agents, attempting to rule the world on my days off?
Father: Now you're just playing games!

Emma Peel: How now, brown cow.

Emma Peel: I suppose Mother warned you about women like me?
John Steed: Until now, I didn't know there were women like you.

[repeated line]
John Steed, Emma Peel: Tea?

[last lines]
Mother: [raising champagne glass] A toast; to a job well done.
Emma Peel: To a narrow escape.
Mother: Macaroon?
Emma Peel: [shaking her head to Mother,] Thank you, Steed.
John Steed: No, no. Thank you, Mrs. Peel.
[All drink champagne as camera zooms off roof top]

Emma Peel: [confronted with wiring panel] Was it red or black? Here goes, eeny, meeny, miney...

John Steed: Mrs. Peel, what kept you?
Emma Peel: The weather.

"The Avengers: The Cybernauts (#4.3)" (1965)
Emma Peel: It's as though we've reached a dead end. Correction: three dead ends.

Emma Peel: [bent over dead body] The position of the head. He's been hit from the front and yet there isn't a trace of bruising on the face.
John Steed: Conclusion, honorable lady?
Emma Peel: In-ku.
John Steed: Ink who?
Emma Peel: It's a karate blow. Delivered by an expert, it breaks the neck easier than a hangman's noose.
John Steed: Many in this country, experts?
Emma Peel: Very few. Barely a handful in the whole of Europe.

Sensai: Please state your business, Mrs. Peel.
Emma Peel: I am interested in Karate.
Sensai: Interest is for the onlooker. From students we require dedication, nightly attendance for practice and demonstration. We never tolerate absentees.
Emma Peel: I appreciate that.
Sensai: Then appreciate too, Mrs. Peel, that Karate, unlike Judo, is not a sport. It is a science, an art, a discipline. The word Karate...
Emma Peel: [interrupting] Means empy hand.
Sensai: But the hands, though empty, can become more deadly than any weapon. It is the combination of force and a development of courage.

John Steed: As Tusamo might have said, we have a proverb: he who talks too much, forgets his listener.
Emma Peel: Son of Confucius?
John Steed: Steed.

Emma Peel: I must say, I can't wait to meet Oyama, 'the Tall Mountain'.
John Steed: What's he got that I haven't got?
Emma Peel: A hobby.
John Steed: Archeology, philately, knitting?
Emma Peel: Splitting doors.

John Steed: If I'm not back by eleven-thirty, I'll stay for breakfast.
Emma Peel: You don't eat breakfast.

John Steed: [Emma is under attack from a Cybernaut] Mrs. Peel, throw me the pen, the pen thrown it me.
[she obliges, the Cybernaut turns to follow the pen]
John Steed: It's a short wave device, works like a guided missile.
Emma Peel: Well get rid of it then!
John Steed: Don't worry, I will.
[turns corner to find Armstrong and another Cybernaut coming at him]
Dr. Clement Armstrong: That won't help you, Steed, this one has a brain of it's own.

John Steed: [solving crossword puzzle] It moves in the dark, it leaves no mark, it's as hard as steel. Nine down. Now what would that be, Mrs Peel?
Emma Peel: Cybernaut?

Sensai: [refusing Emma into the gym] ... It is difficult for a woman to compete in such company.
Emma Peel: [smiling] It's that the idea of competition appeals to me.
Sensai: Then I'd suggest perhaps... fencing would be more suitable to your purpose.
Emma Peel: I think not, Mister...
Sensai: Here I'm known as Sensai - the Knowledgeable One.
[Claps hands once; a tall blonde in karate outfit appears by the gym's entrance]
Sensai: Oyuka! Ms. Peel is leaving now.
Emma Peel: [after glncing at the blonde, turns round to face Sensei again] What makes Oyuka the exception?
Sensai: Oyuka, the Immovable One, she's a third dan of judo, a first dan of karate. There are few men who could pass her, if she would not want them to.
Emma Peel: And if I could?
Sensai: I shouldn't try it, Baka, the Foolish One. But if you can, you'll be most welcome.
Sensai: [Watches as Emma places her handbag and gloves on the floor, and bows to him with Oyuka; the women exchange holds; Oyuka is in an arm-lock and tries to scratch Emma's right leg; he shouts] Oyuka!
[Emma projects Oyuka to the floor]
Sensai: You attacked her as a woman, but she has the skill of a man... A bad mistake, Oyuka.
[Emma bows to the sensei again, collects her things, and exits]

"The Avengers: The Town of No Return (#4.1)" (1965)
John Steed: [during a friendly bout of fencing] We ought to get away... Down to the coast for a while.
Emma Peel: We?
[she turns round and Steeds slaps her on the behind with his sword]
John Steed: [they resume their swordfight] Why not? We can build sandcastles together.
Emma Peel: I refuse to carry your bucket and spade.

'Piggy' Warren: Ah, good evening, good evening. Sorry to have kept you waiting and welcome to the jolly old Gremlin. Well what'll it be, a jar or two of the jolly old splosh, what?
[laughs heartily]
John Steed: I'll have a large brandy, please. And how about you, Mrs... eh?
Emma Peel: Peel. No thank you, I don't think I ought to.
John Steed: Oh, come on, traveling companions and all that, we'll have one for the lady as well. And how about you, Mr. eh...
Smallwood: Smallwood. I'll have the same, thank you very much.
'Piggy' Warren: Right. Three tots of Napoleon's ruin coming up.

Emma Peel: As for the sea breezes, well, I shall have to take a couple of reefs in my bedclothes tonight.
John Steed: We must be prepared to make concessions, my dear. Back to nature!
Emma Peel: Well, you might have warned me. I'd have packed my pot of woad.

Emma Peel: [opens door to hotel room] What happened to pussy-footed pussy?
John Steed: [comes into the room] Isn't it time you were in bed? You have to be up early for school tomorrow.

Emma Peel: Would the winner come to the unsaddling enclosure?
John Steed: [Steed finds Peel tied up with riding gear] All this is supposed to go on a horse, you know.

Emma Peel: [Steed is untying Emma] Ow! Tight girth!
John Steed: We'll have to cut down on the oats.

John Steed: Don't touch that, we may be in orbit.
Emma Peel: You of course quite a constellation.

John Steed: There's a whole army down here. And up top, they're still searching for us.
Emma Peel: I feel like the filling in a club sandwich.

"The Avengers: Too Many Christmas Trees (#4.13)" (1965)
Emma Peel: [Mrs. Peel is helping Steed open his Christmas cards] "Best wishes for the future - Cathy"
John Steed: Mrs. Gale! Ah, how nice of her to remember me. What can she be doing in Fort Knox?

Emma Peel: [Emma is admiring an antique bed] You know, I've always rather fancied myself in one of these.
John Steed: So have I...
Emma Peel: Hmm?
John Steed: I mean, I have too.

Emma Peel: I warn you, I'm here collecting for Christmas charity and I intend to separate you from at least fifty guineas.
John Steed: Double it if you'll make the voce a little more sotto.
John Steed: just an octave or two...

John Steed: [shouting to be heard over his electric razor] It wasn't a party, just a quiet dinner with an old friend.
Emma Peel: Blonde, brunette or redhead?
John Steed: Shiny pink. Rear Admiral Keavers. Bald as a baby's elbow.

John Steed: Secrets have been getting into the wrong hands.
Emma Peel: And you think he may be responsible?
John Steed: I'm certain he's responsible, because the secrets that have been leaking out have only been entrusted to two people, him and me. I know it isn't me.

John Steed: Give me a hand, will you?
Emma Peel: Hm, I love opening other people's cards.

John Steed: It was Teasle's idea.
Emma Peel: Teasle?
John Steed: Security Intelligence Psychiatric Devision. Where is he now, by the way?
John Steed: Grean grow the rushes!
Emma Peel: I knocked him out.
John Steed: Oh, the War Office won't like that.

"The Avengers: Silent Dust (#4.14)" (1965)
John Steed: [Peel is steering a gondola, Steed is relaxing in it under a woman's umbrella] Tired?
Emma Peel: [she places the rowing ore firmly in the ground] Exhausted.
John Steed: No stamina.
Emma Peel: [sits down next to him] No comment.
John Steed: I know just how you feel.
Emma Peel: How? How would you know?

Peter Omrod: Are you looking for anything in particular?
Quince: Martlets.
Peter Omrod: Oh? What's special about them?
Emma Peel: There aren't any.

John Steed: [looking through Quince's glasses] Cut off in mid-warble?
Emma Peel: I haven't heard from him since.

John Steed: By the way, how's your connection with industrial science?
Emma Peel: Well oiled.

Emma Peel: [about to lift off in a hot air balloon] Are you sure you know how to control one of these things, Steed?
John Steed: Absolutely, my dear, nothing to worry about. Just a question of throwing ballast overboard.
Emma Peel: And what happens when we run out of ballast?

"The Avengers: Dial a Deadly Number (#4.10)" (1965)
Emma Peel: [referring to Steed's watch] That's new.
John Steed: Legacy from my uncle.
Emma Peel: Pitty it's dented.
John Steed: Battle of the Somme, 1916.
Emma Peel: German bullet?
John Steed: Canadian mule.

John Harvey: Eh, Mrs. Peel is another client of us, from... Barbados.
John Steed: Recently?
Emma Peel: I arrived last week.
John Steed: You surprise me.
Emma Peel: Why is that?
Emma Peel: So little tan.
John Steed: Ah... The rainy season.
Emma Peel: Of course.

John Harvey: Do you like wine, Mrs. Peel?
Emma Peel: In moderation.
John Harvey: [small laugh] I was referring to your interest, not your capacity.
Emma Peel: So was I.

Emma Peel: What do you make of the Boardmans?
John Steed: Him: bluff, concervative, die-hard traditional.
Emma Peel: Square.
John Steed: Exactly.
Emma Peel: And her?
John Steed: Attractive, intelligent, expensive.
Emma Peel: Cold as ice.
John Steed: And promiscuous.
Emma Peel: Promiscuous?
John Steed: Beyond that my lips are sealed. A true gentleman doesn't, eh...
Emma Peel: A true gentleman doesn't know of a lady's promiscuity.

Fitch: He was a lothario. With amazing capacity. If promotion was won in bed, he'd have been a field marshal.
Emma Peel: Quite an orgy of death, Mr. Fitch.

"The Avengers: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station (#5.13)" (1967)
Emma Peel: And who's his ladyfriend?
John Steed: Auntie Maud.
Emma Peel: Do you know her?
John Steed: 'Maud', M.A.U.D. 'Microfilm And Unencyphered Documents', army issue pouch.

Emma Peel: [Entering Steeds apartment, Emma nearly steps on a dead body] Steed, whoops! You really must have a word with that cleaning lady of yours.

Admiral Cartney: [after finding two stacks of used railway tickets] London to Norborough, First Class return. Heh. Must be about a hundred of 'em. The Fellow must have had an obsession about railways.
Emma Peel: And they're all punched through. See, the 'o' in Norborough is punched through.
Admiral Cartney: Oh yes... and the hole's just about the size of a...
Emma Peel: Self-respecting micro-dot. Makes sense. Salt fills in the 'o' with a micro-dot...
Admiral Cartney: Ticket collector punches it out again...
Emma Peel: And bingo, the message is passed on.
Admiral Cartney: [a beat] To a ticket collector?

Crewe: And what exactly is your problem, dear lady?
Emma Peel: I'd like you to listen to this umbrella.

Emma Peel: [clears throught] Diddly-dah... diddly-dum. Twiddly-dum. Twiddly, twiddly, twiddly, dah. blinkety-blink, blinkety-blink. Chaddily-dum, chaddily-dah. Boopity-boop.

"The Avengers: Death's Door (#6.2)" (1967)
Emma Peel: You know my wavelength.
John Steed: I do indeed.

Emma Peel: Well, friend Stapley certainly excelled himself, it's a great piece of double talk. "Why Sir Andrew left the converence", or how to say nothing in 500 well chosen words.
John Steed: Stapley can't help telling half truths, he's in constant touch with politicians.

Emma Peel: [to Steed] Apart from me, you're the best driver I know.

John Steed: Coffee or orange juice?
Emma Peel: Both.
John Steed: Should have known...

Emma Peel: Welcome to Nightmare Alley.

"The Avengers: Death at Bargain Prices (#4.4)" (1965)
[Mrs. Peel is working undercover in a department store]
John Steed: I asked the chief predator where to find you and he said, "Our Mrs. Peel is in ladies' underwear." I rattled up the stairs three at a time.
Emma Peel: Merry quips department on the fifth floor, sir.

Emma Peel: Would you like a drink?
John Steed: Intravenously!

Jarvis: Mrs. Peel?
Emma Peel: Yes?
Jarvis: Jarvis. House Dick.
[she gives him a quizzical look]
Jarvis: Detective.

Emma Peel: So that's what they meant. I heard some of the staff talking about the King upstairs.
John Steed: He's here?
Emma Peel: Hm-hm, living at the top of the building. A disued department's been converted for him.
John Steed: Really? Where is it?
Emma Peel: The Department of Discontinued Lines.
[hits Steed on the nose with a pencil]
Emma Peel: You should fit in rather well.
John Steed: That's a matter of opinion.

John Steed: What on earth's that?
Emma Peel: Hm. Oh, it's an exploded molecular construction.
John Steed: So that's what hit me.

"The Avengers: The Positive Negative Man (#6.6)" (1967)
John Steed: What was all that about? You didn't trip, we don't have a dinner engagement, and to plumb the depths of utter banality with 'I don't usually fall for strangers'.
Emma Peel: It was a corny situation calling for corny measures.

Cynthia Wentworth-Howe: I'm Cynthia Wentworth-Howe, Top Hush Secretary to the Minister.
John Steed: How do you do?
Emma Peel: Top Hush?
Cynthia Wentworth-Howe: We assistants come in four grades: 'Confidential', 'Secret', 'Most Secret' and 'Top Hush'.
John Steed: Eh, you've reached the top of your profession, then?
Cynthia Wentworth-Howe: Not quite. My ultimate ambition is to achieve the special category of 'Button Lip', the pinnacle of secrecy. Not a single syllable passed on before being vetted, examined, coded and cleared.

John Steed: You don't happen to be carrying around a large brandy, do you?
Emma Peel: No, I'm traveling light.

Peter Haworth: My pectorals may leave much to be desired, Mrs. Peel, but I'm the most dynamic man you are ever likely to meet. Hear that? Power. Broadcast power. A life force flowing into me, fed by radio waves, making me the most powerful man on earth, a king, omnipotent!
Emma Peel: Careful you don't blow a fuse.

"The Avengers: The Joker (#5.15)" (1967)
Emma Peel: It's late, I'm tired, and I want to go to bed.
Strange Young Man: In that case, how would you like me to tuck you up?
Emma Peel: In that case, how would you like me to break your arm.

Emma Peel: [about Sir Cavalier Rousticana] He read my article recently.
John Steed: So did I! All bids, no trumps and mathematics. It was very confusing.

Ola Monsey-Chamberlain: He was called away to a, a meeting. In London. The I.B.P.C. The International... something.
Emma Peel: Bridge Players Convention...

Emma Peel: I don't see a car.
Strange Young Man: Well, you wouldn't would you? Not in this fog. But it's there.

"The Avengers: Castle De'ath (#4.5)" (1965)
Emma Peel: Your cousin has hired my company as consultants.
Ian De'ath: What company would that be?
Emma Peel: Aborcashaata.
Ian De'ath: Aborca what?
Emma Peel: It's the Advisory Bureau on Refurbishing Castles and Stately Homes as a Tourist Attraction.

Ian De'ath: You damned fool, Angus, you could have killed somebody!
Angus De'ath: Aye, but I didn't, did I?
Emma Peel: So what's your next trick, splitting an apple on this gentleman's head?
Angus De'ath: Hm. You must be Mrs. Peel. Welcom to Castle De'ath.
Emma Peel: Thank you. I've already tripped over the matt.

John Steed: Was there a rack down there?
[Mrs. Peel nods]
John Steed: In good racking order?
Emma Peel: I didn't have time to find out. Shouldn't be at all surprised.

Emma Peel: [about Black Jamie, who was walled up the East tower of Castle De'ath] Well, he can't do much harm, I mean not walled up.
John Steed: Mrs. Peel, the first thing a ghost learns is to walk through walls. That's a fundimental part of any self-respecting spirit's basic training.

"The Avengers: The Fear Merchants (#5.2)" (1967)
John Steed: Richard Meadows. Found at Wembley Stadium in his pajamas.
Emma Peel: Maybe he sleepwalks?
John Steed: Some walk. He resides in Birmingham, now that's a hundred and, eh...
Emma Peel: Thirteen miles away. So he went to bed in Birmingham...
John Steed: And woke up in Wembley.

John Steed: You found out nothing?
Emma Peel: Hm-hm, nothing in the files of Fox, White and Crawley, not even the courtesy of a reply.

John Steed: Steed, what are you doing?
Emma Peel: What am I doing? Practising my 'high-powered tycoon' look.

John Steed: We're in the travel business. I provide luxurious igloos in Iceland.
Emma Peel: Complete with a deepfreeze.
John Steed: Bearskin rugs...
Emma Peel: And hot and cold running eskimo's.
John Steed: Why not? That's quite an idea.

"The Avengers: A Sense of History (#4.24)" (1966)
Emma Peel: [on Steed's sword] That looks a bit droopy.
John Steed: Wait 'til it's challenged.

Richard Carlyon: [referring to the death of Broom] Distressing business.
Emma Peel: Very.
Richard Carlyon: Yes, it quite spoiled my appetite when I heard.
Emma Peel: Ruined James Broom's.
Richard Carlyon: What? Oh, yes, yes, I see what you mean.

Emma Peel: What on earth are you doing here anyway, Steed?
John Steed: Advanced research into the co-relationship of the lesser-crested newt and Mrs. Sybil Peabody.
Emma Peel: Mrs. Sybil Peabody?
John Steed: An aunt of mine. Drinks like a fish.

Emma Peel: Steed. So you've finally decided on your costume. The Sheriff of, eh... Bashful Ben?
John Steed: Nottingham.
Emma Peel: Well, I hate to mention, in all the books I've read, the Sheriff is a baddy.
John Steed: Beneath this doublet beats a generous heart.

"The Avengers: How to Succeed ....At Murder (#4.25)" (1966)
J.J. Hooter: You see, I smell a great deal.
Emma Peel: You do? Eh, I mean you do.

J.J. Hooter: [after removing his nose protector] There you see the splendid beast. Naked before you.
Emma Peel: Hm. It very a... handy.
J.J. Hooter: But what until you see him in action, Mrs. Peel. Wait until you see him twitch and flare.

Emma Peel: It's all this secretarial business. I got cramp in my glutils and my dorsals were definitely dormant.

John Steed: [Steed has hit Emma's bumper with his Bentley] I'm most terribly sorry, Miss.
John Steed: I just wanted a word with you.
Emma Peel: [shouts] Are you blind?
Emma Peel: Couldn't you have phoned?
John Steed: [quietly] And risk a wire tap?
John Steed: My foot missed the brake.
[quietly again]
John Steed: Henrietta's been dead for years, just seen the gravestone, it's all extremely odd.
John Steed: Well, no harm done.
Emma Peel: [louder still] No harm? There ought to be a law against these things.
John Steed: [quietly] How are you getting on?
Emma Peel: Not to well, progressing.
Emma Peel: Watch your driving in future!
[walks off]
John Steed: [whispering] And you watch your step.

"The Avengers: A Surfeit of H2O (#4.8)" (1965)
Emma Peel: You diabolical mastermind, you!

Emma Peel: Stolen?
Emma Peel, Eli Barker: Aye, he thought he was unobserved, but I saw him, sneaking into Grannie Gregson's.
Emma Peel: Grannie Gregson's?
Eli Barker: Grannie Gregson's Glorious Grogs Incorporated, just a bit over the ledge. A factory engaged in the fermentation of intoxicating liquors.
Emma Peel: And you actually saw him going in there?
Eli Barker: Late at night. Creeping in, to steal liquors. to gorge on glorious grogs.

Eli Barker: Mrs. Peel, it's you again. You should be preparing: the flood cometh!
Emma Peel: Yes, well I've put a down payment on a canoe.

Emma Peel: [Mrs. Peel is trapped in a wine press. Steed and Jonah arrive through a secret entrance in the floor] Gentlemen should knock before entering.
John Steed: [quickly walks up to Emma] What are you, a sparkle in a seaweed soda?
Emma Peel: No, I'm the kick in the nettle noggin.
John Steed: Never mind, I'll have you out of here in two shakes of a swizzle stick.

"The Avengers: The Bird Who Knew Too Much (#5.5)" (1967)
John Steed: Do you know they brought over the whole Eastern rocket program in the eye of a needle?
Emma Peel: Ingenious!
John Steed: Hm. Except for the fact that the courier laid down and rested in a haystack.
Emma Peel: You mean they...
John Steed: They're still looking for it.

John Steed: Frank Elrick. He was engaged on counter-counter counterespionage.
Emma Peel: Well, somebody countered his counter. Where was this, eh, found?
John Steed: In a contractor's yard and just in time. In another hour or so... he would have been the cornerstone of a new supermarket. Poor, old Frank. He was a pretty solid sort of type.
Emma Peel: He still is.

Professor Jordan: [about Captain Crusoe] Whomever teaches him a phrase, he gets the tone and inflection of that person's voice exactly. A parot paragon.
Emma Peel: And now he's a Polly gone.

John Steed, Emma Peel: The parot's taking the information out!

"The Avengers: Small Game for Big Hunters (#4.16)" (1966)
Professor Swain: I am sorry, Mrs. Peel, there's nothing more I can do. I have diagnosed the sickness, I do not hold a cure. He sleeps the sleep of the living dead. There's no awakening him, not by any means I have at my command.
Emma Peel: But surely there must be something?
Professor Swain: I am sorry, Mrs. Peel.
Emma Peel: Professor Swain, we're not living in a primitive jungle, this is Hertfortshire, England.

John Steed: Had a spot of bother with the natives. A full blown savage with a very unfriendly disposition.
Emma Peel: Oh come now, Steed.
John Steed: It's the truth, he was wearing war paint. Sacrificial knife, the lot. He practically ruined my bowler hat.
[hands hat to Emma]
John Steed: Didn't do this must good either.
[indicating a folder of papers]
Emma Peel: What's missing?
John Steed: Colonel Rawling's file. Fortunately he overlooked my cucumber sandwiches.
Emma Peel: Oh, good.
Emma Peel: [takes a sandwich from Steed and then a bite] Hmm.
John Steed: [has a nibble as well] Hmm.

Emma Peel: [on phone] Steed, where are you?
John Steed: Deep in wildest Kalaya.

Emma Peel: [picking up a metal carrying case] What's in this, anyway? the crown jewels?
John Steed: Creepy, crawly germ laden flies. Let's get back to the old country.

"The Avengers: Return of the Cybernauts (#6.1)" (1967)
Emma Peel: [referring to 'A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man] A man doesn't have to be handsome to be attractive. There's a sort of ugliness for it's own sake. And if you look closely, you'll find a sense of humour. And the eyes are kind.
John Steed: It hasn't got any eyes.

John Steed: Sorry to break up your evening.
Paul Beresford: There'll be another one.
John Steed: Good night, Paul.
Paul Beresford: Good night, Steed and good luck.
John Steed: Thank you.
Emma Peel: Good night, Paul.
Paul Beresford: Surely Steed can handle this alone?
Emma Peel: He could, but I mustn't him find out.

Emma Peel: Are you coming up?
John Steed: Now is not the time for a glass of claret, not even a '29. No, I think I'll stay here.

Emma Peel: How the head?
John Steed: What head? I'm numb from ear to ear.
Emma Peel: Never tangle with a Cybernaut.
John Steed: Tangle? I was almost decapitated.
[winces in pain]
Emma Peel: Well, this ice should...
John Steed: Should be in a glass with a large whiskey wrapped around it.
Emma Peel: All right...
John Steed: [moans as he gets up] Ah well, it's part of the great tradition: unless one's head is in two separate halves... hah, the show must go on.

"The Avengers: Escape in Time (#5.3)" (1967)
John Steed: Known you all this time, never knew that you could sew.
Emma Peel: Well, our relationship hasn't been exactly domestic, has it?

Waldo Thyssen: Does Elizabethan appeal to you?
Emma Peel: Not at all. The men were so... tiny.

Emma Peel: [holding up a photograph] Now there's an evil face if ever I saw one.
John Steed: That's Tubby Vincent, he's on our side!

Matthew Thyssen: These strange clothes you wear. The devil's work! Designed to daze and to bewitch a man's senses. To inflame him to lust.
Emma Peel: You should see me 400 years from now.

"The Avengers: The Danger Makers (#4.20)" (1966)
John Steed: [Steed is carefully inspecting Emma's box of chocolates as if it were a bomb] Whatever you do, don't touch the wrapped ones.
Emma Peel: Why not?
John Steed: 'Cause I like them.
[he unwraps one and eats it]

Emma Peel: What have we got, so far?
John Steed: Two black roses, three corpses...
Emma Peel: [shouting from off screen] Four white feathers...
John Steed: And a partridge in a pear tree.

Emma Peel: I'm Mrs. Emma Peel, from Willis and Ferguson's. Auctioneers, valuers, specialists in probate.
Major Robertson: Oh yes, do come in. I was told to expect you.
[they shake hands]
Major Robertson: Eh, forgive me, frankly, I was expecting a dusty old man leaning heavily on a gnarled stick.
Emma Peel: I hope you're not disappointed?
Major Robertson: On the contrary.

Emma Peel: A bunch of schizoid, paranoid, psychopaths.
John Steed: And incidentally dangerous.

"The Avengers: The Winged Avenger (#5.6)" (1967)
John Steed: Now someone, or something got from here to there without being detected. Now there must be an explanation and I intend finding it!
Emma Peel: With a shoebox?
John Steed: They laughed at Edison.
Emma Peel: Only when he was serious...

John Steed: What's that?
Emma Peel: Items found at the scene of the crime.
John Steed: Your items are not very interesting.
Emma Peel: It's a loud of rubbish.

Emma Peel: You did receive a letter from our London office?
Arnie Packer: Not a word.
Emma Peel: Ah... now that was very remiss of them. I understood they would write.
Stanton: And what did you understand they would say?

Professor Poole: [on phone] It is imperative I see you tonight. Now. At once, eh, right away.
Emma Peel: [on other line] You mean immediately? All right, I'll come right now.

"The Avengers: From Venus with Love (#5.1)" (1967)
Emma Peel: Frankly, when I read your card, I didn't expect, eh...
Bert Smith: Ah, it was the name that fooled you. It always does. Bert Smith. Actually, it's Bertram Fortescue Winthrop Smythe, to be absolutely accurate. Had to change it of course.
Emma Peel: Of course...
Bert Smith: Firstly, it was too long to go on the card, and such a name is a terrible disadvantage in this business. After all, whoever heard of anyone having they're chimney swept by a Fortescue Winthrop Smythe? Haha.
Emma Peel: [laughs] Who indeed?

John Steed: I'm a fully fledged member of the BVS. I volunteered for watching duty.
Emma Peel: I thought it was part of your policy never to volunteer for anything?
John Steed: Yes, but since you volunteered to return the recording to Venus Brown, I thought I'd volunteer.

Crawford: Does anyone really know what's up there? On Venus, or Mars, or even the moon? Discoveries always begin as a guessing game. We may be right, we may be wrong. If you don't explore, you don't find out. And we shall, some day. Our funds are growing fast.
Emma Peel: While your membership dwindles.

Dr. Henry Primble: And does Steed know you're here?
Emma Peel: I consider that a highly personal question.

"The Avengers: You Have Just Been Murdered (#6.5)" (1967)
Emma Peel: Hey Ho.

Emma Peel: Now, take me to your leader. Or, lead me to your taker.

John Steed: You detect that heady aroma?
Emma Peel: [snifs the air] Roses?
John Steed: Money. The sweet, sickly smell of money. The air's heavy with it.
Emma Peel: The ground is littered with millionares.
John Steed: And awash with them. Do you suppose there's a collective noun for millionaires?
Emma Peel: A multi of millionaires?
John Steed: Tycoonery?

"The Avengers: Murdersville (#6.7)" (1967)
Emma Peel: [calling Steed on the phone] John darling? It's Emma.
John Steed: Hm? Oh, eh, Mrs, eh...
Emma Peel: Don't be silly darling. Your wife. How is my litte Johnsy-Wonsy?
John Steed: Johnsy-Wonsy's fine, but you sound as though you've been soaking up just a tiny bit too much grapejuice.
Emma Peel: You haven't been out all day? You really should, darling. Drive out. Take the children with you.
John Steed: Children? You're in trouble aren't you?
Emma Peel: That's right.
John Steed: Is there somebody listening?
Emma Peel: Yes, and I've had an absolutely tortuous day.

John Steed: I gather you've known each other for a long time?
Emma Peel: Since I was seven.
Major Paul Croft: Six. She was a leggy little horror with pigtails.
John Steed: I can't believe it.
Major Paul Croft: Oh, it's true. We lived next door to each other. I often used to climb over the wall...
John Steed: No, no, I mean the champagne. I specifically asked my vendor for a '26. He sent me a '27!
Emma Peel: What's a digit between friends?

Dr. J. F. Haymes: This is ridiculous. I've known the people of this village more than half my life.
Emma Peel: Since you were six years old? That's how long I've known Paul Croft.

"The Avengers: Dead Man's Treasure (#6.4)" (1967)
Emma Peel: I've just come from an Embassy Junket.
John Steed: The rattle of ambassadorial decorations, the drone of speeches...
Emma Peel: Hmm. All proceeding at the pace of an infirm, gravely debilitated, very old snail.

Emma Peel: Why the midnight vigil?
John Steed: I'm expecting Bobby Danvers.
Emma Peel: Courier? What's he couriering?
John Steed: Top Secret papers from you know where.
Emma Peel: Hot stuff?
John Steed: I've laid out my asbestos gloves.

Penelope Blaine: I say, you're awfully good at it!
Emma Peel: Switch it off!
Penelope Blaine: I warn you, I'm simply hopeless at mechanical things!

"The Avengers: Room Without a View (#4.15)" (1966)
Varnals: I made a preliminary investigation. The psychological state is consistent with intensified reorientation and auto suggestion techniques carried out over a long period.
Emma Peel: You mean he's been brainwashed.

John Steed: [Steed, dressed as a waiter, finds Mrs. Peel locked in a cell] You rang, madam?
Emma Peel: [appears in small window in the door] Yes. I want to change my room, there's a honeymoon couple next door.

Emma Peel: [after a fight] Hard labour?
John Steed: You should see the other fellow.

"The Avengers: The Correct Way to Kill (#5.9)" (1967)
John Steed: How I envy you working cheek by jowl with Ivan.
Emma Peel: I can assure you my cheek's going to be nowhere near his jowl.

Emma Peel: Do you think they're having a purge?
John Steed: Well if they are, I wish they'd, eh...
Emma Peel: Do it in their own country? You said that.
John Steed: It's unethical, just not cricket.
Emma Peel: You said that too.
John Steed: We need a drink.
Emma Peel: That, you haven't said.

Emma Peel: I've handed in my notice.
John Steed: Oh?
Emma Peel: The other side was cheating. Nutski had no intention of seriously honouring the truce.
John Steed: Well, I'm not surpsided, I never thought he would.

"The Avengers: Epic (#5.11)" (1967)
Policeman: I suppose you have some authority for being here?
Emma Peel: None at all, I was kidnapped.
Policeman: Oh, kidnapped.
[takes out his notebook]
Policeman: Would that be one p or two, madam?
Emma Peel: Two.

Emma Peel: You're a film extra.
Policeman: Film artiste, please. Backbone of the industry. Where would your Roman orgy's be without your film artiste, hm?

Emma Peel: Gloat all you like. But just remember... I'm the star of this picture.

"The Avengers: The House That Jack Built (#4.23)" (1966)
Emma Peel: What happened to the shining armor?
John Steed: It's still at the laundry.

Emma Peel: An old uncle of mine died, some while back, left me his house. I have to go and look at it.
John Steed: Oh, how upsetting.
Emma Peel: Not really, I never knew him.
John Steed: No, that you have to dash. I've got my hands full and I could do with a cup o' coffee.

Emma Peel: [a man dressed like a scout has stopped Mrs. Peel's car on the road] I might have killed you.
Frederick Withers: The speed you were going?
[shakes his head]
Frederick Withers: The stopping distance to this car is 147 feet, allowing for average reflexes. I positioned myself 150 feet away.
Emma Peel: Very mathematical of you.
Frederick Withers: I am a very mathematical person.
Emma Peel: You're also very stupid. Supposing I hadn't seen you?
Frederick Withers: In that case, my death would have been entirely your fault.

"The Avengers: The Living Dead (#5.7)" (1967)
Emma Peel: Do you believe in ghosts, Steed?
John Steed: Someone does: Kermit, the hermit.
Emma Peel: You didn't answer my question. Do you believe?
John Steed: Let's put it this way: strange happenings need looking into. Now you stay here and browse around, and I'll go and see Kermit the hermit.

Mandy McKay: George Spencer, he's from SMOG, Mrs. Peel.
Emma Peel: SMOG?
George Spencer: Scientific Measurement of Ghosts. A society that does not belive in ghosts, Mrs. Peel. There's a scientific explanation to all hauntings and we find that explanation, scientifically. We fight legend with logic, folklore with facts. Cold, clinical facts.

John Steed: [kisses Emma on both cheeks] For that you definitely get a mention in my will.
Emma Peel: Did the whole of your past life flash before your eyes?
John Steed: Yes. Infinitely enjoyable.

"The Avengers: The Murder Market (#4.7)" (1965)
Mr. Adrian Lovejoy: Togetherness will solve all your problems Mrs. Peel.
Emma Peel: I only have one, Mr. Lovejoy. Finding a suitable partner.
Mr. Adrian Lovejoy: We'll do our best. Now what are your requirements: age group, physical aspect? Just let me know what you want.
Emma Peel: Well, he would have to be mature.
Mr. Adrian Lovejoy: Hmm.
Emma Peel: A man of culture, and intelligence.
Mr. Adrian Lovejoy: [writing it down] Mature, cultured, intelligent.
Emma Peel: With stamina.
Mr. Adrian Lovejoy: [long pause] Quite so, yes.

John Steed: Help yourself to coffee.
Emma Peel: Always the perfect host!
John Steed: [Steed is graphing something on paper] Heh. Nine, ten... eleven!
Emma Peel: Planning?
John Steed: Plotting.
Emma Peel: For your accountant? A museum of modern art?
[traces a line on end of the graph downward with her finger]
Emma Peel: Or could it be... your popularity poll?

John Steed: All the same, we may find out tomorrow. They should have found me a suitable partner by then... the marriage bureau. Hm! Advanced scientific - they analyze your personality and then find you a compatible companion.
Emma Peel: That must have set them a problem.
John Steed: Eh?
Emma Peel: Finding a match for you.
John Steed: Why, I don't know. Educated, charming, cultured.
Emma Peel: Ruthless, devious, scheming. Hm! Have to be quite a girl. A mixture of Lucrezia Borgia and... Joan of Arc.
John Steed: Sounds like every girl I ever knew. By the way my dear, isn't it high time you thought of marrying again?
[Emma spits up into her champagne glass]

"The Avengers: The Hour That Never Was (#4.9)" (1965)
John Steed: I've driven across this road, ooh, hundred times during the war.
Emma Peel: Well, since you know it so well it's remarkable you couldn't stay on it.

John Steed: [arriving at R.A.F. Camp 472 Hamelin] Ah, there she is.
Emma Peel: Looks a bit bleak...
John Steed: You should see it in the cold light of a hangover.

John Steed: Razor still running. Petrol gushing. Unconscious rabbit. One dead milkman.
Emma Peel: Ten thousand bottles of milk...
John Steed: Thirty highly trained, technical men, just up and dance away from, eh...
Emma Peel: Hamelin.

"The Avengers: Quick-Quick Slow Death (#4.19)" (1966)
Emma Peel: [upon seeing Steed's dance partner number on his back] You're number 9.
John Steed: And you're dancing with garlic sausage!
[referring to the tattoo on her partner's wrist]

Emma Peel: But you didn't bring me here just to be a gunbarer?
John Steed: No, I want you to meet someone, Willi Fehr. Used to be a top agent, now relegated to traffic control.
Emma Peel: Traffic control?
John Steed: Yes, for incoming spies. He looks after their accomodation, money, that sort of thing.

"The Avengers: The Master Minds (#4.6)" (1965)
Emma Peel: Steed, you did wake me up a few minutes ago?
John Steed: There is a touch of fantasy about it all, isn't there?

John Steed: Behind them there must be a brilliant planner at work.
Emma Peel: A genius.
John Steed: A diabolical master mind.
Emma Peel: Sir Clive?
John Steed: He's just a pawn in the game. The man we're after is the king.

"The Avengers: The See-Through Man (#5.4)" (1967)
John Steed: As I've demonstrated, Mrs. Peel, our mysterious intruder must have come in through the front gate.
Emma Peel: Across the entrance hall...
John Steed: Past three checkpoints...
Emma Peel: Came down the security lift...
John Steed: Across the main hall...
Emma Peel: The Typing pool...
John Steed: Passed a dozen clerks...
Emma Peel: Ah, and don't forget the four secretaries, Steed.
John Steed: Hmmm. Indeed not.

Elena Vazin: You are very foolish, Mrs. Peel. You cannot escape from here.
Emma Peel: No? It's been child's play so far. Such stringent precautions. No guards in reception, Brodney with an empty gun...
Elena Vazin: The fool. He will pay for that.
Emma Peel: But you gave it to him. If I'm wrong, do forgive me.
[points the gun at Elena and pulls the trigger several times]

"The Avengers: Honey for the Prince (#4.26)" (1966)
Emma Peel: I'd like to send some honey to a friend. You can arrange that?
Bumble: Indeed I can. Bumble's honey encircles the globe. Nectar in Nyasaland, syrup in Sweden, honey in the Himalayas. You just give me the address and I dispatch first haste.

Ponsonby-Hopkirk: And if ever you should wish to join the Q.Q.F... a fantasy perhaps?
Emma Peel: No thank you, I haven't yet exhausted reality.
Ponsonby-Hopkirk: Pity.

"The Avengers: Never, Never Say Die (#5.10)" (1967)
Emma Peel: Where's the body?
John Steed: There isn't one
Emma Peel: No body?
John Steed: No body.
Emma Peel: There's always a body!

Emma Peel: Steed, MOT-NRU stands for...
John Steed: Ministry of Technology, Neoteric Research Unit.
Emma Peel: That's a good guess.

"The Avengers: The Gravediggers (#4.2)" (1965)
John Steed: [Emma enters Steed's flat] Don't move, got you in my sight.
[fires toy gun]
John Steed: Haha, gun that shoots around corners.
Emma Peel: Second childhood?
John Steed: Nephew's birthday.

John Steed: Always felt I was cut out to be an engine driver. I was on the point of taking it up as a matter of fact.
Emma Peel: Family objected?
John Steed: Oh no, they were all for it. But I came to my senses just in time, there's no security, always on the move.
Emma Peel: Oh, I don't know. At least it would've kept you to the straight and narrow.

"The Avengers: A Touch of Brimstone (#4.21)" (1966)
Emma Peel: I've come here to appeal to you, Mr. Cartney.
John Cartney: You certainly do that.

Sara Bradley: [about Cartney] I'm afraid he's busy. He won't have time to see you.
Emma Peel: He's expecting me.
John Cartney: Mrs. Peel, this is a surprise.
Emma Peel: [turns back to Sara] Half expecting.

"The Avengers: The Forget-Me-Knot (#7.1)" (1968)
Emma Peel: [saying good-bye to Steed] Always keep your bowler hat on in times of trouble, and beware diabolical masterminds.
John Steed: [as she walks away] Emma... Thank you.

Emma Peel: Always keep your bowler on in time of stress, and watch out for diabolical masterminds.

"The Avengers: Something Nasty in the Nursery (#5.14)" (1967)
Emma Peel: Trying to reach top C?
John Steed: Target practice. I always endulge myself.
Emma Peel: Well, it looks like it went with a bang...
John Steed: Definitely, somebody sent me a surprise package.

Emma Peel: You'd better hurry.
John Steed: Why?
John Steed: Haven't you noticed? As soon as we discover someone who can supply the answer...
John Steed: Someone always...
Emma Peel: Gets to them first.
John Steed: Ha, ha!

"The Avengers: Man-Eater of Surrey Green (#4.11)" (1965)
Emma Peel: What nasty situation have you got in store for me this time, hm? You have your own built in early warning system, you know. A certain look in the eye, roses...
Emma Peel: Roses...
John Steed: Roses?
Emma Peel: Roses. Ah!
[hits him on the nose with a rose]
Emma Peel: The missing horticulturists. Bullseye.

John Steed: [after equiping Mrs. Peel with a deaf aid] Yeah, well, don't lose it, will you?
Emma Peel: Why not? The plant's only man-eating.

"The Avengers: What the Butler Saw (#4.22)" (1966)
Group Captain 'George' Miles: I say, do you mean that? Why, You really won't mind if I don't try to seduce you?
Emma Peel: Don't give it a second thought.
Group Captain 'George' Miles: Oh, I'd love a cup of tea. It's this terrible reputation of mine, you see, I don't know how it started, but now I'm stuck with it, the full Casanova bit. It sometimes can be very tiring.
Emma Peel: Hmm, must be.

"The Avengers: The Girl from Auntie (#4.17)" (1966)
Emma Peel: [having finally escaped her oversized birdcage] And no cracks please about birds in gilded cages.
John Steed: As if I would.
Georgie Price-Jones: Are you alright? We've been so worried about you.
John Steed: Oh, Mrs. Emma Peel, meet, eh... Mrs. Emma Peel...
Emma Peel: [not particularly amused] How do you do?

"The Avengers: Who's Who??? (#5.16)" (1967)
Major 'B': I'm head of Intelligence, do you take me for a perfect idiot?
Emma Peel: [in Lola's body] Noone's perfect.

"The Avengers: The Thirteenth Hole (#4.18)" (1966)
Emma Peel: Fear not, for ere this day is done, you shall have a hole in one. I am your fairy godmother.

"The Avengers: The £50,000 Breakfast (#6.3)" (1967)
Emma Peel: How do you know?
John Steed: I had a look at the memo pad beside your phone. I'm an insatiable reader.

"The Avengers: The Superlative Seven (#5.12)" (1967)
Emma Peel: Are you sure you can afford the time for all this junketing?
John Steed: Eh?
Emma Peel: There's a small matter of the death athletes. Six within the last week murdered.
John Steed: Seven.
Emma Peel: Ah... A couple of weight lifters and several assorted wrestlers.
John Steed: A trace of boxers, very odd.
Emma Peel: Very unsporting.
John Steed: Thank you very much, Mrs. Peel. Yes, well enough of these mundane matters, a little socializing won't do me any harm.

"The Avengers: Mission... Highly Improbable (#6.8)" (1967)
John Steed: It's utterly incredible. Two men and a Rolls to vanish into thin air?
Emma Peel: I presume the area was thoroughly searched?
John Steed: Inch by inch, with the finest of toothcombs.

"The Avengers: Two's a Crowd (#4.12)" (1965)
Emma Peel: Rather difficult to identify him, a man without a face.