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Quasimodo (Character)
from The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1939)

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
Frollo: [as Quasimodo towers over him after he throws Frollo to the floor and steals his sword] Now, now... L-Listen to me, Quasimodo...
Quasimodo: [wailing accusingly] No, *you* listen! All my life, you have told me that the world is a dark, cruel place. But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you...!
Esmeralda: [awakening] Quasimodo?
Quasimodo: [skipping over to her and scooping her up] Esmeralda!
Frollo: She lives.
[he draws his sword]
Quasimodo: *No*!

Quasimodo: But y-y-you're not like other Gypsies; they are... evil.
Esmeralda: Who told you that?
Quasimodo: My master, Frollo. He raised me.
Esmeralda: How can such a cruel man have raised someone like you...?
Quasimodo: Cruel? Oh, no, he saved my life! He took me in when no one else would. I am a monster you know...
Esmeralda: He told you that?
Quasimodo: *Look* at me.
Esmeralda: [Frowns slightly] Give me your hand.
Quasimodo: Why?
Esmeralda: Just let me see it.
[reading Quasimodo's palm]
Esmeralda: Hmm, a long lifeline... Oh, and *this* one means you're shy... Hmmmmm. Mmmm, mmm, mm... Well, that's funny...
Quasimodo: What?
Esmeralda: I don't see any...
Quasimodo: Any what?
Esmeralda: Monster lines. Not a single one.
Esmeralda: [holds out her hand while Quasi briefly studies his own] Now, you look at me. Do you think I'm evil?
Quasimodo: *No*! No-no, y-you are kind, and *good*, and... and...
Esmeralda: And a Gypsy. And maybe Frollo's wrong about the both of us.

Quasimodo: You are good to me master. I'm sorry.
Frollo: You're forgiven. But remember Quasimodo, this is your sanctuary.
[Frollo leaves]
Quasimodo: My sanctuary.

Quasimodo: [singing] Out there among the millers and the weavers and their wives / Through the roofs and gables I can see them / Every day they shout and scold and go about their lives / Heedless of the gift it is to be them / If I was in their skin, I'd treasure every instant / Out there, strolling by the Seine, taste a morning out there / Like ordinary men, who freely walk about there / Just one day, and then I swear I'll be content / With my share / Won't resent, won't despair, old and bent, I won't care / I'll have spent one day out there!

Quasimodo: [Introducing the bells to Esmeralda] That's Little Sophia. And Jeanne-Marie, Anne-Marie, Louise-Marie. Triplets, you know.
Esmeralda: And who is this?
Quasimodo: *Big* Marie.
Esmeralda: [Inside the bell] Hello!
[Bell resonates]
Quasimodo: She likes you. Would you like to see more?

Quasimodo: Is this the Court of Miracles?
Phoebus: Offhand, I'd say it's the Court of Ankle-deep Sewage. Must be the old catacombs.

Quasimodo: If I got caught.
Victor: Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

[Quasimodo stumbles into Esmeralda's tent]
Esmeralda: Hey! Are you all right?
Quasimodo: [hiding his face with his hood] I-I didn't mean to, I, I'm sorry.
Esmeralda: Oh you're not hurt, are you? Here, here, let's see.
[she lifts Quasimodo's hood from over his face]
Quasimodo: No, no! - N-no!
Esmeralda: There. See? No harm done.
[Quasi smiles in relief]
Esmeralda: Just try to be a little more careful.
Quasimodo: I, I... I-I will.
Esmeralda: By the way... great mask.

Hugo: Hey isn't that, uh, Feeble?
Laverne: Doofus.
Quasimodo: Phoebus!

Hugo: What're you guys talkin' about? If I knew Esmeralda, she's three steps ahead of Frollo and well outta harm's way.
Quasimodo: [doubtfully] Do you really think so?
Hugo: Hey, when things cool off, she'll be back. You'll see.
Quasimodo: [puzzledly] What makes you so sure?
Laverne: Because she likes ya.
[ruffling Quasi's hair]
Laverne: We always said you were the cute one.
Hugo: [eating crackers and cheese] I thought *I* was the cute one!
Laverne: No, you're the fat, stupid one with the big mouth!
Hugo: Whatcha sayin', exactly?

Frollo: Shall we review your alphabet today?
Quasimodo: Oh, yes, Master. I would like that very much.
Frollo: Very well. A?
Quasimodo: Abomination.
Frollo: B?
Quasimodo: Blasphemy?
Frollo: C?
Quasimodo: C-C-Contrition.
Frollo: D?
Quasimodo: Damnation?
Frollo: E?
Quasimodo: Eternal damnation.
Frollo: Good. F?
Quasimodo: Festival.
Frollo: [nearly chokes] Excuse me?
Quasimodo: F-F-Forgiveness.

Phoebus: Speaking of trouble, we should have run into some by now.
Quasimodo: What do you mean?
Phoebus: You know, a guard, a booby trap...
[his torchlight promptly goes out, leaving them in darkness]
Phoebus: ...or an ambush.

Frollo: [picks up one of Quasimodo's wooden figures] Isn't this one new? It's awfully good. Looks very much like the Gypsy girl. I know... you helped her ES-CAPE!
Quasimodo: But I...
Frollo: And now all Paris is burning because of YOU!
Quasimodo: She was kind to me, Master.
Frollo: [destroying all of Quasi's wooden figures] You idiot! That wasn't kindness, it was cunning! She's a Gypsy!
[pulling Quasi by the collar]
Frollo: Gypsies are not capable of real love!
[shaking Quasi]
Frollo: Think, boy! Think of your MOTHER!

Hugo: Hey, Quasi, what's goin' on out there? A fight? A flogging?
Victor: A festival.
Hugo: You mean the Feast of Fools?
Quasimodo: Uh-huh.
Hugo: All right, all right! Pour the wine and cut the cheese.
Victor: It is a treat to watch the colorful pageantry of the simple peasant folk.
Hugo: [shoving Quasi aside] Boy, nothin' like balcony seats for watching the ol' F.O.F.
Quasimodo: Yeah, watching.
[he leaves, downcast]
Hugo: Oh, look, a mime.
[Hugo prepares to spit on the mime, Victor stops him]

Frollo: Dear boy, whomever are you talking to?
Quasimodo: My... friends.
Frollo: I see.
Frollo: [taps the head of one of the gargoyles] And what are your friends made of, Quasimodo?
Quasimodo: Stone.
Frollo: Can stone talk?
Quasimodo: No, it can't.
Frollo: That's right. You're a smart lad.

Quasimodo: Pheobus!
[Pheobus yelps in fright, but Quasi silences him]
Quasimodo: Sh! I'm coming with you.
Phoebus: Glad you changed your mind.
Quasimodo: But I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing it for her.
Phoebus: You know where she is?
Quasimodo: [presenting Esmeralda's map to Pheobus] No, but she said that this will help us find her.
Phoebus: [holding up Esmerelda's map] Good, good, good. Ahhhh, great. What is it?
Quasimodo: I'm not sure.
Phoebus: [examining the map] Hmm, must be some sort of code. Maybe it's Arabic. No, no, it's not Arabic, maybe it's ancient Greek.
Quasimodo: [remembering Esmeralda's quote] "When you wear this woven band, you hold the city in your hand."
Phoebus: What?
Quasimodo: It's the city!
Phoebus: What're you talking about?
Quasimodo: [pointing out the symbols on the map] It's a map. See? Here's the cathedral, and the river, and this little stone must be...
Phoebus: I've never seen a map that looks like...
Quasimodo: [arguing while Pheobus babbles] Look, *I've* lived up in the bell tower for 20 years, and I think I know what the city looks like from above, and this is it!
Phoebus: [with Quasi] This is not it.
[they both take deep breaths]
Phoebus: All right. Okay. If you say it's a map, fine; it's a map. But if we're going to find Esmeralda, we'll have to work together. Truce?
Quasimodo: Well... okay.
[slaps Pheobus's back; he yelps in pain]
Quasimodo: Sorry.
Phoebus: [as he and Quasi walk away to the Court of Miracles] No, you're not.

Quasimodo: [singing] So many times out there / I've watched a happy pair / Of lovers walking in the night / They had a kind of glow around them / It almost looks like Heaven's light / I knew I'd never know / That warm and loving glow / Though I might wish with all my might / No face as hideous as my face / Was ever meant for Heaven's light / But suddenly an angel has smiled at me / And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright / I dare to dream that she / Might even care for me / And as I ring these bells tonight / My cold, dark tower seems so bright / I swear it must be Heaven's light.

Victor: Oh, but that poor Gypsy girl. I'm beginning to feel the worst.
Laverne: I know, but now don't you say anything to upset Quasimodo. He's worried enough already.
Hugo: Yeah, you're right. We'd better lighten up.
Victor: [as Quasi climbs down after ringing the bells] Sh-sh-sh! Here he comes.
Laverne: Now just stay calm.
Victor: Not a word.
Hugo: Easy does it.
Victor: Look stone-faced.
Quasimodo: [approaching the window] Any sign of her?
Victor: [Breaks down and weeps] Doh, it's a lost cause! She could be anywhere: in the stocks, in the dungeon, or on the rack! Oh God...
Laverne: [giving an A-OK sign] Nice work, Victor.
Quasimodo: No, he's right. What're we gonna do?

[Quasimodo is chained down, the gargoyles are encouraging him to free free himself]
Hugo: Come on, Quasi, snap out of it!
Victor: Your friends are down there!
Quasimodo: [despondently and weakly] It's all my fault.
Laverne: [as she, Hugo, and Victor try tugging the chains] You gotta break these chains!
Quasimodo: [sulkingly] I can't. I tried. What difference would it make?
Victor: But you can't let Frollo *win*!
Quasimodo: [despondently again] He already has.
Hugo: [dropping the chains] Say, you're giving up? That's it?
Laverne: These chains aren't what's holding you back, Quasimodo.
Quasimodo: [snapping firmly] Leave me alone!
Hugo: [meekly] Okay. Okay, Quasi. We'll leave you alone.
Victor: After all, we're only made out of stone.
[he and Hugo turn to stone]
Laverne: We just thought maybe you were made of somethin' stronger.
[turns to stone]
Laverne: [pause; Frollo's voice drifts up from below]
Frollo: For justice, for Paris, and for her own salvation, it is my sacred duty to send this unholy demon... back where she belongs!
[he fires the kindling while the crowd indistinctly shouts in protest]
Quasimodo: *Nooooooooooooooo!*
[the chains snap taut, the bells resonate as the pillars Quasimodo is chained to break and fall]

Frollo: I should have known you would risk your life to save that Gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you.
Quasimodo: What?
Frollo: Now, I'm going to do what I should have done... TWENTY YEARS AGO!
[he throws one end of his cloak over Quasi, and he falls off, but manages to grab the rail and pull Frollo down with the other end of his cloak]

Hugo: Hey hey! There he is!
[He, Laverne, and Victor rush to cheer and applaud Quasi, who's walking back to the bell tower, glad to be rid of Pheobus]
Victor: Gizmo! You ejected that tin-plated baboon with great panache!
Hugo: The *nerve* of him, snooping around here trying to steal your girl.
Quasimodo: My girl?
Laverne: Esmeralda. Dark hair, works with a goat. Remember?
Hugo: Boy, I do! Way to go, lover boy!
Quasimodo: "Lover boy"? Oh, no, no, no, no.
Laverne: Aw, don't be so modest.
Quasimodo: Look, I appreciate what you're all trying to do, but let's not fool ourselves. "Ugliest face in all of Paris", remember? I don't think I'm her type.

Phoebus: [pulling Quasi up onto the balcony after he helps Esmeralda escape Notre Dame] Hi there. I'm looking for the gypsy girl. Have you seen her?
[Quasi jumps onto the balcony, growling at Pheobus like a wild dog, as Pheobus backs away]
Phoebus: Whoa - whoa, whoa, easy!
Quasimodo: [grabs a torch then charges after Pheobus, who is backing away down the stairs; yells defiantly] No soldiers! *Sanctuary*! *Get out*!
Phoebus: Wait! All I want is to...
Quasimodo: *Go*!
Phoebus: I mean her no harm.
Quasimodo: [growls, then waves the torch wildly at Pheobus] Rrrrrrrr... GO!
[Pheobus draws his sword, trapping the torch against the wall, as Quasi lifts him up by the collar]
Phoebus: You tell her for me, that I didn't mean to trap her here.
[Quasi glares menacingly]
Phoebus: But it was the only way I could save her life. Will you tell her that?
[no answer from Quasi]
Phoebus: Will you?
Quasimodo: [snapping] If you go. Now.
Phoebus: I'll go. Now - will you - put me down, please?

Quasimodo: [singing] Safe behind these windows and these parapets of stone / Gazing at the people down below me / All my life I watch them as I hide up here alone / Hungry for the histories they show me / All my life I memorize their faces / Knowing them as they will never know me / All my life I wonder how it feels to pass a day / Not above them / But part of them...

Quasimodo: [whispering to Frollo; bitterly but firmly] You killed her.
Frollo: It was my duty. Horrible as it was, I hope you'll forgive me.
[Quasimodo continues to weep bitterly]
Frollo: There, there, Quasimodo. I know it hurts. But now the time has come to end your suffering...
[raises a dagger above Quasimodo]
Frollo: Forever.

Quasimodo: [to Esmeralda] Quick! This way!

Phoebus: [after Quasi releases him from his collar and turns to leave as Quasi watches inquisitively] Oh, and one more thing: tell Esmeralda - she's very lucky.
Quasimodo: Why?
Phoebus: [sheathing his sword] To have a friend like you.
[he leaves]

Esmeralda: What is this place?
Quasimodo: This is where I live.
Esmeralda: Did you make all these things yourself?
Quasimodo: Most of them.
Esmeralda: This is beautiful. Oh, if I could do this, you wouldn't find me dancing in the streets for coins.
Quasimodo: But you're a wonderful dancer.
Esmeralda: Well, it keeps bread on the table, anyway. What's this?
Quasimodo: [rushing toward the table] Oh! No, please, I-I-I'm not finished; I-I-I still have to paint them.
Esmeralda: It's the blacksmith. And the baker! You're a surprising person, Quasimodo.

Man In Crowd: That's no mask.
Woman In Crowd: It's his face! He's hideous!
Man In Crowd: It's the bellringer from Notre Dame!
[the crowd gasps in fright]
Quasimodo: Oh! Oh! Oh!
[buries his face in his hands]
Clopin: [appearing onstage reassuring the audience, then soon crowning Quasi] Ladies and gentlemen, don't panic. We asked for the ugliest face in Paris, and here he is! Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame!

Quasimodo: [sings] And out there living in the sun / Give me one day out there / All I ask is one to hold forever / Out there where they all live unaware / What I'd give, what I'd dare, just to live one day out there.

Laverne: Nobody wants to stay cooped up here forever.
Quasimodo: [gets up excitedly] You're right! I'll go!
[the gargoyles cheer as Quasimodo tells them what he'll do in preparation]
Quasimodo: I'll get cleaned up, I'll stroll down those stairs, and march *through* the doors, and...

Quasimodo: [to a baby bird] Good morning.
[the baby bird chirps in greeting]
Quasimodo: Will today be the day? Are you ready to fly?
[baby bird chirps sadly]
Quasimodo: You sure? Good day to try.
[lifts the bird out of the nest]
Quasimodo: Why, if-if I picked a day to fly, oh, this would be it. The Festival of Fools.
[the baby bird gulps, then chirps sadly again]
Quasimodo: It'll be fun, with jugglers, an-and music and dancing!
[the baby bird now starts flapping its wings, and flies in place as Quasimodo chuckles, until a flock of birds flies past, then the bird chirps excitedly]
Quasimodo: Go on. Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever.
[the bird chirps happily, then flies away to join the flock]

Frollo: Remember what I've taught you, Quasimodo.
Frollo: You are deformed...
Quasimodo: [singing] I am deformed.
Frollo: [singing] And you are ugly...
Quasimodo: [singing] And I am ugly.
Frollo: [singing] And these are crimes for which the world shows little pity / You do not comprehend...
Quasimodo: [singing] You are my one defender.
Frollo: [singing] Out there they'll revile you as a monster...
Quasimodo: [singing] I am a monster.
Frollo: [singing] Out there they will hate and scorn and jeer...
Quasimodo: [singing] Only a monster.
Frollo: [singing] Why invite their calumny and consternation? / Stay in here / Be faithful to me...
Quasimodo: [singing] I'm faithful.
Frollo: [singing] Be grateful to me...
Quasimodo: [singing] I'm grateful.
Frollo: [singing] Do as I say, obey, and stay.
Frollo, Quasimodo: [singing] In here.

Phoebus: [Upon realizing that Frollo knows where Esmeralda is hiding and that he will attack, Quasimodo feels as though he should help. Phoebus groans from under the table from which he was hidden from Frollo. Once Frollo leaves, he gets out] We'll have to find the Court of Miracles before daybreak. If Frollo gets there first...
[Starts walking, but Quasimodo does not follow; he just looks at Phoebus with the saddened realization that Esmeralda loves Phoebus, not him. Phoebus turns to him]
Phoebus: Are you coming with me?
Quasimodo: [Looks down, still saddened] I can't.
Phoebus: I thought you were Esmeralda's friend.
Quasimodo: Frollo's my master; I can't disobey him again.
[He turns away and grabs his shoulders]
Phoebus: She stood up for you. You've got a funny way of showing gratitude.
[Quasimodo doesn't respond. Phoebus stares disapprovingly at him]
Phoebus: Well, I'm not going to sit by and watch Frollo *massacre* innocent people.
[Walks off]
Phoebus: You do what you think is right.
Quasimodo: [He remains silent and then turns to his side. The gargoyles, Hugo, Victor, and Laverne, look at him with disappointment evident in their faces; she speaks softly at first, then snaps] What? What am I supposed to do?
[Frustrated and sarcastic tone]
Quasimodo: Go out there and rescue the *girl* from the - from the jaws of death then the *whole town* will cheer like I'm some kind of a *hero*? She already has her knight-in-shining-armor, and it's *not* me!
Quasimodo: Frollo was right. Frollo was right about everything...
[Looks down; softly]
Quasimodo: and I'm *tired* of trying to be something that I'm not.
[Upon looking down, he catches a glimpse of his hand; he recalls what Esmeralda told him of having "no monster lines." He looks onto the floor and sees the scorched wooden sculpture of Esmeralda that he made which Frollo torched earlier. Finally, he pulls out the amulet she gave him earlier that could lead him to her. He then looks up and realizes how important she was to him and how he is the only one who may know where she is; he just might be able to warn her of Frollo's attack. Laverne taps his shoulder and offers his hooded navy cloak for going outside. He whispers to himself]
Quasimodo: [He hesitantly grabs it and runs off] I must be out of my mind.

Phoebus: [as he and Quasi wade through the catacombs at the Court of Miracles] Cheerful place.
Phoebus: Kinda makes you wish you got out more often, eh, Quasi?
Quasimodo: Not me. All I want to do is warn Esmeralda then get back to the belltower before I get in any further trouble.

Frollo: [as Quasi hesitantly reaches down to pick up a loose grape so as not to wake the unconscious Pheobus, who is hidden under the table] I think... you're hiding something.
Quasimodo: [sitting back up] Oh no, Master, I... There's no...
Frollo: [interrupting] You're not eating, boy.
Quasimodo: [gobbling his grapes] 'Tis very good. Thank you.
[we hear Pheobus groan]
Quasimodo: Mmmm.
[Pheobus groans again, then Quasi kicks him in the chin to silence him, then coughs loudly to cover up the noise]
Quasimodo: Seeds.

Esmeralda: Come with me!
Quasimodo: What?
Esmeralda: To the Court of Miracles. Leave this place.
Quasimodo: Oh, no. I'm never going back out there again, because of what happened today. No. This is where I belong.
Esmeralda: All right, then I'll come to see you.
Quasimodo: Here? But what about the soldiers and Frollo?
Esmeralda: I'll come after sunset.
Quasimodo: But at-at sunset I have to ring the evening Mass, then after that I clean the cloisters, then I ring the Vespers, and...
[Esmeralda kisses him]
Quasimodo: Whatever's good for you.

Quasimodo: [tearfully, before he heads back to the cathedral in humiliation] I'm sorry, Master. I will never disobey you again.

Laverne: Quasi, what's wrong?
[patting Quasi on the shoulder]
Laverne: Wanna tell ole Laverne all about it?
Quasimodo: I... I just don't feel like watching the festival, that's all.
Laverne: Well, did you ever think of going there instead?
Quasimodo: Sure, but I'd never fit in out there. I'm not... normal.
Laverne: [patting Quasi's shoulder again] Oh, Quasi, Quasi, Quasi...
[to a flock of pigeons, who have landed on her shoulders and her nose]
Laverne: Do ya mind? I would like to have a moment with the boy, if it's all right with you!

Quasimodo: [hollering loudly after rescuing Esmeralda from Frollo; the people answer his shouts by cheering] SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY! SANCTUARY!

Frollo: [announcing to the gypsies at the Court of Miracles] There'll be a little bonfire in the square tomorrow, and you're all invited to attend.
[to his guards]
Frollo: Lock them up.
Quasimodo: [rushing forward] No! Please, Master!
[Frollo turns and glares at him, as if to say, "You've disobeyed me". He walks away as Quasi grovels sorrowfully]
Quasimodo: No, no...
Frollo: [to his remaining guards] Take him back to the bell tower, and make sure he says there.

Frollo: I should have known you'd risk your life to save that Gypsy witch! Just as your own mother died trying to save you.
Quasimodo: [shocked] What?
Frollo: Now, I'm going to do what I should have done... twenty years ago!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame II (2002) (V)
Zephyr: Yuck.
Quasimodo: Yeah. Yuck.

Laverne: [as she watches Quasi sadly carve a figurine of Madellaine] Are you okay?
Quasimodo: No. You saw the way she looked at me.
Laverne: Well then, get to look again, honey.
[Quasi has just finished carving his figurine of Madellaine and fastens one of the arms to it; he smiles and turns to Laverne]
Quasimodo: Do you believe in miracles?
Laverne: Miracles? What kind of miracles?
Quasimodo: Oh, you know, just ordinary miracles.
Laverne: I'm not following ya, kid.
Quasimodo: Well, I see people together, couples... and it looks so nice, being with someone who loves you. I guess I'm just wondering if... maybe someone could love me?

Laverne: [as she, Hugo, and Victor try to encourage Quasi to see Madellaine] Get out there, sweetie!
Quasimodo: [whispering sqeakily] I-I-I can't! What might I say?
Victor: Open your mouth! Something will come out!
[Quasi stutters squeakily]
Hugo: Nothing came out.

Victor: Go to the circus, make a good impression! Hm, what does one wear to a carnival event?
Quasimodo: Nothing.
Hugo: Daring, ha-ho! Maybe a bit pushy for a first date.
Laverne: Quasi, you can stay in here and hope for a miracle, or you can get out there and make a mircale of your own.
Quasimodo: [looking at his wooden figures he just carved, Quasi thinks to himself, then smiles excitedly] You're right! I'm off to the circus! Oh, but what am I gonna wear?
Hugo: I've got the perfect thing, kid!

Quasimodo: What are you doing?
Zephyr: Nothing. You were making google eyes at your girlfriend.
Quasimodo: Wha-? She... She's not my... Who said she was my-? That's awf...
[scoffs mildly]
Quasimodo: Zephyr!
[both laugh]

Madellaine: [seeing La Fidele for the first time] Oh, it's beautiful.
Quasimodo: Yes, you are. I-I mean, yes, she is! La Fidele, that is. That's her name, La Fidele. "The Faithful One."
[lifting La Fidele up to reveal the inside to Madellaine]
Quasimodo: But she's even more beautiful on the inside.
[Madellaine gazes eagerly]
Quasimodo: I'll-I'll show you.

Zephyr: Yuck!
Quasimodo, Madellaine: Yeah, yuck!
Victor: I'm so happy I could just mildew.

[last lines]
Quasimodo: [exclaims] I love Madellaiiiiiiiiiiiine!
Madellaine: [giggles and exclaims] And I love Quasimodo!
[giggles again, then the people cheer]

Zephyr: Who's name will you yell tomorrow, Quasi?
Quasimodo: Mm - no one, I guess.
Zephyr: Then who's gonna scream *your* name?
Quasimodo: [sadly] I don't think anyone ever will, Zephyr.
Zephyr: Well - why not?

Quasimodo: [singing] Oh, how the stars will sparkle on the water while the troubadours sing tales of true romance...
Victor, Hugo: [both singing] The spirits may rise... with fire in their eyes...
Laverne: While gypsy girls enchant you with a dance! Hoo-hoo-hoo!

Madellaine: Quasi, listen to me. I know I hurt you. I'm sorry. But I am someone you can trust.
Quasimodo: [turning away from her, sorrowfully] How can I? I've already made that mistake.
Madellaine: Quasimodo, there's more to me.

Madellaine: Quasimodo, you've shown me that the world is full of miracles.
Quasimodo: Just ordinary miracles. They happen every day.

Quasimodo: [after he and Madellaine find out that La Fidele has been stolen] Did you know about this?
Madellaine: I-I wanted to tell you, I tried.
Quasimodo: You used me!
Madellaine: No! Please!
Quasimodo: [mimicking Madellaine] "Which one is La Fidele?" "Let-Let's go for a walk". You never cared about me!
Madellaine: [protesting] No, that is not true!
Quasimodo: [storming away] You were right.
Phoebus: Quasi, I'm sorry.
[to his guards]
Phoebus: Take her away!
Madellaine: [chasing Quasi, who is still storming away back to Notre Dame] No! No, Quasi, please, just-just let me explain!
[the guards capture her]
Madellaine: Look at me! Quasimodo, just look at me!
[without another word, Quasi slams the door]

Quasimodo: Hey, you were really great up there.
Madellaine: Ah, me? Nothing to it, I just have to - stand there and look pretty, you know? La-dee-dum, ho-dee-do, no big deal.
Quasimodo: No. No, it-it-it-it *is* a big deal. You-you have to make the audience look when they're supposed to, not give away the trick.
Madellaine: Hm, you mean - hocus their pocus?
[playfully tickles Quasi, then places his hat upside down on his head]
Madellaine: Delusion their illusion?
[they both laugh]
Quasimodo: Abra their cadabra?

Phoebus: [entering Esmeralda's tent] That circus is responsible for a string of robberies.
Esmeralda: What?
Zephyr: [juggling his balls] I like the circus, Papa. I want to join, and...
Phoebus: Absolutely not! Those people...
Esmeralda: *Those* people? How can you lump people to gether like that?
Phoebus: But the gypsies weren't guilty of crimes like these circus people.
Quasimodo: [sternly] Madellaine's not. She's different.
Phoebus: Well, maybe. And maybe she's just using you to get something else.
Quasimodo: You don't think she could be interested in me? Just for me?
Phoebus: Well, yes... of course, anyone could, but look at the facts.
Quasimodo: Find some! Then I will.

Madellaine: [sighs] You must think I'm stupid.
Quasimodo: Not at all. That just means you have an imagination.
Madellaine: Do your really think so?
Quasimodo: I do.

Madellaine, Quasimodo: [together] There's something I need to know.
[both laugh]
Quasimodo: [as hands Madellaine a yellow rose] Madellaine, you know, the festival's tomorrow, an-and I thought that - I mean *we* could... you know... go?
Madellaine: Quasi, I'm not the person you think I am.
[hands the rose back to Quasi while he looks on, shocked]
Madellaine: But I want to be, more than anything.
Quasimodo: [sighs lightly] Madellaine, tell me the truth.

Madellaine: [as she searches for Quasi in the bell tower] Are - are you... hiding from me?
[she looks up to see Quasi hiding under one of the bells, then giggles]
Quasimodo: [rudely but relunctantly] No. What's so funny?
Madellaine: Nothing, it's just - it's looks like you're wearing a really big hat.
[giggles again]
Madellaine: Oh, that - that sounds silly, doesn't it?
Quasimodo: No, I've just never looked at it that way before.
Madellaine: Yes, it's a - it's a brass beret.
[Quasi uncovers himself to see her for the first time]
Madellaine: A - a two ton topper.
Quasimodo: [laughs as he rings the bell he's hiding under, then uncovers himself again] A cha - peau in C-sharp!
[he and Madellaine laugh]

Zephyr: I thought you forgot about me.
Quasimodo: That will never happen. I'll always be here for you.
Zephyr: Always?
Quasimodo: Always.

Quasimodo: [as he takes Zephyr's balls and juggles them] I'm sticking to you.
Zephyr: Hey, no fair.
Quasimodo: [as he tosses the balls back to Zephyr] Can't help that. We're stuck together.
[lifts Zephyr onto his back]
Zephyr: [yawns] Best friends.
Quasimodo: And we always will be. Always.

Quasimodo: Paris is... really pretty. I-I mean, you - you've - probably seen it already, but then maybe you haven't, and if you haven't then - then - then maybe we could - I could - you, you know... show you.
Madellaine: I'd really like that.

Quasimodo: [singing] Imagine someone to love who loves you. Imagine to look in her eyes and see. Imagine how extraordinary that would be... if an ordinary miracle - happened to... me.

Disney's Animated Storybook: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) (VG)
Quasimodo: [to the baby bird] It's a perfect day to fly - the Festival of Fools.
[the baby bird chirps]
Quasimodo: Go on! Nobody wants to be cooped up here forever.

Phoebus: [he and Quasi are looking at Esmeralda's necklace after they arrive at the Court of Miracles] Well, it's not Greek, that's clear. Hm, I wonder if she gave us the wrong necklace?
Quasimodo: Pheobus, it's not writing, it's a code. Look.
[he and Pheobus leave]
Clopin: Quasimodo is right, my friend. The secret is in the shapes on Esmeralda's necklace.

Quasimodo: [after the bell music composing segment; with a chuckle] That sounded great, you guys!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923/I)
Quasimodo: [title card] Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

Quasimodo: Why was I not made of stone, like thee?

"The Incredible Hulk: When Monsters Meet (#1.4)" (1982)
Quasimodo: Aaah, I was right. Heh heh. Soon I shall be a most wealthy monster!

"The Magical Adventures of Quasimodo: Evil Unmasked (#1.1)" (1996)
Quasimodo: Come on Azarof, let's go find Frollo. He has a treat for you. A nice big juicy bone!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982) (TV)
[last lines]
Quasimodo: Why?
[the word reverbs while Quasimodo falls to his death]

The Hunchback (1997) (TV)
Quasimodo: [to a gargoyle] Why was I not made of stone like thee?

The Hunchback of Notre-Dame (1986) (TV)
Esmeralda: I'm sorry.
Quasimodo: Sorry for what?
Esmeralda: That I could be as silly as all the others. Judging you ugly because of your face. Never seeing what is truly beautiful... your soul.

Hotel Transylvania (2012)
Quasimodo: When you bump with the hump, you land on your rump!