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Quotes for
Sam Grafton (Character)
from Shane (1953)

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"Shane: A Man'd Be Proud (#1.17)" (1966)
Sam Grafton: Rufe, y'know, you're talkin' like a man in love.
Rufe Ryker: Naw! I'm in need. Maybe it's the same thing.

Sam Grafton: Y'know, when Rufe Ryker sets out to do something he usually gets it done. The only other man I can think of like that in this whole valley is Shane. You know, it's gonna be really interesting to see how this comes out. Really interesting.

"Shane: The Day the Wolf Laughed (#1.11)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: This is my town! You can't put...
Reno: You don't have a town anymore!
Sam Grafton: Rufe, no use gettin' yourself killed.
Augie: Let him speak his peace. I like seeing a man dig his grave with his mouth.
Rufe Ryker: There's room enough in this valley to bury all of ya.

"Shane: The Distant Bell (#1.1)" (1966)
Sam Grafton: Shane, this is the way Ryker is.
Shane: Yeah, when he's up against a woman and twelve kids. Next time it won't be that way.

Shane (1953)
[after Shane enters the bar and orders asks for a soda pop, Chris tries to bully him]
Chris Calloway: Well, what'll it be? Lemon, strawberry or lilac, sodbuster?
Shane: You speakin' to me?
Chris Calloway: I don't see nobody else standin' there.
[throws his drink on Shane]
Chris Calloway: Here, have some of this. Smell like a man.
Morgan Ryker: Don't it smell better in here, Grafton? Chris just fumigated a sodbuster.
Sam Grafton: Just take it easy.
Chris Calloway: I was just askin' about sody pop... pigs and taters and one thing and another.
[to Shane]
Chris Calloway: Say, which one of them tater-pickers are you workin' for? Or are you just squattin' on the range?
Shane: Joe Starrett, if it's any of your business.
Chris Calloway: Supposin' I make it my business?

"Shane: The Bitter, the Lonely (#1.5)" (1966)
R.G. Posey: Caught that boy stealing one of our calfs.
Sam Grafton: You mean Joey?
R.G. Posey: That's the one. Little sidewindin' son of a sodbuster.