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Rufe Ryker (Character)
from "Shane" (1966)

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"Shane: A Man'd Be Proud (#1.17)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: I'll tell ya, Sam. There are times I want something, I usually get it. But when I need somethin', I always get it. And I need a cook.

Rufe Ryker: No, I've been thinking about you people. About the way you're scratchin' to make out here. Barely making it month to month. Not living in a proper home.
Tom Starett: This home is proper enough for us.
Rufe Ryker: I don't mean it that way, Starett. It's just that, if we could all learn to do more cooperatin', it would be better.
Tom Starett: We don't want to cooperate with you, Ryker!
Marian Starett: Tom!
Tom Starett: Well, honey, can't you see it's a trick?
Marian Starett: All I can see is Mr. Ryker is trying to help matters. And you're trying to keep them in the sorry state they're already in.
Rufe Ryker: Thank you, Mrs. Starett. I appreciate your feelings. I'm glad there's somebody here agrees with me, understands what I'm trying to do.

Rufe Ryker: Well, Mrs. Starett, I do appreciate it, that meal. I don't mean just the cookin'. Well, when you eat in a bunkhouse with a lot of men, it ain't the same as home cookin', a woman tendin'.
Marian Starett: Well, maybe we did achieve something tonight, Mr. Ryker. I found out you're not an ogre, but a man who can be pleasant and charming. And I'll try to remember that in the future.
Rufe Ryker: Kind words, Mrs. Starett.
Marian Starett: True words, Mr. Ryker.
Rufe Ryker: [Taking her extended hand] Rufe.

Sam Grafton: Rufe, y'know, you're talkin' like a man in love.
Rufe Ryker: Naw! I'm in need. Maybe it's the same thing.

Rufe Ryker: An old grizzly bear like me isn't much of a prize in a contest, is he? I was so full of juice when I moved into this valley. I could turn over the world with these two hands. Yes, that was a time. But there was no time for courtin', just building. That was a time, Mrs. Starett, that was a time. Now, all I got, is what I built.

Rufe Ryker: 'Cause she's right, Shane. We're both dead. A gunfighter and an open range cattleman. She'd be a fool to take either one of us. You know it's the truth.
Shane: Yeah. Yeah.

"Shane: The Distant Bell (#1.1)" (1966)
Tom Starrett: You've got the manners of a pig, Ryker.
Rufe Ryker: You'd know about that, not me.

Rufe Ryker: I'll die before there's a school in this valley.
Shane: I'll bear that in mind.

Rufe Ryker: Well, I'll be. They all got guts.

Rufe Ryker: I want to be reasonable.
Shane: Well, that's a start.
Rufe Ryker: There can't be no school.
Shane: And that's the finish.

Rufe Ryker: [Entering room with his hands up] Unarmed, Shane, Just like that Italian Venus, that's me.

"Shane: The Day the Wolf Laughed (#1.11)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: This is my town! You can't put...
Reno: You don't have a town anymore!
Sam Grafton: Rufe, no use gettin' yourself killed.
Augie: Let him speak his peace. I like seeing a man dig his grave with his mouth.
Rufe Ryker: There's room enough in this valley to bury all of ya.

Shane: Now I'm begging you. Stay away from that town.
Rufe Ryker: Stay away? From my own town? You just don't know me very well, Shane.
Shane: And you don't know what you're dealing with.
Rufe Ryker: Why, Shane, you're scared. Aintchya? Well, I ain't!
Tom Starett: Mighty bound and determined. Well, that's Ryker.
Shane: That was Ryker. Tomorrow morning he'll be dead.

Shane: You'll never die, Ryker. You might turn to stone like a petrified tree, but you'll never die.
Rufe Ryker: Yeah, that's the way I figger.

"Shane: Poor Tom's A-Cold (#1.9)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: I didn't come cryin' for help! I can take care of myself. Any sodbuster try'n ambush me is gonna end up six feet under. But this is somethin' else. He's gone loco. Shootin' at his own people!
Shane: Why should that bother you, Ryker?
Rufe Ryker: Fightin's one thing. I don't want an addled man on my conscience. He's one of your'n. You do somethin' about him.

Rufe Ryker: I'm not a man who gets scared of much. I went through the war in '62. I fought the Indians in Arizona. I shot and I've been shot at. This ain't the same. It's like cattle. You can drive 'em, turn 'em, almost anythin' you want with 'em. Every once in a while you run into one. Eatin' locoweed or somethin'. Sometimes that steer will just come chargin' at ya, won't turn. Come chargin' at ya with a wild eye and its long, twisting horns, and it keeps comin'. And there's nothin' for you to do but shoot it right there. Shoot it dead.

Rufe Ryker: Shane, in my time I've been as cocksure as any man. But you remember that loco steer I told you about? That's Tom Gary.

"Shane: The Big Fifty (#1.14)" (1966)
Marian Starett: Shane didn't murder anyone.
Rufe Ryker: I guess you don't know him very well, or you'd know that murdering used to be his profession.
Marian Starett: That's a lie!
Rufe Ryker: What else do you call a hired gun but a murderer?

Rufe Ryker: Take the bag. Not a chance in a million that you're gonna find anything.
Shane: Well, when you've got no choice, those aren't bad odds.

"Shane: The Wild Geese (#1.3)" (1966)
Shane: What makes you so sure I won't shoot you?
Rufe Ryker: Well, if I was a miner had to work around nitroglycerine every day, don't you think I'd make it my business to know just how to handle it? To know what makes it go off? You're the nitroglycerine in my valley, Shane. I think I know you pretty well.

Rufe Ryker: It's round-up time, Shane! Don't you read your Bible? It ain't the sheep in the fold you worry about, it's the lost ones you go lookin' for.

"Shane: The Silent Gift (#1.12)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: Every mule that's born is the last one.

"Shane: The Great Invasion: Part 2 (#1.16)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: They're gonna think twice before they send another army into my valley.

"Shane: The Great Invasion: Part 1 (#1.15)" (1966)
Rufe Ryker: Yeah, you tried to warn me that Hackett's comin' through this valley. Well, now why should I care? I'm a cattleman! And I'm gonna do just like those ancient Hebrews in Egypt. Gonna take the blood of a lamb and put it over my door, so the angel of death is gonna pass me right by.

"Shane: An Echo of Anger (#1.4)" (1966)
[last lines]
Tom Starett: The days of our years are threescore and ten. And if by reason of their strength they are fourscore years, yet is there strength, labor, and sorrow.
Shane: For it is soon cut off, and we fly away.
Rufe Ryker: Amen.

"Shane: The Bitter, the Lonely (#1.5)" (1966)
R.G. Posey: I was thinkin' about sodbusters.
Rufe Ryker: You don't like our neighbors?
R.G. Posey: [Ruefully] You don't know. Wasn't about a year I had me a job north of here. Good wages. Good boss. Then the nesters came.
Rufe Ryker: They always do.
R.G. Posey: Bunchin' up. The way they bunch up. You can smell them comin' a mile off. First it was fences on the range. Then it was barb wire. Then they fenced off the water. The water. And the law. The law said they could do it. Cows couldn't range. Pretty soon they couldn't hardly get no water. First thing I know, Mr. Kanigher, he...
Rufe Ryker: Kanigher? I know him.
R.G. Posey: First thing I know, Mr. Kanigher went and sold off a good part of his herd. Instead of a job I had me a saddle, six-gun, and a ten-dollar horse.