John Clasky
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John Clasky (Character)
from Spanglish (2004)

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Spanglish (2004)
[from trailer]
John Clasky: Worrying about your kids is sanity, and being that sane... can drive you nuts.

John Clasky: [to the newspaper, upon seeing the 4-star restaurant review he didn't want] FUCK YOU!

Deborah Clasky: How are you nicer than me?
John Clasky: You didn't set the bar that high.

John Clasky: Just do it or I'll light my hair on fire and start punching myself in the face!
[Walks away, reconsiders]
John Clasky: That probably wasn't the best way to get make myself clear, was it?

John Clasky: Think seriously about getting up. You don't have to get up right now, but are you thinking seriously about it?
Georgie: Yes...

John Clasky: They should name a gender after you.

John Clasky: They should name a gender after you.
John Clasky: Looking at you doesn't do it, staring is the only way that makes sense.
John Clasky: And trying not to blink so you don't miss anything.
John Clasky: And all of that and you're you.
John Clasky: It's just that you are drop dead crazy gorgeous.
John Clasky: So much so, that I'm actually considering looking at you again before we finish up here.

Flor Moreno: It's something, watching you.
John Clasky: Well. Well, if it's anything on your end, imagine over here. Scratch that. The last thing you want to hear is someone going off on your looks.
Flor Moreno: Don't be crazy. Tell me EVERY detail.
John Clasky: Okay. Okay, I will.
Flor Moreno: [Settles in to listen. Places chin in hand] Uh-hmm.
John Clasky: They should name a gender after you. Looking at you doesn't do it. Staring is the only way that makes any sense. And trying not to blink, so you don't miss anything. And all of that, and you're YOU.
[nervous laugh]
John Clasky: I mean...
[looks down]
John Clasky: Look, forgive me. It's just you are DROP DEAD, CRAZY GORGEOUS! So much so that I'm actually considering looking at you again before we finish up here.
Flor Moreno: [Whisper] Soon, please.

[Watches Flor standing in the wind showing her curves]
John Clasky: Would you get outta the damn wind! Sit down!

Deborah Clasky: You don't have any other questions for me?
John Clasky: What other questions could there be?

Deborah Clasky: Do you really think that cupping my breast is going to solve the issue here?
John Clasky: It's worked before.
Deborah Clasky: Well, now it's infuriating me.
John Clasky: Wrong breast.

John Clasky: [after hearing that his wife's been cheating on him] I couldn't hear you. There was a crack in the planet. WOW... that was noisy!

Flor Moreno: I, uh... don't think you should either.
John Clasky: Then excuse me, because if I had the equipment I'd inject the vodka.

John Clasky: I know. I know.
Cristina: [translating] Yo sé. Yo sé.
John Clasky: Aw shit!
Cristina: [still translating] ¡Ay mierda!

John Clasky: [to Cristina] Listen to your mother. She knows it all.

John Clasky: This is *not* an argument, honey.
Deborah Clasky: Yes. Yes it is! We're having a fight, John. A big fight, at last. So could be stop being so stark raving clam!

Flor Moreno: He appeared to be a good man, but to someone with first-hand knowledge of Latin macho, he seemed to have the emotions of a Mexican woman.
John Clasky: [wipes his tears on his seat belt]

John Clasky: It must be hard being a widow, doing it on your own.
Flor Moreno: Why do you think I am a widow?
John Clasky: I guess I thought... that would be the only way a guy would leave you.

John Clasky: Wait don't go! Would you be willing to hang out with me for a while?
Flor Moreno: You want to hang out with me?
John Clasky: Yes.
Flor Moreno: Then I have to ask you...
John Clasky: What?
Flor Moreno: What does "hang out" mean?

Flor Moreno: Thank you, goodnight. I go sleep
John Clasky: Goodnight... Hey?
John Clasky: You speaking English... It's, uh...
Flor Moreno: What?
John Clasky: Nothing. Just... Nice meeting you.